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Fang Yin Zhou

A player character used by Primitive Polygon.

Species & Gender: Nepleslian Female
Year of Birth: YE 18
Organization: Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, Nepleslian Space Marine Corps
Occupation: Infantry, Demolitions Specialist
Rank: Private
Current Placement: NSMC 309th

Physical Description

Six foot and six inches tall, Fang is a mountain of a woman, slabbed in thick bronzed-beige musculature. Contrastingly, a rather doe-eyed and rounded face, combined with considerable presence in the chest department, gives her a touch of momma-bear femininity, but overall she clearly has enough heft and power to even make her Chinese-type family genetics questionable.

Facial features include large rounded eyes, with the left one being her natural blue colouration, and the right being a fake grey cyborgization. Her brown-beige hair is kept as a very close pixie cut, and she has small thin eyebrows, a stubby nose, prominent cheeks and full lips. Her oversized body also boasts many large-scale heraldry-style tattoos on the upper arms and legs, aping all kinds of campaign medals, good luck charms based on aspirations of valor. Her sizable hands and wrists are a little scared, only adding to a truly Nepleslian set of shoulders.

Choice of civilian clothes tends to be simplistic, enjoying basic tank-tops, torn jean-shorts and [[items:clothing:boots:combat]]. The attractive waistline figure she keeps is in fact maintained by large weight training belts, and is not actually natural.


Mysterious, methodical and grumbly, Fang bases a lot of her long-term decisions around traditional divination methods passed down through her tight-knit family. This results in a strange and often misty-eyed individual who is seemingly dozy-headed and slow to act, but in fact extremely concise in their actions, along with being extremely patient.

Care for others is often administered manually, perfectly willing to feed or clothe someone who really needs it, but they are also prone to abruptly walking off if they think the personal drama is petty or inconsequential. In general, they frequently prefer to stay silent and let actions speak for themselves, but when speaking is necessary, she has a deep and raspy voice overflowing with quiet power and calm resolve.

In terms of skills, they are terrible with mending technology even though she thinks of herself as 'good enough', frequently leading to cases where they attempt to brute force the situation and make the problem worse. Athletic skill is something they have rather more naturally, including an ability to use heavy melee weapons like axes to great effect.



Born to a metalworker and a fortune teller, Fang's childhood was rather bizarre even by Funky City standards. The communities' post-chinese genotype had no small effect in keeping them isolated, mostly because of being incorrectly confused with Yamatains by the population at large. What the girl grew up to be was far more clearly Nepleslian, however, and any problems she had of bullying ceased by the time of high school.

The mysticism her mother spouted is something Fang still takes very seriously to this day, despite the fact that her father outright proclaims the two of them are into 'useless popularist occultist trash'. It was him who pushed her to join the NSMC, perhaps realizing that such a combination of odd quirks was never going to land them a normal job in the long run…

Only problem was, the combined warnings of Astromancy, Feng Shui and Bazi said that she was on a path of great turbulence. Ever traditional, Fang listened to her father unquestioningly, but is was still a great cause for concern in the back of her mind. She dug up even more schools of divination just to try and combat this, but as it turned out, the entire imperium went through a period of unrest during the YE38 coop. Fang's unit was rushed out of the academy to combat a particularly savage riot on the planet's own streets. Both criminal organisations and firearms got involved, and soon enough it was a full sized pitched battle, one which almost killed such a terrified and half-trained labour girl from a shanty town.

Fang had seen the fate coming, and fully expected to die. The next thing she experienced, however, was the cold shock of waking up in hospital. A dissident's knife had nearly taken her throat out, but somehow, after weeks on the edge, kept alive only by continuous medical supervision, she had survived more or less intact…

And who could ask for a greater turn of luck than that?

Reinvigorated and reaffirmed, this was the point when Fang fully put her heart into the career, seeing it as a calling that had chosen her, as much as her father had chosen it…

Now she just needed a greater assignment, so she could watch even greater prophecies unfold.

New Bernese Offensive (YE 38-41)

Assigned to the NSMC 309th, Fang Yin gained a surprisingly quick feeling of connection with others in the unit during the early garrison phases, particularly one Minnie Valentine. Equipped with mere golem armour and partaking in frontal assaults against dug in red-aligned revolutionaries, the unit none the less ground on, and defeated their enemies through sheer teamwork and grit.

Eventually Fang was assigned one of the unit's only Aggressor power armours, but found the position rather isolating despite the increased survivability. Continuing to do their best to protect other members of the unit, the conflict none the less ended with them feeling rather disconnected, and in fact reassigned due to their now diverging skillset.

Covert Operations During The Kuvexian War And Aftermath (YE 41-46)

Because of their proximity to a conflict involving the Nepleslian Reds, their apparent inability to disobey orders, and general quiet, intelligent demeanour, Fang was approached by the IPG to act as a plant within convert Red Nepleslian operations during the Kuvexian conflict. She wasn't happy about being pushed both further away from home during the time of crisis, and away from the unit she felt close to even more than that, but her new commanders assured her it was necessary to protect the current Nepleslian government against insurrection considering the potentially cataclysmic state of affairs. It had to be someone who was not only an experienced soldier, but also highly organic, and of clear Nepleslian heritage, in order to avoid detection.

