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Fredrica "Fitz" Wallace

Fredrica Wallace is a player character played by Syaoran.

Fredrica “Fitz” Wallace
Species & Gender: enhanced Nepleslian female
Year of Birth: YE 11
Organization: NSMC
Occupation: NSMC Marine Calvalry
Rank: Corporal(E3)
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots:

  1. 309th

Physical Description

Fitz stands at 5'4“ with a slim figure and and slightly pale skin. Despite her slender build she is very well toned with low body fight, to keep herself strong but compact. Her face is slender and round with large green eyes that usually have a sharp gaze in them. She keeps her fiery orange hair in a aysymetrical bob, where the left side is shaved down and her bangs are swept to the right. Notably her left arm is cybernetic, and though it has a false skin on it, there is a sparse circuitry patterned full arm tattoo that faintly glows green when the arm is exerting great force.

hair example


At first meeting Fredrica comes off as a somewhat energetic but serious individual who quickly gets close to people on her team. She has a caring heart and can be much like a big sister, even to those older than her. There is a tendency however for her to be a bit awkward around men who make a pass at her. While all those things are true, after spending time with her, someone would quickly find out there is much more to her. She is a very assertive and forceful individual when she is aggravated along with having an itchy trigger finger. All of it yields to an obsession and fascination with firearms that borders on sexual.


Fredrica was born in YE 11 and grew up with a normal childhood for a Nepleslian. However in her later teens, things changed very quickly when she was assaulted by a group of individuals when she was out out on her own late one night. While the men were celebrating their conquest, Fredrica stole one of their guns and in a rage emptied the entire magazine into the four men. Because the men were gangsters with no families the police did not strongly pursue the case and let it drop, which allowed Fredrica to avoid any excessive defense charges and the like.

After the incident, Fredrica's parents began to notice a difference in her behavior. It was not the typical depression and seclusion though. Rather she became more assertive and picked up an almost disturbing fascination with guns. Her parents did what they could to support her new interest, but they made sure that she got decent schooling above all else, even sending her to college, where she joined a hunting club to satisfy her obsession.

When she graduated, Fredrica decided instead of getting a job in software engineering which she studied for, she headed straight for the military. She began her career as standard infantry and completed the training without any real hassle. However the first few years were full of disciplinary action and relocations, all stemming from misuse of firearms and her always trying to have the biggest gun she could get. Instead of just giving up though, she reenlisted as Marine Calvary and worked hard to become a gunner. Her early career in the cavalry had similar events to infantry, however, rather than rules violations, Fredrica was transfered for 'over sexualized behavior' inside the tanks that made her crewmates uncomfortable, so she got to stay in, but not without several mental evaluations, and having to wait for the right crew to come along.

In YE 36 Fitz worked as a gunner in the 1st XMF in the tank “Longhorn” under the command of a Freespacer who took a Douryo Android body. She got to operate a new Maximus (RUSE) and enjoyed herself quite a bit with the new machine. With the constant phasing out of vehicular combat, they did not have many note worthy accomplishments in the 1st XMF, but unlike their previous assignments they were on good terms with their superior. However things did not end on a happy note, the Longhorn was destroyed by an ambush at a temporary camp. Both Hamal and Fitz were inside when the Longhorn was hit. Hamal did not survive, and Fitz was critically wounded, and taken off the field.

She would need several surgeries and cybernetics to survive, however radiation from the attack had compromised her immune system and would make the process difficult. So while she was on life support she was given enhancers to raise her strength and immune system. At the end of it the surgery went well and Fitz came out of it with cybernetics and a body stronger than before. During her rehab she found out that Hamal had a back up and that he survived, so she expected to be reassigned to her old squad after her rehab. The crew however had already been with a new gunner for a year, and command did not want to break up the developing chemistry, so Fitz was sent to the 309th.

Skills Learned

Fredrica has the following skills

Training Courses

Personal Skills

Computer Use

With a degree in software engineering, Fredrica is surprisingly adept with a computer and softward, given the time she can make programs and break through lighter firewalls.


In order for her body to survive the operation for the cybernetics, Fredrica was injected with a serum that increased her strength, stamina and vitality. This doesn't make much show in regular activity, but she can push herself longer before getting tired, and her body can take more of a beating before going into shock.

Social Connections

Fredrica is connected to:

  • Matthew Wallace (Father)
  • Samantha Wallace (Mother)
  • Hamal “Hermit” Seven-One (Old crew, tank commander)
  • “Gearbox” (Old Crew, loader and mechanic)
  • Alexander Volkov (Old Crew, driver)

Inventory & Finance

Fredrica owns the following;



Fredrica currently has 18,760 DA and makes 225DA a week, pay on Friday 1).


Fredrica has the following cybernetics in her body

  • full left arm with increased strength
  • left lung
  • portion of the liver
  • left kidney
  • several artificial blood vessels and nerves.


Award Description Image
New Bernese Gold Conflict Ribbon A ribbon awarded to those who served in the first wave of the New Bernese Conflict.

OOC Information

In the case USERNAME becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
Character Data
Character NameFredrica "Fitz" Wallace
Character OwnerSyaoran
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Current LocationNew Bernese
last pay opn 10/12/18

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