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Glynn Shields

Glynn Shields is a player character played by GrammarPaladin.

Glynn Shields
Species & Gender: Human Nepleslian Male
Date of Birth: YE 16
Organization: Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia
Occupation: Marine - Demolitions specialist
Rank: Private
Current Placement: NSS Inquiry

Physical Description

Glynn stands tall and proud at about 177cm or at 5.8ft with his slim frame, lanky arms, and his brown eyes staring with a deep with a furrowed brow at whatever he happens to be staring at while his brown crew cut hair contributes an extra inch or two to his height. His skin is a extremely light shade of brown as his time in space had made his skin grow a little pale, it stands out even more so especially with the lack of hair he has. The only evidence of him possessing any kind of hair would be his head, one would also find a small amount of hair on his arms. The rest of his body hair had been shaved off a long time ago. His face is devoid of expression, only moving to feign troubled thoughts or to speak with his dull yet boisterous voice. His breath is minty as he takes his appearance very seriously. Thus he dresses his best and keeps himself as clean as physically possible. However the smell of nitro glycerin, gunpowder, and smoke stains him even though the presence of it is far from him.


Glynn is stoic not by nature, but due to the drugs he takes, his emotions are repressed. As a result he seems to be scrutinizing anything that he is looking at when in actuality Glynn is thinking about how he should act and takes social interactions very seriously in his repressed state. Though because of the drugs he does not feel intimidated or nervous of social interactions or others. He merely feels that it is advantageous to act in the way a regular human being would react, but often fails to do so because he lacks the emotion needed in his repressed state. Luckily he still has memories of emotions he had experienced before and “knows” how to feel even though he wouldn't be able to apply those memories properly. As a result he tends to speak formally to everyone as it is simple for him to apply daily and enables him to lie more effectively. Though this is only in execution and acting, he is actually not a very good liar even though he sometimes wants to manipulate people to gain favors and their assistance.

Do to his lack of emotion in his repressed state, Glynn seems cold and calculating, though he is no genius nor is his intelligence above the average. Instead he ends up to be very patient, almost immune to insults, and enables him to work with explosives without breaking a sweat. Yet it leaves him in a morally gray situation. He can watch and kill innocent people if it means a job well done and can acknowledge this as bad act. Yet would still feel the same way for defending a child from a ravenous beast even though he can acknowledge it as an inherently good act. Though he may not display fear nor pain, Glynn is very conscious about his body and will do anything in his power to heal himself after an injury or avoid it completely because he acknowledges death as the worst case scenario rather than the most opportune time to gain honor and glory. Thus Glynn cannot fathom death no does he particularly want to.

During his repressed state, Glynn is fascinated with pyrotechnics and enjoys the power of fire and aggressive music. He associates those two with passion, something he should not experience personally, and finds comfort in them as metaphorical substitutes for emotions.


Born on Damasica (Neo Kohana) in YE 16,

Glynn will always consider himself a proud Damasican first and a stout Nepleslian second. He was born naturally under the care of both his Father McAnthony Shields and his mother Elsa Shields for several years. His father was but a simple technician and engineer that helped keep life running effectively for years. His mother Elsa shields however was often nowhere to be seen as she was often away serving in the local navy at that time to help oversee the progression Damasica. His grandfather Kayto was the main caretaker of Glynn but also the most dangerous figure in the entire family. Kayto had told Glynn many times that he was a vigilante of justice, his mother disagreed and called her own father a wild, gun-crazed bounty hunter. They stopped disagreeing when the Elysian Celestial Navy arrived and proceeded to destroy the surface. At that time Elsa Shields died fighting and McAnthony had successfully saved the young Glynn from death from an incoming air strike in exchange for his own life. Though this attempt was not perfect and still resulted in Glynn suffering both physical and emotional trauma to his head. In the end Kayto was able to rescue and escape with Glynn abroad his cramped bounty hunter starship. For the next few years Kayto would be the caretaker for Glynn traveling in space, watching Glynn grow more and more unstable as his emotions seemed to intensify day by day. The situation had grown to the point that the only remedy available to Glynn was taking emotion dulling drugs. The medication had impacted Glynn to such an extent that he had grown stoic. Only leaving Glynn the ability to recall emotions that he had once felt as a child. Not only his emotions were dulled, his capability of feeling any sensation in his body had also been replaced with nothing. If the drug wears off Glynn suffers from intense emotions and a extremely low pain tolerance. Still with his grandfather's tutorship Glynn was able to gain a basic education in history and language, but received more advanced lessons on explosives and small scale tactics when Kayto and Glynn were short on currency to pay for his expensive medication.

Eventually all things must come to an end, and his partnership with his grandfather had reached the end of the line when Glynn himself grew up to be an adult and Kayto grew too hold to keep bounty hunting for a living. With no other experience excluding the realm of assassinations and the handling of volatile substances Glynn decided that his two options were being a bounty hunter himself, or a member of the military. After some deliberation, Glynn decided he would follow the path of his mother as it would provide a more stable source of income to feed his retired grandfather and fuel his passion for pyrotechnics. However for Glynn to say that he only chose the military to take care of his old man would be a lie. In reality his main goal was to emulate his parents, to improve the lives of his fellow people and to be prepared to battle any alien menace that would threaten Glynn's people and his homeworld. The best way to do that would be to gain prestige among the military as a symbol of a true soldier to inspire others to take initiative to advance themselves as a civilization. Though this goal is far reaching and is acknowledged as near impossible by Glynn himself, he is fine following a path that both his parents would be proud of, and of following a path that he thinks would make himself happy.