It went fine for a while, with them reporting on activities during the unrest on Breaker's Point and Halna- Until an untimely interaction with a member of SAINT that mistook their motives for espionage, and turned up the heat to thermobaric levels. They found out later that the Star Army of Yamatai's apparent goal was to establish the Fujiko Development Corporation to control the Reds in the sector, and the IPG chose to retire the operation before their interference as a whole was misconstrued as meddling.

From YE 44, Fang was thus reassigned to various rebuilding efforts on Gold Coast and Red Sky, with their operations during the previous four years completely obscured. Disenfranchised with Nepleslian internal strife, itching to be attached to a real combat unit again, and wanting to distance themselves from further covert operations in general, they volunteered to be transferred to the fourth fleet. At the dawn of YE 45, a new mystery involving missing ships began to unfold- And it seemed like they finally might be able to touch base with some old friends again.

Social Connections

Fan Zhou (Father) Yu Zhou (Mother)

Skills Learned

Fighting and Physical

Fang learned most of her martial arts style from NSMC training and not her family, but became an impressive student in melee combat techniques during this short time, most likely aided by a peak physical condition gained through backbreaking labor under her father's occupational lineage. To say that they could overpower an ID-SOL is overselling her still-natural bodies abilities, but the harsh training regime has none the less allowed them to bloom into a surprisingly slippery and effective fighter.

Firearms training was passed to an adequate level, but they still prefer more lightweight and adaptable weapons like the Styrling Silver Special, over large heavy slabs like the High Hybrid Gun. Melee weapons and thrown explosives obviously benefit from her physical prowess, however, so leaning towards them is only natural. They are also trained in the use of all the basic forms of Nepleslian power armor, but the current short supply has lead them to having little experience in actually utilizing such kit during combat.


The planting of explosives is something that Fang handles with an extremely reserved and complex scheming demeanor, not at all fitting the 'mad bomber' stereotype that people might think the NSMC chooses for training in demolition. None less they are really quite effective in this task, able to manipulate matter to great effect, and predict the psychology of the enemy closely enough to make highly effective traps. RX33 and the Demolition Tool are things they are trained to use in an equal measure, but salvaged or improvised means to an end are also acceptable.


Perhaps responding well to authority because of the strict nature of her parents, Fang made a lot of headway during training within matters of organisation and tactics. Actually a lot sharper than they may first appear given their demeanor, Fang believes in being patient and only risking your assets once victory is assured. Given a stoic nature they are not exactly a born team leader, but possess a certain level of cunning that may catch others off guard. The truth is that their real gift is in pattern recognition and shaping a scenario several paces ahead, her intentions as a fortune-teller becoming a somewhat self-completing cycle as opponents find them conservative and hard to predict, but as fast as a lightening bolt when it really counts.


It's not exactly something that comes naturally to them, but a logical thought pattern and high level of physical fitness makes them at least helpful if such a situation should occur. Everything she knows about the matter was learned through NSMC training, with little interest otherwise, but she does at least take the matter seriously.


Fang immensely dislikes filling out paperwork and talking on the radio, but certainly passed the training required to perform it in her duties. Contrastingly, they make great use of the hand signalling systems, and can often translate light-based messages even without computer assistance.


Basic land vehicles are fine, but they would have trouble operating anything like a tank untrained, and air vehicles are right out of the question. They actually prefer motorbikes overall, due in part to their more solitary operational nature. It's one of the areas that was not part of their rather rushed Funky City training regime, which means she tends to operate even these vehicles to a pretty amateurish level of quality.


It's not a trained skill, but knowledge of several ancient ceremonies, as well as the tactics which they use to play on their believer's psychologies, gives Fang a knack for understanding the qualms of others and finding routes to solve them. They might not be a typical diplomat by any stretch of the imagination, but they come a great deal closer than many more hot-headed Nepleslians.

Inventory & Finance

Fang has the standard Nepleslian Marine equipment, and the starting wage of 6000 DA.

Body Modifiers & Clothing

  • Cyborg eye with infra-red and night vision abilities. Identical in operation to the NA-M3300.
  • NSMC Type 33 Cap, often worn instead of the normal uniform hat.
  • Several white tank tops.
  • Various cargo pants, jeans, ripped jean-shorts.
  • Mixed boxer shorts and panties, predominantly red.
  • Several pairs of winter Socks.
  • Tights.
  • Hiking boots, trainers.
  • Ancient talismanic dice, made from organic bone material.
  • Ouija board.
  • Dream catcher.
  • Tarot cards.
  • Full porcelain tea set… Actually not used for fortune telling, but for drinking tea.


Award Description Image
New Bernese Gold Conflict Ribbon A ribbon awarded to those who served in the first wave of the New Bernese Conflict.

OOC Information

In the case Primitive Polygon becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
Character Data
Character NameFang Yin Zhou
Character OwnerLavaLung
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Current LocationNew Bernese
PlotsLost in the Void
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