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Matthew Lionheart

A Player Character played by Abwehran Commander.

Matthew Lionheart
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 27 Years
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 5'11“ (180 cm.)
Weight: 154 lbs (70 kg.)
Organization Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia
Rank Lieutenant (NSN)
Occupation Computer System Officer
Current Placement Francia, Avante

Current Events

Working in Francia City.


A medium-built man with only a light tan from being in the outdoors occasionally, Matthew Lionheart isn't the most muscular Nepleslian soldier around, but he's at least conditioned enough from his training not to be snubbed off. The young officer comes with a squarish, powerful jaw line that is covered with a neatly-trimmed, 3/8-inch beard and a neatly trimmed mustache that connects to the beard. His facial hair and short-cropped hair are both a chocolate-brown with his hair reaching a length that just passes regulation. His eyes are slightly darker in color than his hair.


  • Height: 5'11” (180 cm.)
  • Weight: 154 lbs (70 kg.)


None Available at this Time


Formerly an antisocial person, Matthew has had no choice but to come out of it and become social in order to survive the Academy. For the most part, he is still a quiet and laid back individual, preferring to sit back and watch how others interact with one another. After a while, he may or may not get involved in the conversation. His conversation and social skills however are sub-par at best, meaning talking to the lad is very awkward.

Computer systems on the other hand are his specialty, his forte. Sit him down in front of a computer and he will go to town. Ask him what he is doing and he will gratefully tell you…the only problem at this point is shutting him up once he's started. On the upside, he is willing to let almost anything slide. Unfortunately, if someone ends up making him angry, they could find out later on that everything about them has been erased (including their bank account).


The recorded history of Matthew Lionheart.

Summarized Events

Events of his life summarized for viewing.

Early Childhood (YE 08 - 20)

Born into the world as a clone of his father, Matthew was raised by his uncle James during his early childhood due to the fact his father was an engineer on a civilian freighter. James, on the other hand, was a computer systems expert and well-versed in their operation and usage. This knowledge was actually taught to Matthew as he grew up. Not much successful at making friends, Matthew actually turned more to computers as he grew. It had first started as innocent tinkering of hardware, but soon it nearly became an obsession with the young lad. He started learning programming, hardware repair, troubleshooting, anything dealing with computers he tried to learn.

Teenaged Years (YE 21 - 27)

At the age of thirteen however, Leonard returned to find his son at near obsession about computers. Though he had visited on and off during his son's life, spending time with him as much as he could, he hadn't realized fully how his son was. To correct this, he took his son on his next trip off Nepleslia.

Though it did break Matthew from his obsession, the young lad only studied more about computers. It was just that he had to help work on the ship in order for his father to keep him on board. He first tried being the janitor, but failing at that and with the threat of being kicked off at the next stop, Matthew showed them his skills in computers, which was very little and basic at the time. However, it was just enough to become apprenticed to the computer systems technician on board.

With the technicians help, Matthew's knowledge in computer systems expanded. At the age of sixteen, the young lad was cybernetically enhanced with specialized equipment in order to continue helping his father and the freighter. With a system of connection device, translator, and short-term memory system, giving Matthew the ability to connect to computer systems both physically and wirelessly.

Though he was out for a few weeks as he healed, the young Lionheart came back better than ever, with a little bit of a learning curve due to having to get used to his implants. Also at this time, he began experimenting with computer virus and using computer systems in concert with communications systems.

It started mainly with a system hack here and there, all minor computer systems with weak defenses. But soon, Matt became bolder and more experienced, hacking into civilian databases with more powerful firewalls and antivirus software. He all kept it to a minimum though, knowing full well that if he did too much that he could get into serious trouble.

Academy Days (YE 28 - YE 29)

Matt returned to Nepleslia at the age of eighteen to a changing structure. The news going around seemed to pull Matt's attention towards not becoming a member of his father's freighter, but joining the military. But what really sealed the deal was the thought of being able to hack into systems freely…with orders of course. With that thought in mind, Matthew decided to join the Academy on Nepleslia. After all, why be an enlisted when you can get a higher education and become an officer.

But the Academy was much more different than he expected. No longer could he go through life as an anti-social. He actually had to be social in order to survive. Slowly, the young Lionheart began to join small groups of people with limited success…but limited success was better than total failure. After a rigorous training program, Matthew graduated the Academy as a slight above average student.

NSS Alliance Assignment (YE 29)

Assigned to the new NSS Alliance as the Computer Specialist, Matthew had his first taste of being on a military ship. Performing more as the ships operator than the computer specialist for the Alliance's first mission, Matthew believes he's come out of it with some good experiences of real life situations. He was minutely involved in Nepleslia's diplomatic contacts with Elysia and the Freespacers, but wasn't actively involved. Instead, he practically ran the entire bridge for his Captain.

Story until Death

After serving on board a DD4, a now Lieutenant Lionheart (thanks to reorganization) was transferred to the southern frontier of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia on board an Epee. In charge of the sensor systems as well as maintaining the vessels computers, Matthew had a relatively boring life style before transferring to one of the much larger NAM-S1-01a Hray Class Stealth Gunship. It was during this time that Matthew received his own SavTech Jane unit named Anya. He started to get closer to his SavTech than most and even purchased a Yorna body for her. Of course, his life was eventually cut tragically short as the NMX invaded the southern frontiers like locust. Lieutenant Matthew Lionheart perished that day under enemy fire.


