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Die Screaming or Die Trying

Die screaming has since evolved into the ship plot Blackguard.

The 309th Logo
Plot Themes Military Life and Large-Scale Combat/Operations
Status of RP Running RP 18+ / contact Char for info to join.
Pace of RP Seven Day Limit
Unique Player Count 9
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Language Sexuality Violence
3 3 3

Plot Overview

A very unfortunate squad amongst the NSMC 309th Armored Infantry "Ruthless Riders" trying to survive encounters that would otherwise (and sometimes do) kill them. They will never be heroes, never get their due rewards beyond simply surviving, and will give more than should be asked for because of it.

The unfortunate heroes the DIoN needs, even if they don't want to be. Join their suffering in the cycle of death and rebirth against everything from Star Gods and Mishu to angry Kuzynetski and a civil war!

Rules and Pacing

Posting is often minimum once per week on a GM cycle but players can post multiple times to respond to one another, events, or actions.

  • Format SP/JP
  • Pacing once per week.

Characters and Players

NPCs Player Notes
Francis Euphoria(npc) Charmaylarg Misandrist former convict from the star-empire times.

Open Positions


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Thread Order

OOC Information

This page was made by Charmaylarg on 2022/12/19 11:56.

OOC ManagerCharmaylarg
OOC ThreadOOC Thread
Last Checked2023/09/25
Characters WantedAll marines for the meat grinder!

The plot is currently looking for

Combat Cooks
Combat Specialists (Melee/shotguns)
x1 Dedicated PA pilot
General Marines
Combat Caretakers (Do your laundry then kill your enemies!)
x1 more medic
x1 sentient dog or animal sidekick because its funny and I want a mascot!

No more snipers/Marksmen
No more EOD/Explosives
No Pilots/Drivers
No overpowered death cyborgs, walking power armor characters, giant species of super soldiers that would not fit in a marine unit, etc.

Nepleslian races preferred, Exchange personnel are welcome but please inquire first.

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