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Warmonger Keid 57-5675-8188

Keid is a Freespacer Type Two Automata.

Species: Type Two Automata
Gender: Male-Sounding
Age: 5 Year
Zodiac Sign:
Height: 7 Foot 9 Inches
Weight: 515 Pounds
Organization Star Army of Nepleslia
Rank Soldier First Class
Occupation Warmonger
Current Placement Awaiting Assignment

Keid in Roleplay

Keid is a Player Character played by Kampfer and is currently awaiting placement.

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Colour: Keid is built heavily, to withstand the rigors that may be associated with being a bodyguard. His upper torso is heavily armored, with a visible, mechanical spine going down his back and a vented chest plate in front, while the rest of his upper torso is made up of exposed wire and mechanical parts. His shoulders have two “pauldron-like” armor on them, which are actually two miniature fans that serve to control his body's temperature. His limbs are made to rotate and bend freely, with added armor to block physical attacks and designed to inflict heavy damage by means of sheer mass. His left forearm sports one giant gauntlet: with a pair of retractable electric prongs that may be shot as a ranged tazer. With the appropriate stomp of his right foot, what makes up his enlarged right shin opens to reveal a retractable baton. A small electrical generator is found on his upper left back to provide power for his electrical weapons systems.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Has two blue mono-eyes, though on his head there is a cross-shaped track that his eyes can move independently on, giving him a near 360-degree field of view. His eyes signify his moods: Blue is calm. Orange is cautious. White is threatened. As a cosmetic application, three yellow stripes on either side of his “face” start from the back of his “neck” and wrap around forward down to his “neck.”

Hair Colour and Style: None. Has become aware that he is without hair and has become mournful of it, and can be extremely sensitive when this is noticed

Distinguishing Features: His body has numerous geometric shapes arranged in lines that trace the outer edges of each section on him, which are really just sections cut out of his outer armor with led lights built in that change according to his eye color. He has been known to wear wigs.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Keid is usually very quiet and will not talk unless talked to. However, at certain odd times, he has been known to show a certain level of humor towards people. This usually shows itself in a comical weary-ness of biological creatures. Upon leaving his original profession, Keid has been known to be the most socially-inept Automata. He is aware of the importance of the people he is assigned to protect and is extremely protective of children. When provoked to violence, Keid is incredibly tenacious, using any and all means to bring an attacker down, which usually leads to him becoming horribly damaged and maimed.

Likes: Working, Joking with people, LED lights, Wigs, Children.

Dislikes: Not Working, People who do not like LED lights, People that make fun of him having no hair, Having no hair.

Goals: To be the bodyguard of a super important person.


Keid was manufactured in a rough part of town. Keid was designed specifically to help meatbag manufacture complicated technologies that it's pink, wrinkly brain could not hope to comprehend. Unfortunately, meatbag leader neglected to purchase the proper software to let Keid perform such duties. Therefore, Keid was instead used to help the poor fleshy humanoids lift things that their gooey bodies could never hope to lift. It was a dull life for the poor Keid, and he already became tired of it all. Soon, the Nepleslians made contact with a ship of Freespacers, and opened up diplomatic talks that allowed Freespacers a place in the Nepleslian military, in a non-combat role. Seeing this as an opportunity to break the monotonous grip that his current assignment held upon him, Keid left the work force, demanding a position on board a Nepleslian space craft. Due to his bulky size, power and toughness, Keid was outfitted with equipment appropriate for non-lethal combat in the subjugation of ne'er-do-wells and in defense of high-value persons.


Neurotech: Freespacers all have basic neural tech installed pre-birth for childhood education. Later in life this interface may be used to accelerate learning speed, enhance memory, or allowing one to directly interface their mind with computers.

Fighting: Hand to Hand combat is Keid's forte. Keid's combat style is best stereotyped by most Hollywood versions of robots (a la Terminator), in which his movements in combat are designed to offer the widest range of movement, accuracy and damage. He is able to use common firearms but will need instruction on how to use more specialized weapons.

Humanities: Keid is trained extensively in criminal behavior, to deal with a possible attacker by a method of negotiation. As a secondary purpose, he is also familiar in methods of calming others down, to prevent any future problems.

Domestic: Due to his role as a bodyguard, Keid is able to do some basic cooking, though he extremely dislikes this type of activity; “Damn it. Do you know how hard it is to clean my LED lights after I cook these oil pads (hamburgers) for you?” He is also adept at cleaning, and particularly enjoys taking care of children.

Medical: Keid is not a surgeon or a medic. He is, however, able to perform CPR and is fitted with the very basic knowledge of how to treat shock or a clogged airway as well as make tourniquets. However, he is well versed, especially, in the several arteries of humanoids and where they are located, in the event of him having to quickly terminate an attacker. He also has enough knowledge on how to hurt someone very badly

Leadership: When Keid made the switch over from physical laborer to the role of a security bot, basic Military Leadership skills were installed. In the event that Keid finds it necessary to fend off multiple or stronger opponents, he is able to assume command over whoever may be available, providing defensive tactics to them. He can also be used as a replacement for an infantry officer, knowing the basics of squad maneuvers such as leap-frogging, flanking, etc.

Personl Belongings

1 Afro-styled Wig.

1 Mohawk-styled Wig.

5 Boxes of hair gel, oddly enough.

1 Soldier First Class Patch

2 Boxes of LED lights.

Character Data
Character NameWarmonger Keid 57-5675-8188
Character OwnerKampfer
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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