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NSS Kestrel

The NSS Kestrel was a NAM NAM-S1-01a Hray Class Stealth Gunship currently in use by the Star Army of Nepleslia and captained by Karl Vel Steyr.

Kestrel in Roleplay

The NSS Kestrel was an action/adventure plot that will deal heavily with the conflict between the two Nepleslian factions, the Nepleslian Reds and the Greens. The progress of the Kestrel was mostly done through single posts (SP) with an occasional joint post (JP) whenever people are available. Due to the rough nature of most Nepleslian soldiers and Nepleslian society, it is expected to see plenty of coarse language, dirty and/or sexist jokes, graphic violence and occasionally an adult situation, so interested players be warned.

The NSS Kestrel was headed by Fian, and Co-GM'd by Moon Man and SUBLIMEinal. The plot has since been closed as of the summer of 2007 with the beginning of the kennewes offensive pvp event and the head GM taking indefinite hiatus from Star Army.


Current Personnel

Command & Bridge

Captain Karl Vel Steyr (Fian)

Lieutenant Dominic Slade (Moonman)(nejixdragon)


Cadet 2nd Class Ian McCain (SUBLIMEinal)

Sergeant Stromm Kumorok Dekomir (Kokuten)

Soldier 3rd Class William Howard Harrison (Cipher)

Soldier 3rd Class Luger Hiram (Regantor)

Soldier 3rd Class Deon Maxwell (Dragonkat)

Soldier 3rd Class Henry Morris (Luca)

Soldier 3rd Class tom_alect (Firebird)

Soldier 3rd Class wolf_cross (Dustin)

Previous Personnel

Soldier 3rd Class Aaron Anderson (Day4Ever)

Soldier 3rd Class higa_zervus (Zach)

Soldier 3rd Class ronan_longspear (Yannick)

Technical Sentry casey_flynn (Davis)

Soldier 3rd Class sarkar_darkstar (Dark zero_x)

Miscellaneous And NPCs

Name: Kess Savtech JANE, Kestrel’s Savtech Notes: Belongs to the Star Army of Nepleslia. Appearance: Tall Human woman, with brown hair pulled back into a small ponytail and a small face. Has slightly pale skin and dull grey eyes. Only seen wearing a grey blouse and skirt with a black pinafore. The skirt is in between knee and ankle, while the blouse is rolled up and long-sleeved. Personality: Monotonous, emotionless, and a little cold-hearted.
Name: Matt Cheyle Nepleslian, Soldier 3rd Class Position: Power Armor Pilot/ G.I Appearance: Fair and brown haired, moderately handsome. Notes: A young new recruit on the familiarization course. A personal PC cybernetically installed on his forearm and inherent knowledge of the odds of things around him points to him being a bookie in the past. Personality: Friendly and easygoing. Irresponsible and fickle in combat.
Name: Zhen Wu Eri Variant Human, Soldier 3rd Class Position: Power Armor Pilot/ Analysts Appearance: Shortish, bespectacled with black hair. Notes: A young new recruit on the familiarization course. Given his own freedom by NAM, Zhen wishes to earn a name for himself and make a few friends on the way. Personality: Loyal and friendly. Competent and statistically inclined in combat.
Name: Jensen Twins (Mil and Wil) Cloned Nepleslian(s), Soldier(s) 3rd Class Position(s): Power Armor Pilot/ GI Appearance: Slender, fair with brown hair. Perpetually neutral expression. Notes: Two young new recruits on the familiarization course. It is not known how the twins came to be. Rumors were that both them and Zhen shared a common history. Personality: Varies with time, but never hostile to each other. Cooperative and Synchronized in combat.
Name: Vahan Timoti Half ID-SOL, Soldier 3rd Class Position: Power Armor Pilot/ GI Appearance: Dark skinned, burly with close cropped black hair. Notes: A new recruit on the familiarization course. Vahan came from a prestigious line of grunts and would do anything to uphold it. Many other people mistake him for a typical sergeant (Except he isn't… Yet.) Personality: Demanding and overbearing. Strict and tactically inclined in combat.
Name: ? (The Leader) Nepleslian, Soldier 3rd Class Position: Power Armor Pilot/ ? Appearance: Tall, fair with blonde hair. Very handsome. Notes: A young new recruit on the familiarization course. Only a few of the other recruits know his name and even fewer know anything about him beyond that, not that he is antisocial but he seems to be biding his time for something. Personality: Suave and manipulative. Charismatic and strategically inclined in combat.

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