In the year YE 33, Matthew's Brain Spider would be salvaged by the crew of the ISC Enkidu. This implant, which carried much of what was Matthew Lionheart, would then be given to his Yorna, Anya. Remember the stories Matthew would tell of the NSS Alliance, the Gynoid would then seek out one of the former crew/marines of the ship for aid in reviving Matthew once more.

Revived by his old shipmate, Suku Matsobuki, Matthew would spend a few months going through Chronological Dissonance Seminars and Technology Retraining for his time spent dead. Since then he has served as the Computer System Officer for the Garrison on Francia, usually bored out of his mind and attempting to avoid Suku for off-hand remarks that could lead him towards eunuch-dom. A few months after his arrival, he official emancipated his Sav-Tech Jane/Yorna, Anya. While she still lives with him, he pays her for her continued service.

Service Record

Cadet First Class



  • Computer System Officer, Francia Garrison



Though trained in the use of a ships communications systems, Matthew normally used a communications system of some sort to hack into other computers even before join Star Army. Because of this, he is adept not only at sending and receiving transmissions, but also the encryption and decryption of transmission (with the right equipment of course). He is only well-versed in the basic and technical forms of communication system, primitive ones (such as lights and gestures) escape his notice quite easily. The only language Matt is fluent in is English, but he does understand Japanese due to his childhood experiences. He can also do the basic formatting and creation necessary for reports and other military paper work.


Most of Matthew's conditioning for combat directly comes from the Star Army with its basic training in hand-to-hand combat for Nepleslia-like and Zero-G environments as well as its weapons training in pistols, knives, and power armor.


In an effort to try and be more social, Matthew took a course in basic psychology in an effort to try and understand his peers. Though all it did was make him seem even more weird.

Information Technology

Coming from an hacker background pretty much guarantees that you know something about computer systems. With the knowledge of how to work a variety of computer systems and OS-types, Matthew is well-versed in the operations of both hardware and software. With the ability to quickly input and search for computer-stored information both physically and with his implant, he can easily find anomalies in both data and hardware as well as the ability to correct both. With his experience as a hacker, also comes the knowledge of how to counter hackers and intrusions into computer systems. He has little to no experience with Artificial Intelligence at the moment, but he has studied briefly on it at the academy.


Matthew has a basic understand of how starships operate due to his childhood with his father, but courses at the academy help too. He knows the controls and how their basic operation is, but isn't completely experienced with them. He has a grasp of Nespleslia history and law, as well as the military versions of the two, and he knows enough to behave himself.


Though not necessarily his strong suit, Matthew has taken courses in public speaking and a variety of other leadership courses to prepare him to become an officer.


In order to work on computers the way he does, Matthew has studied more than just the Basic Mathematics of Algebra and Trigonometry. Having to study Calculus and Liner Algebra as well other higher mathematics, Matt's knowledge of Math would definitely exceed the average soldier's.

Currently Training

  • N/A


Currently on Matthew



In the Garrison Quarters


    • Buttoned Overshirt, blue
      • Lieutenant (NSN) rank patches on shoulders
      • Nameplate on left breast
      • Circle and Star on right arm
    • Undershirt, white
    • Double Strap Belt, brown with gold buckle
    • Long Denim Pants
    • Pull-on work Boots, brown
    • Naval Officers Cap
    • Single-breasted Jacket, blue
      • 3 Thin Gold Stripes on sleeves
      • Nepleslian Flag on right sleeve
      • Francia Garrison Patch on left sleeve
      • Nameplate on left breast
      • Medals on right breast1)
    • Pistol Belt, white
    • Pants, white with black stripe on legs
    • Black shoes
  • 4 pairs of underwear, white
Bunk Wear
  • 2 Tank tops, green, with Francia Garrison Patch on the right chest
  • 2 Pairs of ankle length pajama pants, khaki
  • 1 Pair of slip-on flexi-shoes, black
Civilian Attire
  • 1 Leather, insulated, Bomber Jacket with fur-lining, Brown
  • 4 Turtleneck shirts (2 Black, 1 Navy Blue, 1 Forest Green)
  • 4 Cargo Pants (2 Black, 1 Forest Green, 1 Brown)
  • 12 pairs of Socks (6 Black and 6 Gray)
  • 1 pair of Steel-Toe Work Boots, Black
  • 12 pairs of boxer-briefs


  • Small wooden box with Star and Circle (for medals)
  • Nepleslian Exploration Ribbon


Weaponry and Tools

Personal Hygiene


  • N/A

Possessions Elsewhere

Father's Home

  • N/A


Current Balance 75,760 DA
Monthly Income 2000 DA
Transaction Deposit Withdrawal Balance
Death Compensation 6000 6000
After Rez Shopping Spree 3240 2760
YE 33 pay 3000 5760
YE 34 pay 24000 29,760
Anya's Payment 12,000 17,760
YE 35 pay 24000 41,760
Anya's Payment 12,000 29,760
Current YE 36 pay 22000 51,760
Anya's Payment 11,000 40,760


Character Data
Character NameMatthew Lionheart
Character OwnerMatthew
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Nepleslian Personnel Database System
Career StatusActive Duty
RankLieutenant (NSN)
see Medals

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