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Arc Vinidict

Arc Vinidict is a player character played by Oscar Geare.

Arceins ‘Arc’ Vinidict
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 168cm 5'6“
Weight: 118kg, 260lb
Organization: NSMC
Occupation: Combat Engineer
Rank: P2C
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots:

  1. In Service of the Free State

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 168cm 5'6”
  • Mass: 51kg, 116lb
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Arc has an unnatural build, which makes anyone who first sees him do a double take. What little of his natural body is left is covered with unnatural muscle growth and subdermal armor plating. His left arm and both legs from the knee down are cybernetic replacements. The rest of his skin is has a horrid mottled affect left from multiple surgeries, burn scarring, and the occasional unhealthy pale white skin of a lifetime spacer mixed with black threads of his dermal-armor.

Eyes and Facial Features: Arc has an almost permanent squint from dealing with the artificial light that occupies the hallways of almost every ship. His eyes are a dark shade of either green or brown. Unlike the rest of his body, Arc’s face is relatively untouched, and maintains the gaunt, unhealthy pale complexion of most people who have spent their entire life in space.

Ears: Arc has regular, human ears, which sit flat against his skull from being inside a void-suit for too long.

Hair Color and Style: Like most spacers, Arc has his hair cropped close to his skull. His normally dark hair is crisscrossed with white hair that grows from the scars that mar his face.

Distinguishing Features: Apart from the unnatural bulges from overgrown muscle, the obvious subdermal plating, and multiple cybernetics, Arc has no distinguishing features and could probably blend in with any group of evil henchmen.

Arc’s cybernetic limbs are a base model and only provide a slightly improved functionality over what a regular human could do. He can lift more and hit harder with his left arm, as well as allowing it to lock in place to steady a weapon. Because his legs were not fully replaced, he cannot run any faster nor has he any kind of improved range of motion over a standard human. However he can kick harder, and stand still forever. His subdermal armor, while somewhat cumbersome, allows him to take an increased amount of damage. His skin has also been reinforced with nano-silicone-carbide threads to allow it increased durability.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Arc is unnaturally obedient, and if it wasn’t for the occasional flash of intelligence behind his otherwise dead stares or the infrequent off-the-cuff morbid humor, he could be mistaken for a simpleton. Many who have not spent a lot of time with him would think as much.

Arc has to be constantly doing something with his living hand and will often be seen idly fiddling with random objects. It is very rare that he will be completely still. Because of this need to constantly do things, Arc can rarely sleep a full night and thus tends to catch sleep whenever he can.

  • Likes: Explosives, Knives, enclosed spaces.
  • Dislikes: Being in command, being alone, non-humanoid sentiment races.
  • Goals: At this time, he has no goals.


Family (or Creators)

  • Father: Markus von Vinidict, 48. Markus von Vinidict is the Captain-Owner of an //Odori//-class Medium Freighter. The Upright Judge is a name that has lived upon many vessels over the past hundred and fifty years, and Markus intends for it to live well into the next millennium. The freighter had a regular long haul from Yamatai to the Bard Cluster with the occasional contract out to Azorea. Markus has little concern for the wars fought in the south of the sector, and only pays attention to profit margins.
  • Mother: Sarha von Vinidict, 50. Sarha is the chief engineer onboard The Upright Judge. She is an expert in handling all the systems of the aging vessel, and has managed to extend its life long beyond the predicted lifecycle of the Freighter.
  • Brother: Arczwei von Vinidict, 2. The clone of Arc, now dubbed Arceins, Arczwei is to be the continuation of the von Vinidict line.


Arc was born aboard The Upright Judge while it was in FTL travel to Veritas with a stock of prefab building supplies. By the time the Judge had emerged from FTL, the Second Elysian War was in full swing and the ship was impounded. Arc lived the four years of his life in the floating cities of Veritas until the end of the Third Elysian War, when the crew of the Judge and many other commercial vessels that strayed into the Veritas system were released by Yamatai forces. Unfortunately The Upright Judge had been commandeered by Elysian forces and eventually destroyed by the Yamatai Navy, however the Space Navy was desperately short of crews for the vessels they had managed to capture. The new Judge served the first five years of its life as an Auxiliary for the Yamatai Space Navy.

Education on board a commercial freighter is sparse; with children only learning what is required for them to be exceptional crewmen when they come of age. Each child was only taking another place at the table, another breath of oxygen, another cup of water, but giving nothing back to the ship. As a result, at the age of six – along with many of the other children of crew members – Arc went to work across the ship. Many children were employed as grease monkeys for the engineers, messengers, and cooks assistants. To his mother’s joy, Arc’s junior years saw him excelling in the engine bay, and under close tutelage of both his parents, Arc receive the education required to eventually command and run a commercial starship.

When he turned seventeen, with the known universe turning into one giant warground, he was sent to Nepleslia to join the NSN. Markus and Sarha both saw this as a way for him to gain life skills off the Judge, and perhaps exposure to combat.

