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Mireille Belmonte

Mireille Belmonte
Species Nepleslian
Gender Female
Age 22
Employer Star Army of Nepleslia
Occupation Intelligence Officer
Rank Cadet Third Class
Current Assignment Intelligence Officer, NSS Alliance

Mireille is Roleplay

Mireille is one of the few female Nepleslian PC's. She is played by Exhack and is currently in transit to the Alliance.



  • Father, Yves Belmonte, Merchant 49
  • Mother, Flavie Belmonte-Allard, Musician 53
  • Sister, Esther Belmonte, Merchant 26
  • Sister, Gisele Belmonte, Musician, 19
  • Brother, Marrus Belmonte, Student, 17

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'7'' Mass: 140 Ibs Measurements: 33-24-33 Bra Size: 30C

Build and Skin Colour: Mireille has a compact, but rather athletic and lithe frame. She has long, toned and slender legs, and lightly tanned skin.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: She has a slender face with slight cheekbones, an up-turn nose, and a small, pointed chin. Her teal cybernetic eyes could easily pass off for normal ones, if not for the shifting fluorescent concentric rings and circular geometric shapes pulsing and rotating around and between the rim of the cornea and iris.

Hair Colour and Style: She has slightly longer than shoulder length blue-black hair is tied off into two parallel pony tails tied from the middle of the neck downwards, each sitting right above the shoulders. She has her long bangs tied off and hanging off sides of her head.

Distinguishing Features

Cybernetic Eyes: Her eyes do certainly stand out quite a bit, but proffer her excellent vision. She has great motion tracking, low light vision and 2x telescopic zoom.

Cybernetic Hands: In addition to her eyes, Mireille has an unusual pair of perfectly concealed cybernetic hands designed for typing and work demanding stable hands. Each finger opens up into 3 cybernetic, long spider leg like digits that allow her to type at inhuman speeds. Coupled with her eyes, she is a genuine typewriter, able to write up whole report documents in a matter of minutes. In addition, Mireille's hands never shake, and always feel warm to the touch.

Psychological Characteristics


To some, Mireille might appear to be a neat freak, likely from her near obsession with order and structure. She's very meticulous in her work, with no detail too small to mention or work on and keeps her quarters in near sterile conditions. All of her reports are flawlessly structured and early. She tends to keeps a cool air about her, and rarely gets overly emotional. Though, she hasn't lost her sense of humor or fun-loving character, but she's too professional to let those things get in the way.

In private, Mireille shakes off the professional facade. She's very playful, loves to tease the rookies and perform for her crewmates. Mireille's very social, often being one of the first people to go and seek out new people. She tends to be easygoing, and keeps a cool head in most situations. But she really shows her passionate and artistic sides when she plays the piano for the crew, dances and fences. She has a slightly romantic personality, being often a little less down to earth her cohorts.

Likes: Rock, disco, jazz and techno music, Dancing, Good food, Fencing, Getting the job done, Expensive liquors Dislikes: Disorder, Cheap pickup lines, Being given other people's work, Stuck up aristocrats Goals: Prove that she isn't wasting her time, Find someone interesting, Find โ€œAlfโ€, Get into the IPG


Born in YE7, to parents Yves and Flavie Belmonte, Mireille was the second child of a respectable family. Not quite aristocrats, the Belmonte family had a long standing history of importing and selling many of the luxuries bought by the inhabitants of the upper levels of Funky City. They made good money, and earned themselves a place in the โ€œgoodโ€ parts of the city.

As Mireille grew up, there was very little to do around. At her mother's urging, she was to learn the skills of a musician, sharpen her mind and know how to defend herself. But all she had was her tutors, a few boring old rich men and their spoiled kids to talk and play with. It was a passionless existence. Nothing interesting really ever happened, and her life became a routine of study and practice. Her older sister had already been sent off to a private school, so her only companions were chess, fencing and the piano.

All that changed at age 6, when she got lost while accompanying her father on a business trip to Kennewes. She wandered an unfamiliar flea market, looking for her father for hours, only to get picked up by a pair of slavers. A well groomed girl would sell well on the slave market, after all. She screamed as loudly as she could and the slavers simply shot her with a tranq dart. She awoke several hours later, gagged and tied to a chair, in front of a hundred gawking buyers.

A tall young man with bright grayish blond hair leaped onto the stage, twin handguns blazing as he disabled all the armed guards at the meeting. He cursed all of them as immoral monsters devoid of any shred of any sense of right or wrong. The young man picked Mireille up, and carried her outside of the building. When the slavers attempted to stop him, he killed both of them with single, clean shots to the head. They arrived at his airbike and headed towards the only decent hotel for miles around and referenced Mireille's name to any guests in the hotel.

Once they tracked down her father, the rider handed her over. Yves was ecstatic and relieved, and asked what he wanted. The man only said: โ€œJust place some bets on me every once in a while, when I race, I can use the cash and rep. The name's Alf.โ€ Alf didn't say very much to Mireille while they were riding, but he did tell her this: โ€œLook kid, you have to change. Living like a dollโ€ฆ won't work out for you. You have to LIVE. To keep living, you'll have to change, and either you change yourself and get stronger, or the world changes you and you end all screwed up and miserable. Try not to let sโ€” like that happen.โ€ After meeting up with โ€œAlfโ€, Yves became an avid airbike fan, and extremely indulgent to Mireille.

