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P1-6 "Freemud"

Located in the Nepleslian Colonial Expanse, the Freemud system is an industrial hub-system controlled by the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. Combined with mining operations and a military base on Wetmud, New Bernese acts as the system capital and a newly-booming hub of corporate work. The two planetary governors run the system together, albeit with far more problems thanks to the deeply ingrained corruption of Nepleslian politicians and corporate influence throughout the entire system.

System description

Sun Type Yellow Dwarf
Celestial Bodies 2 Terrestial, 3 Gas Giant, 1 Asteroid Belts
Order New Bernese, Wetmud, Gassy 1, Gassy 2, Gassy 3, The Belt
Primary Species/Occupants Nepleslians and Geshrin

In-system Assets

Several family-run space stations and corporate mining bases orbiting the gas giants and in the asteroid belts.

YE 30

The first settlers of Freemud were an off-branch of the now more-or-less defunct Nepleslian Reds, acquiring the system from Freespacers thanks to it being β€œgross” to them. The first planetary attempts to colonize took place on New Bernese, leading to a lengthy period of peace.

YE 31

DION acquires and begins showing an interest in the area. The first proper colonists for Nepleslia arrive in the system, colonizing Wetmud and forcing the Reds to flee into New Bernese's mountains. Trade begins to flow into the system, starting many of the small mining stations that remain even to this day.

YE 37

In YE 37, military bases were constructed to maintain a fleet presence. Twelve starbases were installed and guarded by 50 Rook defense platforms. Shipyards were installed to service Nepleslian warships and orbital depots were constructed to keep the ships supplied.

4th Fleet stations the following units in the system, which are rotated every six months:

  • 005 Cruiser squadrons
  • 005 Destroyer squadrons

This means that about 140 warships are always present in the star system to provide security for Nepleslia's borders. The colonists hope that the increased military presence will result in greater space traffic and thus, an improved economic situation.

Map Locations
Map to UseKikyo Sector
Map Display NameFreemud
Map Coordinates1385,1933
Map ImportanceLandmark
Map Marker
Map Tooltip ContentP1-6
Show label?yes
Marker AnchorBottom Center
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