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Melchoir Vel Steyr

Melchoir Vel Steyr is a Player Character formerly involved in the Nepleslian Arms and Munitions corporation; he is controlled by Fian.

Melchoir Vel Steyr
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 30 Years
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 178 CM
Weight: 70 KG
Organization Nepleslian Arms and Munitions
Rank CEO
Occupation Scientist

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 178 Centimeters
  • Weight: 70 Kilograms
  • Build and Skin color: Slim built, somewhat fragile , flesh coloured.
  • Facial Features and Eye color: Light brown coloured eyes. Spotless face.
  • Hair color and Style: Black above the eyes lenght. Uncombed with 10% white hairs.
  • Distinguishing Features: Looks too clean a Nepleslian


Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Melchoir is very patient with inanimate things that he can see some progress, for example he is comfortable with reading and repetitive tasks to an extent. However, should the subject successfully resists him to a point where no progress can or is being made, he can get obsessive or maniacal, even so when the subject is something very small or trivial ( Ie: A prominent single speck of dust on the underside of the glass on his watch. A fair amount of good watches are lost this way ). Because of this he likes cleanliness ( As long as he isn't the one cleaning ), he makes his home in the spick and span science labs.

In any case, he also inherits the normal triats of the Vel Steyr family name. Like taking responsibilities seriously, being kind to the less fortunate and generally being easily annoyed by people. Also the most outspoken of the Vel Steyrs.

  • Likes: Living Organisms, a good read, cleanliness, music, warm air and hot baths.
  • Dislikes: Annoying people, dirtiness.
  • Goals: Sieg Nepleslia ?



Firstborn to the Vel Steyr family, Melchoir had many expectations to succeed put on him. In order to find out what he does best, his father gave him full freedom and backing to persue whatever he wished. The young Vel Steyr showed an immense intelligence and interest in science, due to this he was sent to the most prestigious educational institutions. However most frequently these schools are out of town, because of this Melchoir is rarely home and was never expected to look after his siblings (He still absolutely adores Elsa though).

Though most of the time he was in the company of people from the upper class, one look into the streets outside told him the reality of the world was far from class schedules and blancmange in the morning. He never had to grow walking those streets, but the long scar on his brother Fian's forearm said that other people that mattered to him do. Feeling very sick from his lack of responsibility and pampered life, Melchoir resolved that if he couldn't take care of his family, he would take care of Nepleslia, slowly improving its conditions of life and hopefully bring it back to its former glory.


After receiving funds from the Nepleslian Government, Melchoir started on his maiden project which became a radical and controversial document. The โ€œMelchoir's Reportโ€. Attracting attention from the higher ups, Melchoir accepted a work offer from NAM (Nepleslian Arms and Munitions) and was suddenly thrust to being its CEO (Replacing Wazu who was later assigned to the NSS Alliance, the same ship his younger brother Fian is on).

As CEO Melchoir took the company by the reins and made breakneck progress in filling the technological void left in Nepleslia by dissenting companies. In the same year NAM constructed an orbital shipyard and had begun mining operations. Near the end of YE29 however the pace slowed down due to frequent pirate attacks upon NAM property and Melchoir's declining health. During this time he presided over the introduction of the successful ELEMENT line of Power Armors and the colonization of the northern expanses.

Later Years

Having exhausted his ideas on the hard sciences, Melchoir resigned from the company to become the Governor/Senator of Delfium as an exercise in social sciences.


Biology: Part of the science package, Melchoir likes this subject the most because it concerns the basic unit of society in general, humans. He has no intention of creating deadly plagues or genetically modified humans because partly due to his conscience and in his belief that humans are (or at least, were) the greatest of organisms. His aims in this field is the preservation of life, and the continued survival of the human race

Engineering : Although not part of science school, there were plenty of times that Melchoir had to create a working prototype to assert his new ideas and theories. Not particularly skilled in this region and that what he makes needs to be perfect, he would waste a great deal of time and resources in making his first creations. Seeing one perfectly complete is an inner joy to him. This field also includes a theological understanding of electronics, but his use of it sucks.

Mathematics: Not as much as Biology, but Melchoir likes this subject as well because it tests his mettle the most. In this field Melchoir would learn about the theory of cutting edge technology like nanotech and hyperspace. Although he is capable of explaining and understanding these technologies and theories well, he is too gentle ( wussed ) when it comes to operating these machines. His colleagues say it is because of his time working with delicate organic specimens in bio.

Chemistry: Again part of the science package. Melchoir needs this because it is intimately tied to the skills listed above, not that he wants to create new ship alloys or Cynaide x 1000. His understanding in this field is the properties of existing materials, and their probable uses in his next project. His REAL chemistry is not that good though, he isnt popular with the girls.

Knowledge: Part of being a successful scientist is knowing what is legally allowed in research methods. Melchoir pays a little attention to this because public perception to biology is unlike that to its fascination to physics. Knowing how to name your references in thesis writing is another. Melchoir also respects history because it tells him what went wrong the last time, but how it is going to be fixed is up to him. But however Melchoir's short term memory is slightly less then that of a average scientist, and he has to constantly write notes as not to lose his train of thoughts.

Communications: Capable of writing and speaking in English complete with sprinklings of technical jargon and the occasional large word. One skill he reluctantly acquired while in school was the technique of sucking up and telling other people what they want to hear to get what he wants from them. But he figures that he needs it more than they do anyway.

Humanities: In his desire to improve Nepleslian life, Melchoir studied about its society, sociology and the general working of the human brain. More often than not his conversations with Fian has the intention of extracting information on what is going on in the streets as he wouldn't dare to go out there himself. His intention of a harmonious society with man and machine hand in hand also led him to be somewhat philosophical.


Personal Effects

  • Savtech - Elsa01 (Elise)
  • Old Paper Notepad
Character Data
Character NameMelchoir Vel Steyr
Character OwnerFian
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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