After that event, the world suddenly seemed a lot more interesting to her. She lived every day to the fullest, and became greatly impassioned by the things she learned. She greatly advanced in skill with her fencing and piano playing. Mireille even took up dancing. Once in her teens, she made regular visits to working class neighborhoods, just to perform at bars and nightclubs. But it wasn't enough for her, she needed an adventure she could look back on for the rest of her life.

When she was 18, she enlisted into the SAoN. Her mother disliked the notion, but Yves gave his blessing as long as she didn't become a Power Armor pilot. Basic training was tough on her, but she managed to endure it and score fairly well. She excelled in the fields of study and did well in combat training courses, but was found lacking in terms of stamina and endurance. Possible positions were limited, despite her excellent test scores, and she was assigned to the Public Relations Corps, to work in intelligence. It was rather boring office work, but she picked up excellent management skills, keeping her department clean and ahead of work.

Mireille opted for cybernetics improve her performance, and both parents refused, as they would obviously disfigure her. So for a compromise, Mireille had perfectly concealable cybernetic hands and nearly concealable eyes installed. The eyes only had unusual corneas and no apparent veins, but were in her natural eye color.

With the recent formation of the IPG, and the opportunities she'd have in the field, she applied for retraining and immediate transfer.


Communication:: From the time spent traveling with her father, and the tutors, Mireille is fully fluent in English, French and Japanese. She has some difficulty writing in Japanese though. Training courses have given her the required understanding of how to operate communications equipment, as well transmit and receive information through all common SAoN systems.

Fighting/Physical:: Mireille spent the better part of a childhood perfecting her fencing skills. It's not very practical in actual combat, but she's acquired generally excellent co-ordination from it. She also completed basic hand to hand courses, and can put an untrained fighter over her shoulder if she has to. She passed sidearm training quite well, and is a surprisingly mean shot with a pistol, which has been significantly improved by her new cybernetics. She's not exactly in peak physical condition, but she's very agile and dexterous.

Technology Operation:: Mireille is very well versed in the DEIMOS OS and able access any computer using it. She has a base understanding of the programming, but nothing truly exceptional. She is able to hack into some systems, but only if there aren't many safeguards. But her typing speed can only be exceeded by neural interfaces.

Rogue:: While leaving home at night to go play at nightclubs, Mireille learned something about disguises and moving about without drawing attention. She is quite capable at sneaking around silently. She also has minor skill in lock picking and sleight of hand. Her skill with the later is rather pointless, but she persists, if only because it seems kind of cool. Mireille can easily properly conceal small items in her sleeves and draw them out at the flick of a wrist.

Knowledge/Mathematics:: Mireille was properly educated in algebra, trigonometry and calculus. After the public relations corps training, she is able to create and deliver clear and concise intelligence reports, assess situations for possible relevancy to intelligence and create and deliver counter intelligence. Other than that, Mireille has a wide knowledge of luxuries, and has a particularly fine palette when it comes to alcohols.

Tactics/Leadership:: From her days playing games of strategy, Mireille has a keen understanding of tactics and a certain degree of knowledge on psychology in the battlefield. The scale and options in real combat might be different, but concept is roughly the same. She also knows how to keep people motivated to work, but only small departments. Mireille doesn't quite have the stature to really impose on people.

Entertainment:: Certainly, after spending the better part of a childhood playing the piano, Mireille has become an excellent performer. She enjoys playing in her favorite styles: rock, disco, jazz and techno. She also knows how to dance quite well, but has yet to meet a marine that doesn't have two left feet. The combination of her fencing and dancing give her generally excellent natural footwork. She's also proven herself to be a fair actor, though her capabilities are somewhat limited, as she has had no schooling in these terms. She only really act like herself, so to speak.


Standard Issue

  • 2 Female Pullover Shirt, Green
  • 3 T-Shirts, White
  • 2 T-Shirts, Dark Green
  • 1 Beret, Green, with Flash Patch
  • 1 Pair Boots, Black
  • 2 Pair Boot Socks, White
  • 2 Tank Tops, White
  • 1 Rank Patch, Cadet 2nd Class
  • 1 Pistol Belt, Brown
  • 2 Uniform Skirts, Green
  • 2 Khaki Cargo Pants


  • 4 Boyshort Panty
  • 3 Panties
  • 3 Bras
  • 3 Pair Fancy Stockings, Black

Weapons, Weapon Accessories

  • 1 Zen Armaments .45 Caliber Pistol
  • 60 .45 Caliber Rounds


  • 1 Pair Identification Tags, Metal, with Name and Hometown
  • 1 Custom Synthesizer Keyboard
  • 1 Canteen, 1 Quart


Transaction Change Balance
Starting Money + WO Bonus +10000DA 10000DA
August - December 1 +3600DA 13600DA
Character Data
Character NameMireille Belmonte
Character OwnerExhack
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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