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Tweak Three Seven

Tweak Three Seven

(Many thanks to Zairyo for the donation and permission to use this picture! Commission him!)

(Also many thanks to Kokuten for a color version of Tweak, posted below in the picture section! Commission him too!)

General Information
Name: Real name unknown. Currently known as Tweak Three Seven.
Parents/Creator: PNUgen Corporation / WickedArms Industries
Alias: “Gearhead Tweak Three Seven” (Free State; Nepleslia). Others unknown.
Organization: Currently aligned with the Free State.
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown. Somewhere around 8 years or older.
Species: NH-7z Nekowalkyrie
Height: 157.5 cm (5'2“)
Weight: 41.28 kg (91 lbs)
Measurements 81/61/86/B (32/24/34/B)

Hair Color & Style Dark green with light green streaks Simple style, cut to just below her ears and occasionally held out of her eyes by improvised hair clips.

Skin & Eye Color Milk white Dark, dark ruby red (like blood that has been drained of oxygen)

Build & Facial Features Her body is slender with average proportions while her face is rather remarkable mix of Asian and Caucasian features.

Distinguishing Features Typical NH-7 features (cat ears, data ports on back, hemosynth ports on hips, shoulder blades, chest, and spine, heat vents on upper arms and legs, manufacturer logo tattoo and model number identification on left breast, vehicle interface ports on shoulders, hair and eye colors among other things; see NH-7 User Manual for details); a dark red gear genetic tattoo just below the hollow of her throat, under her collar bone. Stutters when emotionally distressed.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality A soft-spoken tomboy who prefers to be by herself, she always retreats to a secluded place when her job is done. She would rather avoid large gatherings and becomes visibly affected when in a crowd. Her engineering skills are good, specializing in jury-rigging, and she often finds problems before they appear which make her a great pick for maintenance duties and repair assignments. She spends a lot of time tinkering with machines of all kinds, always trying to coax the most out of them. Her main personality fault is a reluctance to speak up when she knows the solution to a problem; she will often try to fix it on her own instead. However, when she is given a mission, Tweak always sees it through unless circumstances beyond her control prevent it.

An older-model Neko, her memory has developed a glitch. She fails to remember anything that happened past twenty-four hours; only her programmed skills and personality are intact. She is paranoid and reluctant to believe people who claim to know her or know something she forgot (probably a trait that would have manifested as stubbornness or paranoia without the memory loss). This has saved her life a couple of times, and caused the loss of the lives of those who tried to force her to believe them. Partially because of this, if she does find a friend and can be convinced to trust that person, she becomes greatly attached, possibly because they are a link to what she can't remember. Fortunately, steps have been taken to ease the paranoia, even if it cannot be eliminated.

Likes Classical and techno music, obscure gadgets and useless stuff, trying to make something work and pushing technology beyond its limit, books (although she never remembers what she read), how things work (not limited to just machines), dancing, throwing things.

Dislikes Large groups, being the center of attention or public praise, quitting/quitters.

Goals Her goals vary according to what she finds out after each cycle of memory loss.

Professional Information

Occupation Armorer/Technician
Faction Independent
Rank None
Current Assignment Security Team duties on Cirrus Station



She is a perpetual tinkerer. If she doesn't know it already, she'll figure it out and make it do what it wasn't intended to. Of course, anything she figures out will be forgotten within twenty-four hours, so she will have to figure out what she did to it the next day, in addition to rediscovering what the original did. She also has limited improvised biological engineering/medical skills due to her intelligence, not her programming. If she can learn a trade within a day, she can use it with an average of high-intermediate to low-advanced proficiency, depending on difficulty of course.

Fighting and Physical

She has been programmed with standard NH-7 fighting styles and tactics. She prefers improvised and thrown weapons to guns and swords, but is programmed for basic military armament proficiency. However, her database is optimized for common weapons from YE 23 and before, so this limits her ability to use newer-model weapons.

Survival and Military

Ever since whatever happened left her on her own, she has had to be very good at surviving on her own. Her NH-7 programming includes survival techniques, so she can find water, navigate land, sea, and space, hunt, conceal herself by both natural and holographic means, and perform intermediate self-maintenance.

Included in her NH-7 skill programming is full knowledge of her natural abilities. She is an NH-7z, a composite Neko with a mixture of the abilities from previous and then-current models of Neko. As such, she has moderate skills in the following areas: Electronic/information warfare, stealth/infiltration, and hymosynthesis (with a focus on 'penny-eating' hemosynthetics). She is fully aware of these skills.

