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Wetmud is the second habitable planet in the P1-6 "Freemud" system.

Terrestrial World: Wetmud


Type Single thin continent along the equator, Numerous small islands, Frozen glaciers at either poles.
Radius 3474 km
Surface Area 802,072,000 km2
Land Area 12,440,320 km2
Mass 2084600000000000000000000 kg
Density 4.38 g/cm3
Gravity 1.02 G
Composition 20.8% iron, 32.7% oxygen, 3.25% nickel, 18.6% silicon, 13.6% other metals, trace other elements


Climate Types Mild for most of the year, harsh and wet winters, heatwaves occur on occasion
Flora Density Abundant in equatorial areas, less fauna farther from the equator. Abundant marine fauna
Fauna Density Heavy sea life, including fish and large predators; Few land creatures, most no bigger than dogs and few predators
Length of Day Twenty two hours.
Average Temperature Temperature on the planet ranges from -10 to 40 degrees celsius depending on the season and location. Equatorial areas are less likely to have snow in winter, usually raining heavily instead.


Robertsville is primarily made up of Nepleslian citizens while most of the Jiyuuians have settled in the outlying towns and farms.

Capitol Robertsville
Demographics Nepleslians, NSN personnel
Cultural Information

The colonists of Freemud are hardy folk who

Political Information
Surface Structures
  • 1 Small City: Robertsville (Pop.: 4 million)
  • 8 Outlying Towns (Pop.: 320,000 total)
  • Numerous farms and fishing villages (Pop.: 120,000 total)
Places of the SARPiverse
Place Categoriesplanet

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