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NSS Nerkat

The NSS Nerkat was a cruiser under the flag of the Star Army of Nepleslia and captained by Tamara Novikov.

Nerkat in Roleplay

The NSS Nerkat was a Action/Social ship based of the lives of those that serve the Nepleslian military from all walks of life, ranks and occupations.

The progress of the Nerkat was mostly done through single posts (SP) and joint_posts (JP) at pre-scheduled times. Players were free to post side JPs for their own rapidly changing inter-character subplots, as it advanced the plot much quicker


Tamara gained formal command over the vessel while she was at Starbase Hayes to various usual maintenance.

The plot has just started, there is nothing to say here.

Job Opportunities

The NSS Nerkat is always looking for marines and other combat oriented crewmembers. As well as standard Power Armored marines, there are special openings for starfighter pilots and other interested throttle-jockeys.

The NSS Nerkat is also looking for experienced crew and officers to fill out the upper echelons of the ship's command and provide leadership to newer members. As well, there is a demand for medical, technical and care crew to pitch in and support the combat personal. Nepleslian, ID-SOL, Human are preferred, but Freespacers and some Yamataians (Nepleslian citizens only) are welcome.

Current Personnel

Command & Bridge

Captain (NSN) Tamara Novikov

  • Captain
  • Played by: Gamerofthegame, YIM: Gamerofthegame

Commander Esther Belmonte

  • Executive Officer
  • Played by: Exhack, YIM: Grb2hack

Enlisted & Ship crew

Platoon Leader

(Sets overall objective.)

Chief (Old Nepleslian Rank) Ian McCain

Second in Command

(Coordinates squad-level movement.)

Chief (Old Nepleslian Rank) Ran "Red" Rui

  • Marine
  • Played by Kampfer, YIM: usmchereicome

Marine NCO (Under Command of Ran Rui)

(Reports to Ran on morale, troop welfare, and supplies of Marines. Can act in Ran's place in the event of his death/incapacitation.)

Sergeant Rico Sanroma

  • Marine
  • Played by MoonMan, YIM: big_round_glowy_thingy

Private First Class William Howard Harrison

  • Marine
  • Played by Cipher, YIM is N/A

Private David Lyric

  • Marine
  • Played by LavaLung, YIM: GodOfTheCrabs

Private Michael "Dust" St.Vincent

  • General Infantry Pilot
  • Played by Andrew Dust, YIM: duststvincent

Private Amelia Weynolt

  • Marine
  • Played by Dragonnova, YIM: yenai0405

Private First Class Kagura Balfour

  • Marine, Combat Medic
  • Played by Tyler, YIM: hiro_seishin

Auxilliary NCO (under command of Ian McCain)

(Coordinates auxilliary business with Ian. Reports to Rico on info about troop welfare, gathered by the marines under Adrian's command. Acts as NCO of medical forces in assistance to medics.)

Sergeant First Class Adrian Decane

Auxilliary Forces

Private First Class Gran Keats

  • Technical Sentry
  • Played by Davis, YIM: mistahdobalina

Private First Class Gyles Newman

  • Technical Sentry
  • Played by Exhack, YIM: Grb2hack

Private First Class Rose I. Dream

  • Medic
  • Played by Lilly, YIM: Shadryel

Private Autumn Wilde

  • Armorer
  • Played by Kim, YIM: kirageshadow

Private Fay Saelus

  • Medic
  • Played by Fay, YIM: krusemh

Fighter pilots


Drei Ner or Kat

  • AI Avatar
  • Played by Kyoki, YIM: kyoki_tsuki


Promotions are handled out based on IC actions (You won't be promoted for just being a awesome RPer, but being a poor laundry man. Gotta do good stuff too.), while quality of RP will of course sugar the process. OOC stuff will play a very small, if any role.

Current Modifications

Pre-Mission 1: Same Cast, New Setting

Performed at Starbase Hayes

  • (2) Quanta-Construct Platforms, necessary to construct M series power armor. Can outfit up to 16 Marines with NDI Powered Armors.

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