Historical Information

She assumes that she was lost and presumed dead during a mission, but she knows nothing regarding her past and it is unlikely anyone will be able to recover anything from her minds. The theory she has made (again and again…and again) is that the glitch in her memory is rendering a large portion of her memory-storage space unusable, forcing the usable portion to be overwritten repeatedly on a daily basis. This would explain why sometimes she forgets things that happen that very day, since that portion would have been overwritten prematurely.

If someone investigated her background, they would be able to track her trail up to a year, maybe two, before it dead-ended. People would recognize the gear tattoo, her outdated body, and/or her personality, but they wouldn't have anything much to say. Maybe they helped her out or she fixed something for them in exchange for food or shelter. Those who gave her shelter would mention that she was gone the next day; a few would describe how she freaked out if they woke her. Even fewer would have convinced her to stay more than one day more, except for the ships that she gained passage on.

All in all she is a mystery, and her trail disappears only a bit slower than her memory.

Her recent history is easier to track. The NH-7 was an accepted crewmember of a Freespacer Gypsy ship (The Viscous Chicken) and has taken the name Tweak Three Seven. She was rescued from the salvage of a merchant ship that was fleeing pirates and had strayed into Free State space before being destroyed by its pursuers.

After a very short stay on the Nepleslian military vessel NSS Alliance, Tweak has been transferred to Cirrus Research Station as part of a resource-sharing agreement between the Free State and the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. She currently serves with CSS Squad #35.

Her time on Cirrus has been more or less boring, with some notable exceptions. Since arriving, CSS Squad 35 has had to deal with (among other things) an overgrown alien lifeform in the sewer system, a smuggled shipment of feral neko slaves, being boarded by pirates, and a hacked, runaway tram system.

Update: Thanks to Druidess Dream Zero Zero 00-0018-2475, Tweak has been able to save her daily memories in an external drive unit that the druidess constructed. What effect this will have on her personality and interactions remains to be seen.

Update: Squad Thirty-Five encountered the company responsible (but never charged) for the pirate raid on Cirrus. The squad accompanied Cassifin Montreal as she and Purina Popjoy attended the Eco Eco Summit at the Vinross Yu-Cranker facility on Fortuna. Even though Montreal openly denied blaming the CEOs of Yu-Cranker for the earlier attack, she had Squad 35 along masquerading as Squad 101, presumably to avoid problems with the Yu-Cranker security force, the Uniques (Gold Squad in particular), and the CEOs themselves.

As most Cirrus special assignments were prone to do, the situation quickly turned bad. Terrorists attacked the conference. While assigned to covertly insert Kess, a SavTech AI, into the facility's computer system, Squad 35 ended up partially-cooperating with the Uniques to rescue Ms. Popjoy while Tweak and squadmate Claire Winters went ahead to deliver Kess. A bizarre battle ensued when Gold Squad's Captain Bell appeared in the server room. She had evidently had her combat abilities enhanced as she was able to surpass Tweak in strength, agility, and firepower. Only with Claire's help was Tweak able to drive Bell to a desperation move that severely crippled the Captain and brought Claire into a position to kill her. The squad also succeeded in the AI insertion and rescuing Popjoy, receiving minimal trouble when the duplicity was discovered during the ensuing investigation.


Clothing 1 pair of thick-soled shoes 1 pair of Socks 1 pair of loose pants 1 pair of long shorts 2 sets of undergarments 2 belts (one wide thick leather one, one narrow thick cloth one) 2 T-Shirts 1 fitted tank top 1 square piece of rag cloth (approx. 1.5'x1.5') 1 khaki bucket hat 1 forest green knit cap with ear flaps and multi-colored LED lights around the crown from Warmonger Keid 57-5675-8188. 1 bomber-style jacket with sheepskin liner

Belongings & Accessories 1 thick book with a belt harness 1 length of cord with a number of crystal tags edged with steel hanging from it 1 laser micro-cutter for etching 1 travel pack 1 ”'Spacer tech“ memory storage unit and accompanying accessories

Supplemental Visual Data

(Click on pictures to view larger)

The NH-7 series Nekowalkarja

NH-7 physical template. Detail, back.

Tweak Three Seven

Tweak's Freespacer disguise.Chibi Tweak! courtesy of iChan.

Tweak's Things

A template for Tweak's hat (hers is mainly forest-green with other shades of green).Someone deleted my picture for this! Placeholder remains until I can find another. Someone deleted this picture too! Placeholder remains until I can find another.

Character History

Original Bio Approved Thu Dec 28 2006, 03:48 am by Wes. Currently played by MissingNo (previous screen name: AJ). Update (2009-11-01): Updated with a couple of pictures I found hiding around. Will update Tweak's history later with some recent events.

Character Data
Character NameTweak Three Seven
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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