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Fay Saelus

Fay Saelus
Species: Human/Nepleslian Hybrid
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Family: Father: James Saelus Mother: Fiona Saelus Siblings: None
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 6'0โ€œ
Weight: 157 lbs.
Organization Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia
Rank Private First Class
Occupation Marine Medic
Current Placement NSS Acadia

Fay In Roleplay

Fay is a Player Character played by Fay. He is currently in a relationship with no one. His current theme song is Soldier Side.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'0โ€ Mass: 157 lbs.

Build and Skin Colour: Slightly muscular with lightly tanned skin.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Cleanly shaven, thin face with emerald green eyes.

Hair Color and Style: Platinum blonde (looks like gray) hair long enough for him to put up in a ponytail, but stops short around his shoulder blades.

Distinguishing Features: Cybernetic eyes and a mechanical right kneecap.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Having lived with his mother for the last six years of his life, Fay has gained kindness, humility, and respect for women. He is also quite helpful and needs to be useful in some way. Although he despises the crime syndicates of Nepleslia, Fay does not let his hate control his actions.

Likes: Research, study, and uneventful times. Dislikes: All forms of organized crime, violence, and death. Goals: To gain the power necessary to put an end to the crimelord supremacy on Nepleslia for good.



Fay's father was a Nepleslian hitman for a local crimelord on Nepleslia. After meeting Fay's Geshrin mother, who was a medical assistant at that time, they fell in love. Fay was born in YE 10, about 3 years after his parents were married. Around YE 20, Fay's father resigned from the 'business'; however, this did not sit well with his old boss one bit. To keep a constant paycheck to feed the family and pay bills, his father became a bouncer at a local pub.

Life was goodโ€ฆ until Fay's 13th birthday. While on his way home from his new career, Fay's father was gunned down by his own ex-colleagues, the hitmen of his old boss. Thus, Fay despises most, if not all, criminal organizations. A year after his father's death, his mother was accepted as a medical professor of cybernetics installation at a small respectible university within a stable, non-violent zone of Nepleslia.

His mother now had a high enough position and plenty of money to get him a scholarship into a medical military academy. Unfortunately, a freak shuttle accident in YE 27 caused him to go blind and lose his right kneecap entirely. With his mother's knowledge, funds, and position, Fay was able to get cybernetic eyes and a mechanical kneecap. After recovering, Fay attended the academy and graduated.

Service Record

NSS Alliance

Fay didn't see much action aboard the NSS Alliance, but he did work in the medbay during one of the conflicts. During the shore leave afterwards, he was called away with family matters and was given leave. Unfortunately, this leave covered the entire duration of the Kennewes Offensive. When he had returned to service, the medic decided to transfer to the NSS Nerkat.

NSS Nerkat

During his first mission aboard the NSS Nerkat, he and his fellow marines assaulted fortified Red positions on a certain planet. After practically witnessing the sudden death of Autumn, a dear friend of his, Fay was injured by power armor shrapnel. The medic went in and out of conscientiousness for the rest of the battle due to fatigue and blood loss. However, he was able to aid a fallen comrade, whom in turn aided him back by caring his exhausted figure out of danger. The rest of the battle was a hazy mess in his mind even to this day. Afterwards, he was awarded the rank of Private Second Class, a decent amount of shoreleave, and the opportunity to transfer to the NSS Acadia.

NSS Acadia



Fay's mother taught him a lot about first aid and the basics of several ailments and their cures. He also has recently graduated from a medical academy at 13th in his class.

Fighting and Physical

Before his death, Sergeant Saelus taught Fay a how to defend himself both inside and out of the Nepleslian society. Fay learned the basics of hand-to-hand combat and sidearm usage. Military training also taught him to use rifles and grenades. Fay has always enjoyed running, but never really liked any form of sports.


From his training, Fay can salvage for food in most environments. He is also capable of building a basic form of shelter and lighting a small fire with the right tools.


The training Fay received at the academy taught him to understand radio lingo, which is necessary in any combat situation. He also will keep full medical records of all marines and other personnel under his care. He can read, write, speak, and cypher in Nepleslian/Trade.


Fay is fairly disciplined. He feels that loyalty is important in order to rid the galaxy of anarchy and corruption. Fay will obey any order he is given, but he hopes that he will never receive a command to commit an atrocity of any kind.


Because his mother worked so much, Fay had to do most of the cooking. He knows how to cook quite a few delectable dishes. Fay doesn't like to openly share this ability, however.


Fay also had to do much of the cleaning around the house. Thus, he is neat and tidy. Cleaning something, whether it's a flesh wound or a dirty floor, seems to be calming to Fay.


Fay is currently a Private 2nd Class in the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. He receives a weekly salary of 100 DA per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 DA Starting Funds

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Character Data
Character NameFay Saelus
Character OwnerFay
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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