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Wolfram Schwartz

Wolfram Schwartz is created by K7Avenger

Species Nepleslian
Gender Male
Age 23
Height 5'10โ€œ
Weight 158 lb
Rank Soldier 3rd Class
Occupation Power armor pilot
Current Assignment None


  • Dominic Schwartz (Father)
  • Ingrid Schwartz (Mother)
  • Leon Schwartz (Brother)

Employer: Star Army of Nepleslia

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color: Wolfram has the relatively muscular build of someone who's used to carrying heavy gear and spends a bit of his free time in the gym. His skin is light in color and he tends not to tan well.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Wolfram has grey eyes, a square chin, and a broad nose. His typical expression is a slight scowl, which tends to lend him a serious air.

Hair Color and Style: He keeps his black hair cut relatively short at a few inches below the earlobe at the longest. He combs his bangs back away from his face, and his hair tends to be a bit wavy.

Distinguishing Features: He always wears a white scarf, even in power armor. Also, unlike many Nepleslians, Wolfram lacks any cybernetic limbs or organ replacements.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Wolfram is hot-blooded, tending to shout a lot and act brashly. He does have a strong sense of duty, and follows his orders. He follows a personal honor code, which includes tenets such as putting high value to courage, treating everyone, even enemies with respect, and refusing to destroy disabled enemies or other targets that cannot defend themselves. He has an occasional knack for inspiring speeches, and tends to shout improvised and silly things when making certain attacks. He's the sort who'd custom paint his power armor. Among his possessions, he values his scarf, which is a memento from a friend, and a few photos of his family.

Likes: Rock and techno music, honor, reading, cool weather, pretzels, long baths or showers Dislikes: Gangs and violent crime, having nothing to do, gelatin Goals: To set a good example for his brother, to spread his personal views of honor and courage, to become a squad leader


Wolfram's family is in the upper middle class, if such a grop can be said to exist on Neplesia. His father works at one of the major cybernetics supply companies, and is steadily climbing the ranks within its management bureaucracy. His life was relatively normal growing up. His parents are still alive, he never had to live on the streets, and he avoided the gangs as much as possible. Especially given that his younger brother looks up to him and he wants to set a good example.

Inspired by the old war stories told by a friend of the family and retired veterean, Wolfram joined the military after he finished school. He also wanted to travel, see the world and other planets, meet interesting people, maybe fight them, that sort of thing. He made it through basic training just fine, and his test scores and aptitudes were good enough to get him into pilot training and learning to use a suit of powered armor in space combat. At the present day, Wolfram is still a rookie with little to no real experience under his belt, awaiting his first assignment.


Pilot (Power Armor): Wolfram knows how to pilot power armors beyond the general knowledge most trainees acquire. He knows the ins and outs of a power armor system and is able to diagnose and solve minor to moderate system problems (electronic malfunctions, intake problems), and can perform rudimentary repairs (very basic) with proper tools. He can operate hand-controlled flight systems. He is very skilled in armor maneuvering and weapons operations in both combat and non-combat situations. He is skilled in space-based engagements.

Maintenance: While learning the basics of keeping his armor working, Wolfram took a deeper interest in keeping his armor in good working order. He started spending some of his free time working with the maintenance crews and learning to make more sophistiacted repairs to power armor, as well as picking up a few minor ways to modify them.

Fighting: Due to his military training, Wolfram is skilled in the use of the more common weapons used by the Nepleslian Army, and has a good grasp of close-quarters combat, both unarmed and armed with a knife. He's no martial artist with years of experience, but he can hold his own if it comes down to a brawl.

Communications: Wolfram is trained in most forms of battlefield communications, and can make transmissions to and recieve them from other characters through headsets, vehicles, power armor, and shuttles in combat and non-combat conditions. He's fluent in English and can write any reports or fill out any forms he mad need to. He's familiar with the standard jargon associated with power armor and space combat, and most non-verbal methods of communication.

Culinary: Everyone needs a hobby. Wolfram's is cooking. He used to cook meals for his family on a regular basis. He can follow most recipes with little difficulty, and is particularly skilled at preparing fried foods or dishes descended from traditional German cuisine.

Physical: Wolfram is a decent runner, focused more on endurance and distance than pure speed, he can't sprint very fast, but he can keep up a moderate pace over a long distance without getting tired. He tries to run every day, either around town, the base, or the corridors onboard a ship. If all else fails, he'll use a treadmill.

Survival: During his training, Wolfram learned the basics of silderness survival, in the event that he should be trapped behind enemy lines with a heavily damaged suit, or otherwise in some unpleasant outdoors situation. He can make a basic shelter and start a fire without tools. He also has at least some knoweldge of what is and is not poisonous to eat, but it's a big universe out there.

Character Data
Character NameWolfram Schwartz
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Nepleslian Personnel Database System

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