Unfortunately for Glynn, basic marine training had become a true hell for him. During physical training Glynn would find himself working out only to see his body shake under the pressure and was in constant wonder if that were normal or that he finally was reaching his physical peak due to his lack of tactile sense. There would even be times where Glynn would work himself to the edge of fainting where he would only notice that he should stop when his legs began to crumble and eyes began to close. Fortunately this made Glynn look good in the eyes of the drill sergeants when he convinced them that it was his determination that kept him going for so long and that the medic, who was forced to intervene, prevented him from progressing further. Regardless he still was chastised by the drill sergeants, but he made himself look even better when they tried to push his mental fortitude to the limit only to have Glynn stare back at him them with a look of boredom. Glynn was an average shot, and he did not stand out at the range. He was more interested the weapons themselves and how they functioned, finding similarities between gunsmithing and the creation of explosives. Sparring was the subject that Glynn failed the most in. In almost every fight he was involved in, Glynn was only destroyed. The only way he won was by making arrangements with his opponent to lose. Glynn had the record of winning two matches in which he did not plan the outcome. Unsurprisingly, after learning of the 10 week demolitions course within the marine program, Glynn had signed up in less than an hour before he even actually finished his basic training. When that was complete however, Glynn began to flourish in the new environment as he played around with military grade RX33 explosives. The ones he had seen were all cheaply made and less powerful than the Military grade ones, and yet flaunted the knowledge he gained when had used RX33 when he was younger to his fellow students showing the in's and out's of the explosive. To his surprise, Glynn was actually able to learn a bit more about explosives from other veteran demolitions and took their wisdom to heart with great “joy”. With time Glynn crawled through basic training with average scores and successfully passed the demolitions course with flying colors and high marks and was now ready for action as a private.

Social Connections

Glynn Shields is connected to: Kayto Malcalm, McAnthony Shields (Deceased), Elsa Shields (Deceased), no memorable friends, only mere acquaintances under many aliases.

Skills Learned

Fluent in Trade, knows a few phrases in Seraphim, and cryptography.

Growing up in DION space made it essential for Glynn to learn the language of his people, and he was glad to. Perhaps if he lived in peace on Damasica he would’ve taken up another occupation such as a writer. Though that would only be plausible in an alternate universe if they even exist. Instead of learning more of his language he was forced to learn Cryptography courtesy of his grandfather and his suspicious connections that had helped them stay alive and look for work.


Glynn’s grandfather was a bounty hunter of the bloody kind, as a result he could never directly help his grandfather come home safely to bring the money necessary to survive without being more trouble than he was worth. Thus he took it upon himself to support his grandfather by helping him create and detonate explosives to take care of a target, open an entrance, or to cave in an structure and did so for years. Training for the DION military had only improved his understanding of explosives and his skills became more precise and more varied when he was introduced to military grade explosives, such as gernades, and how to properly use them in combat scenarios other than for killing.

Starship Operations

Glynn and Kayto had become the most trustworthy partners in crime they would ever have the pleasure to meet, as a result Kayto had trusted Glynn with control of the ship when it was necessary. Glynn would often serve as the getaway driver for his grandfather when a job was completed. His skills were polished quickly, especially with evasive maneuvers, as often other ships would try to shoot the pair down. He learned best under the constant threat of death.

Survival and Military

There is technology, and not taking full advantage of it would be a waste of time. Knowing how to use scanners to locate water and using guns to hunt for foot is all there is to it. With this kind of mindset Glynn perhaps relies a bit too much on technology to survive. However his training in the military covered the extreme basics of how to find shelter, identify edible foods, and the creation of fire.


Basic construction was the domain of Glynn’s long deceased father. Although Glynn still remebers the first lessons of robotics from his father, Glynn cannot build anything relatively impressive from a even good selection of materials.Instead of creating, Glynn is more than capable of finding structural weaknesses in many ships and buildings from both experience, military schematics, and demolitions training. Everything created must be destroyed after all.


In the words of a wise tactician “It is better attack an enemy when surprise is your ally, and then hope that your enemy is fast asleep”. Glynn can handle small arms as well as any other and can virtually demolish anything when given the proper materials. Just beware when you ask him to shoot a mammal in the vitals from a long distance or fight in hand to hand combat with his lanky body. He is best suited to ambushing enemies and sabatoge.


Spaceships are clearly different than terrestrial vehicles, Glynn can understand the controls, however driving them is his utter nightmare, more so in combat situations. This resulted in Glynn's preference to walk, ride, or perferably to fly as opposed to driving.

Inventory & Finance

Glynn Shields has the following items:

3 vials of emotion repressing medication 620 DA 1 Revolving Grenade Launcher (RGL) 1 Dark green grenade waist and shoulder sling (Twelve grenade slots) 3 Scalar Pulse Grenades 2 Smoke Grenades 1 Movement Restriction Grenades 2 Subspace Particle Grenades 2 Electromagnetic Pulse Grenades 2 Fragmentation Grenades standard issue marine gear of the DION MSMC

OOC Notes

Glynn worked as a bounty hunter's assistant, exclusively for his grandfather after the destruction of his homeworld.

Glynn suffers from a medical condition that had invested itself too deep into his system and his mind. When he takes his medication it makes him stoic and emotionless and it allows him to work well and without pressure. However Glynn truly desires to feel emotion, so once in a while he would refuse to take his medication causing him to feel very intense emotions. His tactile senses would also increase greatly causing Glynn to laugh hysterically non-stop until he starts suffocating to death because a bad pun or to feel like his entire body is being ripped apart from a simple pinch.

In the case GrammarPaladin becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameGlynn Shields
Character OwnerGrammarPaladin
Character StatusActive Player Character
Nepleslian Personnel Database System
Career StatusActive Duty

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