Being someone who has spent most of his life in low-gravity, Arc received extensive muscle treatment. He joined the NSN as an Engineer, and was deployed to a Blackjack-class Assault Cruiser with the new 4th AASP Fleet. Arc specialised in the ships electrical systems, often finding himself assigned to the Rapid Fabrication Systems, Communications Suite or the Junker Hive.

Arc was a minor character aboard several massive operations that will define the NSN for many years to come. He did his part aboard his ship, his ship did its part amongst the fleet, and the fleet did remarkable things. The little action he saw, he saw from hundreds of thousands of kilometres away, as the devastating weapons on board his ship struck out and destroyed thousands of squids.

That is, until Operation Roundhouse. The unexpected splitting of the enemy fleet left many boarding parties out of place, and Arc was conscripted to be one of the many who would provide the extra manpower to the assault. This would ultimately be the death of him. The initial strike went as planned, however the room to room fighting on board the battleships created a large butchers bill. Arc found him and the ramshackle team he was with in one of the lower damage control rooms, an area which could quickly be converted into a CIC in case of the loss of the bridge. Armed with this knowledge, a junior naval officer ordered them to collect as much information as possible. Being an Electrical Engineer, with limited speciality in communications, Arc did what he could, but his performance was shadowed by his more experienced counterparts.

Then the counter-attack came. Arc lost one of his arms, the use of both legs, and required over twenty hours of surgery to keep him alive, before his brain being burned from a rapid data extract – all for the chance that he might have seen something important in the archives he poured over.

As a result, Arc showed little signs that he could remember much about his past – the cost of such a rapid, unplanned information extraction. When Arc recovered, there was dispute between the doctors whether he should be medically discharged. Thanks to his service to the state, many believed Arc to be simple – a veteran destroyed in body and mind.

Before his injury he was a highly intelligent son of a ship’s captain and was being groomed to take command of the ship, and the fledgling merchant empire his father is recreating. After the surgery and his perceived lack of knowledge about his earlier years his parents disowned him - taking his DNA to create their new heir.

He no longer had a life as a sailor, the decade of technical knowledge about running and operating a starship gone in hours. He was a clean slate, and with his new implants the state had no desire to see him run off on his own, to be murdered so some backstreet doctor to remove them for resale. It was decided to transfer him to the Marines, a place where a clean slate and cybernetic limbs would fit right in.

Following bootcamp, Arc was posted to the North, and found himself In Service of the Free State.



Arc understands Trade, Seraphim and Yamataigo. He can read and write, however often chooses not to. He is teaching himself a form of sign language, however goes to great pains to keep this concealed. Arc is familiar with most radios, being able can set them up, fault check, repair and operate almost any kind given enough time with them, however he is reluctant to talk on them – or to anyone at all, in fact.


Arc received intensive hand-to-hand combat training (primarily focused on disabling and/or killing opponents) and has followed up that knowledge with a rigorous training program. Weapons he is trained in include pistols of all types, knives, grenades (and other forms of explosive weaponry) and rifles of all kinds. The character is in excellent physical shape and has considerable endurance. He is also able to pilot land-based power armors, but prefers to stay out of all but the smallest types. Arc has had subdermal armor plating installed.


Arc knows how to survive in hostile environments. He can build shelters, hunt and forage for food, build a fire, etc. He can camouflage himself and is familiar with guerrilla warfare tactics. If onboard a stranded starship, Arc can survive for a long time.


Arc can understand tactical commands and work with his troop efficiently. He knows the importance of teamwork on the battlefield, has been intensively trained in discipline and morale, and is able to recognize the command structure even while under extreme pressure (combat, etc). The character is able to recognize ambush points. He knows basic math in order to calculate distances, etc, and can use a tactical map.


Arc can identify, manufacture, handle and dispose of explosives. With the proper tools, he can detect and disarm enemy explosives as well.

Technology Operations

You can operate shipboard computer systems efficiently and can enter/search for information. Basic operations of ship systems and skinsuits are also included in the training.


Since his surgery, Arc has an almost perfect memory. There is no real explanation for why this would be the case, and it has confused doctors for the two years since his surgery.


Arc Vinidict has the following items:




  • 2 Tank tops, green, with fleet number on the right chest
  • 2 Pairs of ankle length pajama pants, khaki
  • 1 Pair of slip-on flexi-shoes, black


  • 2 Short-sleeved mocks with fleet number on the right chest, Green
  • 2 Work-out shorts, black
  • 4 pairs green ankle Socks
  • 1 pair green low-top sneaker shoes
  • 1 Pair of trunks, green, fleet number on right leg

Weapons and Weapon Accessories


  • 1 pair identification tags, metal, with name and hometown
  • 1 Canteen, 1 quart
  • 1 Wallet with the Marine Corps Insignia plated on it.


Arc Vinidict is currently a P2C in the NSMC.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
9000 KS 6000 Starting Pay
Character Data
Character NameArc Vinidict
Character OwnerOscar Geare
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Nepleslian Personnel Database System

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