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YE 33 Nepleslian Military Exercise Uniform

The Nepleslian Military Exercise Uniform is a basic physical fitness uniform used by the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. It was standardized in YE 33.

Keeping a good physical condition is a central part of the Star Military corps. No matter which division one belongs to, each soldier is issued a set of exercise clothing for personal use during work out or physical recreation. Although the exercise uniform is expected to be worn during physical conditioning while on duty, captains or immediate superiors are often allowed to set measures of leniency to how much of the exercise uniform soldiers under their command are required to wear during activities.

Upper Body

Short-sleeved Mock Shirt

A simple green mock-style short sleeved shirt made of moisture-wicking, breathable and elastic fabric. Excellent for just about any physical activity. Long-sleeved versions are also available if requested. Mock shirts have the assigned fleet number printed on the right breast.

Tank Top Shirt

The standard issued tank top is also an acceptable work-out alternative to the mock shirt.

Sports Bra

A black sports bra issued to female soldiers used for support. May be issued to male soldiers at their request if they meet certain criteria.

Lower Body

Exercise Shorts

Comfortable, breathable exercise shorts, tailored with an emphasis on reducing friction from constant movement. The waistband is stretchy, but has a woven string pull string for a snugger fit if wanted. Two medium-sized pockets are sewn into the sides for any items that can't be left behind.

Athletic Shoes

Simple low-top sneaker-style athletic shoes. A self-adjusting gel layer lines the sole of the shoe, allowing for maximum comfort while supporting the foot. Comes in either lace, velcro or a combination of both.

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