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Nepleslia Prime

Nepleslia Prime is a planet of the Empire of Nepleslia. Before being taken from the Nepleslian Reds by the crew of the NSS Alliance, Nepleslia Prime was known as Planet X.

Planetary Composition

Nepleslia Prime resides in a star system approximately 10 LY to the galactic Northwest of Kxi'ran. The system consists of two gas giants and a single planet orbiting a sun. Of these, the two gas giants are located fairly close to the star. Distances are measured at 45 and 68 million miles, respectively.

Of more interest is the lonely planet in the star system. Due to the relative size of the star and distance from Nepleslia Prime (hereto referred as “Prime“), conditions for atmospheric development have been ideal.

The atmosphere is considered habitable, although it should be noted that slightly higher-than-normal levels of Nitrogen and Helium in the atmosphere should be closely monitored, as any unnoticed imbalance may prove harmful.

Prime itself is a moderately-sized planet, measuring approximately 30,000 kilometers in circumference. Of this, 80% of the planet’s surface is water, of which 70% is undrinkable. The remaining 10% of the planet’s water is considered drinkable after minor filtration efforts, as there is a high level of bacteria in the water.

This is mainly a result of the composition of the hard surface of the planet in relation to the drinkable bodies of water. Prime has a single, massive landmass dotting around the planet’s equator. This landmass stretches in a stubby “S” shape from the poles. As such, temperatures tend to range from balmy in center of the continent to arctic at the tips. Furthermore, climates on the surface tend to be varied as well, ranging from tropical to desert-like.

Of particular interest is the vast underground network of tunnels that seems to run down the planet’s surface. These tunnels connect to rich ore deposits that can be utilized for mining operations.

Cultural Information

Being a relatively new front for colonization, the citizens of Nepleslia Prime do not have their own culture, per say, but rather borrow heavily from their home-planet, Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

Major City: Prime City

Built in the first area touched by the NSS Alliance, Prime City is a fledgling mining colony, and currently the largest culmination of Nepleslian Empire citizens on the planet. The discovery of rich ore and resource veins beneath did well to provide ample job opportunities to Nepleslian citizens and increase immigration rates to the new planet. Despite the relatively small landmass Nepleslia Prime sports, a colonization effort has still been put into the works.

At first, a very small mining town by normal Nepleslian standards, Prime City utilizes the latest in architectural design, as well as top-of-the-line mining equipment which Prime City has been built around. Most of the residential and commercial areas are located on the surface, while a large portion of the industry has been moved into the mined caverns for easier transport. As a result, Prime City’s surface appears to be quite clean for a Nepleslian settlement. Perhaps the biggest change in atmosphere to most Nepleslian citizens is living in a city that is actually surrounded by forest. Of course, steps are being taken to reduce the needless natural scenery to make way for new sectors of Prime City.

By YE 35, Prime City had quadrupled in size and was now home to 8 million Nepleslians. One problematic aspect that has arisen in recent years is the exportation of gang violence from the capital of Nepleslia to the colony world. It is a problem that the relatively new Prime City Police Force has had to deal with more frequently.

Climates include hot summers and cool winters.

Prime City is the headquarters of NPN - Notably Possible News.

Starport: Prime City

The Terminal itself was bustling with life at the exception of the one gate they had arrived at. Prime City's starport was a sturdy, high built structural marvel. Walls of white stretched high, making one feel dwarfed at their magnitude, several green and jade structures reached up to support them and gave the place a gothic feel. Though, the lifeless power of the architecture was offset by intense natural lighting and holo-ad boards lining the walls the entire way. There was also small shops, gun stores, and fast-food vendors ingrained every spot where there wasn't an ad-board. Hanging from the ceiling were thick yarvex banners which held the patriotic green, white, and blue. Right under those banners were holo-plates which gave one directions where to go.

Minor City: Sargasso

Sargasso is a coastal ghost town further up northwest of Nepleslia Prime and accessible by air, land or sea. It was originally intended to be a mining town established in YE32 with the rest of the planet, and through mismanagement and bad luck, the town's economy collapsed. It now remains on the map mostly because a few hundred diehards don't want to move onto a better life. It is rumoured that Luca Pavone lives there and establishes his base there with the ISC Phoenix team.


Planet: Nepleslia Prime Type: Varied Circumference: 30,000 Surface Gravity: .9 G Length of Day: 18 hours Length of Year (estimated): 295 days


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