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Savtech JANE

Kess Mimi

Manufacturer and Pricing Information


While there are robotically augmented humans, there are hardly any human augmented robots. Since in Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia machines are to work hand in hand with humans should either one wish to remain a factor in an ultra-competitive universe, NAM has created a device that promises to solve many of our society's social ills and improve the harmony of man and machine.

Enter the Savtech - JANE Personal Computer Companion. Its main component is just about the size of a matchbox with only a single outlet to wire it. For it to be truly effective it has to be connected to an input output device, like another more well equipped terminal or preferably an Emrys Industries Emrys Uno Sunglasses. But within this tiny compartment is the magic of this device, a souped up microcomputer connected to actual living neuron cells.

Operation and Purpose

While pure computers simulate personality, JANE has a real personality regulated by its few neuron cells, as it does not require more living matter for other mental functions like calculating and memory storage ( It is the microcomputer's job ). These cells are cloned from actual Nepleslian females ( Which is why it is called JANE ). Its attitude is not entirely based on the person it is cloned from, but rather also the way it is treated by its user. Much like raising a child.

So with the correct exposure and data the ( Sub-Artificial? ) intelligence of JANE can learn or be trained to assist its user in a multitude of tasks. For example for soldiers it could process various complex battle data and real time reports into simplified narration for a Power Armor pilot so that he can keep his eyes on where it matters ( The crosshairs ), or perform simple human tasks that require a certain bit of heart ( Counseling, Nursing ) or tasks that require some second guessing ( Like identifying ship class by looking at a blurry image ). Further down the road include some human to JANE bonding and even kids.

Yep you heard right, kids. Should the ( Statistically speaking, Male ) user and JANE ( Or what he chooses to name it ) actually have some kind of chemistry and he is prepared, genetic data can be gathered from both parties and a baby be artificially produced, hence solving many of our society's problems namely:

  • 1. The gender imbalance by having an equal 50-50 chance of each gender.
  • 2. A new generation with actual genetic variation ( Bring back natural selection! ).
  • 3. A rising sustainable population rate ( If Nepleslia ever wants to colonize )
  • 4. New dads, new responsibilities, new levels of Nepleslian maturity.

The Savtech-JANE runs on a glucose source the size of a normal pill, nanobots that clean and maintain this device break down this chemical energy into electricity for the microprocessor and pure sugar is fed to the neurons. The lifespan of this device is equal to the lifespan of the neuron cells, although through regular maintenance new stem cells can be injected to replace the dead ones. Battery life lasts two weeks before the pill needs to be replaced, but this can be extended to a month if plugged into an external electric source so that the electronic components need not depend on the pill.

NAM is now working on newer upgrades to keep the microprocessor up to date along with other add-ons, like larger pills, wireless connectability, and a prototype to allow JANE to attach to an android body. Also not ruling out a SAVTECH - JOHN version.

OOC Notes

This article was created by Fian. It was approved by Wes on September 16, 2006: Approval Thread

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