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Steelrender Molotra Three Four 34-8912-5689

Molotra is a character used by Primitive Polygon.

Species: Freespacer Type Two Organic
Gender: Female
Age: 24 Years Physically / 11 Years Actual
Height: 4“3 ft
Weight: 342 kg
Organisation: Star Army Of Nepleslia
Occupation: Combat Engineer / Ammo Hauler
Current Placement: NSMC 309th ("Die Screaming")
Theme music
Pragmatism Metal Gear 2 Alert Level 1

Physical Characteristics

A short, compact cyborg that consists of a mousy, stout little torso supported by four robust and angular sea green servo-limbs. The face is youthful, with wide blue eyes, pale skin, a rounded jawline, a dark blue rectangle that bridges their small nose, and slightly oversized lips. The hair is a perpetually messy, a red-brown pair of braids fastened by stray wires.

The boxy legs end with wheels instead of feet, and can collapse downward to give them a sitting 'tank' mode- For many years of their life they had non-transforming tank tracks, and were closer to a forklift- Now the necessities of keeping up with other marines has forced them to adapt to a more humanoid form.

It is very rare to see them out of full military gear.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Rather cold and calculating, Molotra prefers to be kept occupied with constant work. They have next to no filter and generally poor social skills, stymied only by the fact that they have a very quiet, raspy voice, almost as if they are constantly on the verge of loosing it. They utterly reject blind idealism and honour, but can at least somewhat see the utility of keeping comrades alive.

  • Likes: Self reliance. Canned meat. Neck pillows. Well written blueprints and instruction manuals. Orange flowers.
  • Dislikes: People who rely on others too much. Soppy music.
  • Goals: Set up more guerrilla Viridian Array networks. Investigate and praise the elder AI god that appeared to them. Hoard firearms.

Old Art

Early Career (YE 41) Bipedal Adaption she tried out (YE 44)


Family (or Creators)

Freespacer Mothership “Obscure Dream”, from the fleet “Traveller Sonata”.


Rather than loosing them in some accident, Steelrender Molotra was intentionally created without legs or a right arm, cyborgized at birth, and trained into their intended role of hangar cargo lifter. They are slightly too young to have experienced the Freespacer Genocide first hand, and instead settled willingly into their unassuming but important role.

The problem came several years down the line, when a Type Two of a similar genotype known as Lycosidae rebelled from their fleet and became an infamous drone baron on freehold. Fearing a similar 'emotional defect' rising within their own units of this model, the machine masters of the fleet began to screen their Type Twos and methodically try to stamp out any form of even minor mental rebellion.

Steelrender 34 themselves was subject to extremely invasive frontal lobe stimulation experiments using directed electromagnetic waves, ironically fostering feelings of resentment and rebellion where there was none before.

Performing an armed mutiny and stealing a shuttle with a few others, she joined the Viridian Array, learning combat skills that were intended to be used against the paramilitary arm of the machine-ruled Astral Locksmiths faction.

The Kuvexian war and threatened invasion of Nepleslia ended up taking precedence, however. Being pro-green, the Viridian Array found itself obliged to actually help out their more organic allies, sending many militia members to the north-western front…


Track System: Other than slightly increased speed on flat ground, the main utility of their track legs is the ability to carry 340kg of extra equipment. They aren't all that well armoured, but they can at least grip onto stairs better than you might think, and distribute weight a lot better than common robot 'spider legs' would. The system is bolted onto their their pelvis and spine by a flexible structure of armoured plates, and is powered by a radioisotope thermoeletric generator mounted in their solar plexus.

Modular Right Arm: Originally a winch, this highly modular limb can be used to mount and fire two standard infantry rifles at once. The hand attachment is extremely crude but can still be used for dragging something heavy, or righting themselves if they are knocked on their side. A hatchet-style fixture on the bottom is also present for removing any vegetation that might get in the way.


Structural Engineering: Pre-programmed at birth to maintain large metal structures, Molotra now takes grim satisfaction in using this knowledge to knock them down. They easily spot a potential weak point just by looking at it, and know the exact kind of explosives, sabotage or malfunction that can bring it down. On the other hand, they can actually jury-rig and repair friendly apparatus to a reasonable degree, though their heart isn't exactly in it.

Mindware Communication: Basic Trade and Freespacer cognitive machine language vocabularies. A radio transmitter is built into their head, but paranoia over being hacked or overtly influenced means they tend to leave it turned off in day-to-day business.

Hacking: Speaking more of the machine-centric fleet that they were born into, Molotra is a reasonably efficient hacker that can reverse engineer many electronic systems. They are not a trained expert or specifically equipped for this by any means, but are more aware of the utility than some. They might be able to do something like break into a vehicle or shut down a camera network if pushed.

Fighting: Molotra wasn't originally designed for combat by any means, but has a certain cold logic and cool-headedness that lends itself to ambushes and close quarter engagements. Taking advantage of their heavy load tolerance, they like to spray-fire large areas with multiple weapons at once, attempting to make up for their not especially great accuracy by simply putting out a wall of firepower. Likely being the least mobile person in any engagement, however, they vastly prefer hit-and-run or support fire tactics. It is not uncommon for them to claymore their bedroom before going to sleep.


Steelrender Molotra Three Four 34-8912-5689 has the following items:

  • 2000 NA.
  • A home made Tier 1, Medium Anti-Personnel laser pistol. It uses battery power.
  • A Viridian Array uniform jacket and baret.
  • A air filter mask, with nine spare filters.
  • Her voidwalker suit, or rather just the chest, left arm and helmet of one. Yellow and grey with a gold visor, and a detachable collar transmission unit. It's pretty old and outdated.
  • Several windbreakers with one arm cut off, generally green, grey, black or orange.
  • A gross pile of tank tops and panties, technicolour and contaminated with all sorts of industrial liquids and powders. They have evidently never heard of a washing machine.
  • A backup memory hard drive, contains various puzzle games, programming tools and blueprints.
  • A cardboard box filled with anti-bacterial capsules and a couple of small spare parts.
  • Eight rechargeable cybernetics batteries. They are starting to get a bit old and need to be swapped daily, fitting over the small of her back in pairs.

//Secret Lore//

(Feat Lupin Kennedy.)

OOC Information

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In the case primitive_polygon becomes inactive:

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Character Data
Character NameMolotra
Character OwnerPrimitive Polygon
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationSvodog
Nepleslian Personnel Database System
Career StatusActive Duty

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