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Quilly Ash

Quilly Ash is a player character played by Arbitrated.

Quilly Ash
Species & Gender: Caelisolan Female
Date of Birth: YE 20
Organization: Nepleslian Space Marine Corps
Occupation: Nepleslian Medic
Rank: Private First Class
Current Placement: Not the frying pan yet

Physical Description

Ever-moving, Quilly is a short but somewhat well-shaped woman rocking a solid 145cm - or 4'9“ to her name. Dark brown hair in a messy shoulder-length cut frames her lightly tanned, slightly yellowed face, with two piercingly blue eyes well set inside of it. Her skin tone and facial structure show hints of her Lianjia heritage, however distant it truly is. Despite her prefernce of armaments, Quilly has yet to lose any of her limbs - though a nasty scar on her left arm is taking a long time to fade away with time.

She regularly flies with her chocolately-brown, quail-patterned wings, nimble and agile in the sky.


Quilly is a peppy, relaxed lass. She likes to flow with the current and swim with it, proverbially speaking. She knows she CAN take things seriously… And that's exactly why she won't look like she's doing just that. Besides, it gets people to butter up with her a bit, which has its own benefits.

Friendly, cheery demeanor aside, those who've seen Quilly on the field quickly know that she really is aware of her surroundings and equipment and self. She keeps good track of her munitions and gear, ensuring everything is of above-sufficient quality if possible. And despite how she seems to carelessly handle them - she treats her favorite toys, her explosives, with the most respect.

In operations, she is quite eager - possibly too eager - to use her explosives, as well. With her knowledge and passion, a proper display of Quilly's power is simply terrifying to behold.


Born on Hemel in YE 20, Quilly lucked out by living in a tourist trap. As a little girl, she didn't have major pressure from gangs and “exotic food connoisseurs” like what a lil' birdy like her would have in, say, Funky City. The inactive volcano and surrounding terrain was excellent for a fledgling and curious Elysian, and once she was old enough to fly, the updrafts from the semi-active volcano let her soar far into the sky effortlessly. She learned how to lead tour groups, scam fools, and prattle off details all day and all night as a springy young teenager. She had a habit of blowing off her spare allowance on firecrackers, fireworks, firearms munitions, noisemakers, and on occasion, something a bit more potent. This was also how she learned a lot about explosives safety.

As she got a bit older, Quilly used her natural talents and knowledge of her homeland to join the emergency services of Hemel, primarily as Search and Rescue to find tourists who had either gone missing or tried to avoid contact. She was an excellent asset to the teams there, and was occasionally outsourced to the other islands in the Rokin Isles to assist with local S&R operations. It was after several years of this - as well as a pay cap (and, of course, the promise of explosives usage) - that encouraged the Elysian to sign up for the NSMC.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Quilly Ash has the following notable skills:

  • Combat: Due to her ability to fly and agility from doing so, Quilly is an excellent fire support squad member. She is nimble and quick on her feet, but has a surprisingly low pain tolerance for a marine.
  • Demolitions: BLAM! KABOOM! KABLOOEY! Quilly knows more 'n enough about how to breach a wall, topple a building, make an avalanche, vaporize an enemy - as long as it uses explosives. Doors are just walls with extra steps, really.
  • Construction: Gotta know the best way to topple a building, or break down a door, or dig out a hidey-hole if you're gonna do something really fancy and big.
  • Rogue: Quilly grew up learning how to exploit tourists who were otherwise disarmed by her small build and cute looks. A little diversion, some sneaking around, maybe stealing - erm, prematurely borrowing - of stuff that's valuable, pretty useful stuff. Keep their eyes where you want 'em, and it's all downhill from there!
  • Survival: For a few years before joining the NSMC, Quilly was part of the Search and Rescue operations on Hemel, her natural flight an invaluable tool for finding lost or missing tourists. Not only can she cover ground quickly, but Quilly can relatively easily spot people in dense foliage and mountainous terrain, especially from above.
  • Medical: After some time as part of the Ruthless Riders, Quilly changed her position to be the team's field medic, ensuring that the squad would have some medical assistance, something they've historically lacked during previous operations. She has standard medical knowledge from medical training, in addition to personal experience for improvisation and triage from her Search and Rescue time.

Social Connections

Quilly is connected to:

  • George Ash (Father, a fisherman. Elysian)
  • Shelly Ash (Mother, a fisherwoman. Nepleslian.)

Inventory & Finance

She holds what she wants, ya hear~? Nepleslian Standard Issue Equipment

OOC Information

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In the case arbitrated becomes inactive:

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Character Data
Character NameQuilly Ash
Character OwnerArbitrated
Character StatusActive Player Character
Harm Limitinjury or death
Nepleslian Personnel Database System
Career StatusActive Duty

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