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Karl Vel Steyr

Karl Vel Steyr often finds himself in difficult situations. Karl is being played by Fian.

Karl Vel Steyr
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 21 years
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 178 CM
Weight: 78 KG
Organization VS Shipping
Rank Civilian Captain
Occupation Varies
Current Placement None

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 178 CM
  • Weight: 78 KG
  • Build and Skin color: Average built, fair.
  • Facial Features and Eye color: Dimpled and fair, considerably handsome. Blue eyes.
  • Hair color and Style: Stylishily cut, above collar length. Slightly spiked to perfection.
  • Distinguishing Features: See above.


  • Gile Vel Steyr (Biological Father, Deceased),
  • ??? (Biological Mother, Unknown),
  • Marie Vel Steyr (Adopted Mother, Alive),
  • Elsa Vel Steyr (Younger Sister, Alive).

Psychological Characteristics


During his childhood Karl was quite shy and used to being attended to. However when his brothers popped off one by one and he himself was sent to schools of higher education, Karl had grown a pair and discovered personal independance. Much later when he inherited the shipping company Karl also learnt to take care of the people under him.

If he is hanging out with people he knows, he would appear to be an outgoing caring niceguy. If alone and left to his own devices, he would seek out something to do and not stop until he has done it once and had prepared to do it once again later. If he is with the random crowd without anybody he knows, he can totaly screw loose, chugging down unrealistic amounts of alcohol and the like.

  • Likes: Everything nicely planned out, alcoholic drinks (Especially Coffee Liquor), very young women(!), nice clothes and captaining a ship.
  • Dislikes: Military men, pirates, street gangs, disorder.
  • Goals: Repay the favor to his family, finding something interesting to do.



Karl was born just a few months after Fian. Most of the family did not really know when or how, but one day his father Gile Vel Steyr came back home with the gold haired boy in his arms much to the chagrin of his father's legally married wife Marie. They both treated him like he was their own son, Melchoir was rather indifferent and Fian was too young to care less. Up to now, none of the Vel Steyr siblings knew who Karl's biological mother was.

Karl grew up tagging his elder brother Fian, but he did not mind, as his elder brother was someone he admired. But when Fian declared that he was not going to take over the family business and is to go his own way, Karl replaced his elder brother in business school. During this period of independance, Karl realized how much he was looked after and strove to 'be there' for the people that accepted a bastard child like him.

After his father died two years ago, Marie took her share of the inheritance and left. It appeared that she had been bottling it up for a long time and had been recently aggravated by the 'sudden' appearance of his youngest sister Elsa. Being the only person left in the house, Karl single handedly juggled Elsa and the shipping company.

Not to say that he did not enjoy pulling two shifts like that. But the first to go was the shipping company, which was under constant pirate attacks due to his relation to Melchoir (Who is the CEO of NAM). Worried about the safety and well being of his workers, he allowed the Green goverment to buy out his company to be incorporated into NAM, infusing the latter with the services of experienced captains and crews.

The next thing was Elsa. Worried about her psychological well being after being raised by a single man like Karl, Melchoir put his maternally inclined AI Elise to attend to Elsa 24/7. Karl, only wanting the best for his sister allowed this to slide. Suddenly saddled with so much free time, Karl did some paperwork for Melchoir and occasionally test flew some of the latest ships. While he was testing the NSS Kestrel, an s-1_hray gunship, a Red attack and a twist of fate caused him to captain the vessel until a proper military captain could be found.

Now back on the ground, Karl runs the now downsized family business and babysits Elsa.


Knowledge (Starship): Having sat through a Captain's license course and had run one or two trade routes, Karl knows how to get a civilian starship from point A to point B all by himself. He is not beyond trying to make the ship do things that would have required more skilled hands or just plain more hands. Should some part of the ship go bust in the process, he'll either assign someone else to fix it or limp home grinning.

Communications (Formal Education): Karl has received a formal education in language and maritime related lingo. He speaks and writes in English well. Dealings with traders from other nations also resulted in him picking up some basic Japanese and Elysian phrases and obscenities. He knows how to operate standard handheld and ship based communicators.

Mathematics (Formal Education): Business accounts, hyperspace vectors, taxes, course plotting. There was one point in Karl's life where he was a complete wreck trying to score his four (Basic, Theoretical, Accounts and Starship) math exams. Although he did not pass with flying colors (more like passed out), he learnt enough to get the job done.

Domestic (Urban Home Mantainence) In the half year after he liquidated the company and became jobless, Karl had to take care of the six year old Elsa and run the house without help. It didn't help that Melchoir messes the place up once in a while. The average housewife may be better than him by many degrees, but Karl is sure as hell that not many Nepleslian men can out-househusband him. For some funny reason, this set of skills include familiarity with a small caliber pistol.

Knowledge (Business, Law) Karl is proficient in filing papers, conducting business and managing resources and personnel. As the shipping company he ran was pressed upon him by his late father, Karl never really cared for the money and ran things ethically and fairly, right down till he decided to liquidate the company because lives were at stake. He may not acknowledge it but he is a master organizer.

Leadership (Planning and Foresight) Karl remembers that a long time ago that he did most of the thinking for Fian. Escape plans, safe routes and gang statistics. Thankfully his elder brother can think pretty well on his own now, but Karl had kept and refined this skill all the way to adulthood. Given time, the Vel Steyr can pull off or anticipate anything.

Art and Vocations (Small Instruments) Some small harmonicas and flutes to keep himself busy during the long voyages.


Standard Issue Objects

  • 2 Blue Civilian Captain's Longcoat
  • 2 Blue Civilian Captain's Shortcoat
  • 1 Blue Civilian Captain's Hat
  • 1 Wallet with Licences and IDs
  • 4 Black Pants
  • 2 Black Shoes
  • 1 Stationery Kit
  • 1 Datapad
  • 2 NAM Standard Uniform
  • 1 Toiletries Kit

Personal Effects

  • 1 Small Flute
  • 1 Small Harmonica
  • A Generous Sum of DA in a Bank Account Somewhere
  • 1 Modest Home, Nepleslia
  • 1 Picture of the Family
  • 1 Gold Pen
  • 1 Lemon Flavoured Lolipop
  • 2 Sets Casual Clothes
Character Data
Character NameKarl Vel Steyr
Character OwnerFian
Character StatusNPC Available for GM or FM use

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