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Lost in the Void

Lost in the Void is a proposed Nepleslian plot to be run by Dana. Its concept is β€œReports of ships disappearing have begun to become more and more frequent however. So much so, that the command of 4th Fleet deigned the disappearances worth investigation. Three Jackdaw Class Heavy Corvettes were dispatched to seek out the cause of these disturbances and stop it, or call in heavier guns to help them do so. That was nearly four months ago. The NSN Glory, Independence, and Freedom have not been heard of since and now the NSN Eagle, an Atlas Class Destroyer, has been sent in their wake. Will you join the crew of the Eagle as it seeks to find its lost comrades, as well as the dozens of other missing vessels?”

It was approved by SirSkully as of 27March2023.

Plot Details

Lost in the Void
Age Requirement: 18
Format: Forum Posts
Pacing: as long as weekly, or as quick as multiple times daily
Plot Themes Military Life and Small Scale military Operations
Status of RP Running RP 18+ / contact Dana for info to join.
Unique Player Count 5


Language Sexuality Violence
3 1 3


Dana is in the Central timezone and is available: Via Discord or Forum PM/Conversation

Characters and Players

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