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New Bernese

New Bernese is a rather arid world located in the Freemud star system, prominent for having been a place where many Nepleslian Reds fled to. Many cities litter the eastern hemisphere, a region named after a specific person respected among the few upstanding Nepleslians managing this world, while the western desert and mountainous hemisphere of the world is a hotly contested zone to many criminal and outright terrorist organizations. The population of New Bernese is roughly seven-hundred million despite having been colonized in roughly YE 30, composed of more than just common Nepleslians due to its location near the borders of Nepleslian space and its more “open-minded” populace.

The main product of New Bernese is actually being an industrial world, many of the grassland towns being utopias for manufacturing various weapons, vehicles, and small craft for Nepleslia's military branches. Most of the “Red” population being rushed clones, resulting in mercenaries and personal militias spotting towns to fill gaps where the militia has been incapable of keeping assets safe. Many have come to the planet just to try and start their own attempts, falling into livelihood and wage gaps put in place by common Nepleslian corruption. This has led to a rapidly growing population of foreigners and Nepleslians coming and getting stuck here! In short, most view the colony with scrutiny and use it to warn children of things that sound too good to be true…


More information on these areas will be listed here as they're addressed/explored during the 309th Plot.

Neko's Dream

A set of plains that has become almost like a no-man's land. Various crators spot the grasslands, along with barbed-wire. None of the settlements in this region still stand, littering the grassland with debris and blown-out BRR and Militia-armor.

The Red Shitville

Named by the colonists, this region is the series of mountain ranges where the BRR have been based since arriving and focused their population after more colonists arrived on the world. Cliffs and pathways have made it hard for ground forces to dig-out the dug-in group, but the idea of blasting the mountains opens and causing the reservoirs and peaks to shower debris over the rest of the world is just too dangerous!

Dutched Death-Hill

Actually a massive, slowly-rising mountain, the Dutched Death-Hill is the Fatneck killing grounds. Here, on the distant front, both the Militia and BRR try to attack one another only to be picked off in most cases by the pirate occupiers! Mostly made of stony, arid hills… well, it's easy to say that snipers, tanks, and propelled guns are tremendously effective in the various slips and differences in the locale. All, of course, leading to the massive station near the plateau of the mountain where these pirates have made quite the obscene and terrible hideaways and junk fortresses…

Violetta's Assets

Beautiful rolling grasslands have done a great job of keeping this region plentiful and well-protected. Major city-corporation hubs are scattered about, with massive slums of workers around their borders, but don't let that fool you. Even for the poor, who more or less work for food, they get to spend their days in a near beautifully-weathered wetlands where water is plentiful and cleaner than any Nepleslian politican! So it's pretty darn good water!

Fort Heck

Just north of the VA is the newly constructed Fort Heck; It is the home base of the NSMC 309th Armored Infantry "Ruthless Riders"

Statistical Information

On the way. Until typed out in full, however, the current information is New Bernese is roughly the same size as Earth, with slightly lower gravity (.8)! It also has two moons, both of the regular moony-variety!


Many factions operate on New Bernese, of mention however are only the most powerful. The Reds, having been gaining power, have become a militaristic and more public faction on the world. Nepleslia's “officials” in the form of corrupt politicians manage most of the world's population, along with various gangs and internal factions within it. Brigands, pirates who have access to proper ground operation equipment, have been raiding both of these factions and are now a problem that's grown out of proportion.

Nepleslia Loyalist Militia

The NLM is the last non-corrupt and “official” government power on New Bernese. More specifically, it's former of old Nepleslians who settled on the planet but defected from the supposed Reds. And, of course, poorly trained hopefuls. Partially funded by the many money-focused corporations, it has a mix of official NSMC gear acquired in surplus shopping or outsourced thieves. All the original gear is either old, broken, or stolen… which makes them often a joke against even local gangs.

The governor of the planet is also the commander, resulting in a pseudo-mirror of the navy running Nepleslia. However, unlike the actual military might of the DION, the militia's leader and soldiers aren't armed or equally matched in a constantly losing battle to corruption and theft. Their HQ has even been moved closer to a distant frontline of the world, near the region “Neko's Dream”.

The Bernese Red Rebellion

The Bernese Red Rebellion is a group of discarded and disgruntled Nepleslian Reds, so far so that they only share common ideals from the main and currently organized Reds. Aptly called BRR as both their initials and cold mountain-peaked settlements, the Red Rebellion is both trying to maintain control of the world for the fertile land but mainly what lies within the mountains. Specifically, vast reservoirs of water and veins of almost any element and material one could wish for. In effect, the mountains are damn-near perfect for them to both clones troops and raise families.

Wearing fur-lined uniforms and using older gear or stolen gear, they've been fighting intensely and refuse to negotiate in the slightest as they ravage large mountains with mining lasers and cloning facilities powering a steadily more dangerous industrially-capable revolution against proper Nepleslian rule. With the type of war they're waging, however, chain of command is skewed into further groups to ensure no set person can be eliminated to put an end to their war effort!

Fatneck Entrepreneurs

The Fatnecks are, in a word, scum. A collection of pirates brought together under a local crime boss by the name of Fatneck Bertha. Initially, they had sought to picking off small runs to thrive, but Bertha's work allowed the pirates a more lucrative fight. Salvaging supplies from the militia and the BRR. The first attempts were so dauntingly successful that various craft were stolen from a base. From there, it was a long slide of one case of misfortune after the other.

A myriad of misfits, their numbers are all parts of different crews but work together with the now vastly-grown Bertha's reign and her company flag. Entrepreneurs with stolen tanks, converted ships, and mobile bases has made them control the arid hills between the other main factions of New Bernese. At the rate things are going, Bertha is poised to turn the entire planet into a complete laughing stock.

History of the World

  • YE 30 - Colonization by Red escapists, using
  • YE 31 - Follow-up colonization by normal citizens.
  • YE 34 - Induction into official Nepleslia worlds, Reds are driven from the eastern grasslands.
  • YE 37 - Reds begin uprising initially peacefully and establish secondary government. Pirates land and base themselves as brigands to harass all residents.
  • YE 38 - Clashes with Nepleslian official-backed militias lead to the world's criminals and Red presence as a threat.
  • YE 38 - Back under Nepleslian control, creation of ID-SOL begins again in New Bernese's industrial plants.1)

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