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Trike Extension Kit

The Trike Extension Kit, also known as the TEK, is an attachment for the Trike Compact Assault Shotgun that essentially doubles the barrel length and ammunition capacity while also increasing the weight by adding a series of tubes. It was designed and developed in YE 40 alongside the Trike.

Trike Without Tek

Trike Front View

Trike With TEK

Nomenclature Information


The Trike Extension Kit is essentially an extra barrel and set of magazine tubes designed to feed seamlessly into the Trike’s original set. It mounts to the fore brace and the front of the Trike’s pump assembly.

How to Attach

Unscrew the caps for each of the Trike’s magazine tubes and remove them before using that thread to screw the extended tubes on, then remove the Trike’s muzzle break and use that threading to attach the extended barrel, which comes with its own muzzle break.

Detach the Trike’s pump-grip, slide the bracing over the barrel, tubes, and pump assembly, then fasten the screws and re-mount the pump grip.

The weapon is now ready to receive a total maximum capacity of 48 shells.

OOC Notes

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Warning: This can make the weapon unwieldy in confined environments.
The Trike has a base capacity of 24 shells; adding the Trike Extension Kit increases the Trike's overall capacity to 48 shells.

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