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Flint Vanderhuge

Flint Vanderhuge
Species: ID-SOL
Gender: Male
Age: 55 years
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 11'5“ (422.1 cm)
Weight: 654 lb (296.6 kg)
Organization Star Military of Nepleslia
Rank Grand Admiral
Occupation Fleet Commander
Current Placement 1st Assault Fleet, NSS Vanderhuge

Flint in Roleplay

Flint Vanderhuge is a powerful, imposing Grand Admiral in the Star Military of Nepleslia. Flint's character is played by The Essential Moon Man, for use as a GM NPC.

Flint is banned from entering the Yamatai Star Empire for insulting Ketsurui Yui.

Current Events

Grand Admiral Flint Vanderhuge is currently working with his 1st Assault Fleet to keep the borders separating the Nepleslian core worlds from the formerly-Nepleslian southern expanse, recently taken by the NMX

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 12'5” (381.1 cm)
  • Weight: 1,887 lb (851.6 kg)
  • Build and Skin color: Large muscular build, broad *everything*. Tanned skin. Flint's body holds a few nicks and scars, mostly along his forearms.
  • Facial Features and Eye color: Flint sports a rock-hard face with perhaps the most chiseled chin ever thought conceivable, supported on a thick neck. Eye color is a calm, defined blue, belying the intensity of his eyes themselves.
  • Hair color and Style: Dark brown hair cut short in a fashionable crew cut, with sideburns leading down to a short, kept beard.
  • Distinguishing Features:
  • Very, very tall. Proudly self-proclaimed to be the largest single man in the known Universe.
  • No visible cybernetics, although his ID-SOL body has been subject to several biological augmentations to improve his fighting capabilities, including a reinforced skeletal structure and denser musculatory system.
  • Sharp, focused intense eyes and brows

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Flint, being the first of the Vanderhuge clan, holds all of the characteristics associated with the oldest member of the brothers: Flint is the strongest, the wisest, the most experienced…as well as the most aggressive, the most stubborn, and the biggest braggart. The best word to summarize Flint would be, unsurprisingly, 'strong'; the eldest Vanderhuge has an unshakable devotion to his beliefs and his goals, and strives to accomplish them without fail and savoring any deliciously violent conflict along the way.

Despite his intimidating size, Flint is actually a very easy person to get along with when an effort is made. He is known to be jovial, outgoing and downright jolly when the situation warrants it, and also has a reputation for his crassness and brutal sincerity; he finds lies to be much more boring than the truth. He enjoys a good drink, a good laugh, a good woman, and a good fight. To Flint, these are the things that every Nepleslian should be allowed to experience. This facet of his personality, combined with others, makes him very popular with his subordinates, appearing as a figurehead and role model for many of the militaries recruits. Flint also has a tendency to boast about himself a bit too much, apparent by the infamous legends and stories often told about him amongst his men.

When he gets his serious face on, however, his jovial attitude turns to a grim fascination and profound propensity with the brutal aspects of war. Although his outward personality might imply otherwise, Flint is well-versed in the ways of tactical thought and large-scale combat, often coming out on top. Vanderhuge's tactics and leadership often fall to the most simplistic methods of achieving victory; Flint doesn't claim to be the smartest, but he has never needed more wisdom than what he has been capable of to meet his goals. On the contrary, Flint often displays a sharp animal-like cunning pressed between his usual simplicity, revealing that he does indeed have the capacity for a greater level of planning and thought.

  • Likes: Nepleslia, courage and courageous individuals, drinking, big guns and weapons, meat and veggies, hand to hand combat, strength in character
  • Dislikes: Losing fights, computers, cowards and weaklings, threats to Nepleslia, being ignored
  • Goals: Flint has his heart set on establishing Nepleslia as the universes greatest and most everlasting power, a goal that he fervently serves through his military service. Beyond that, Flint seeks recognition of his abilities and constantly seeks to improve himself.


Old Stories, Older Myths

“He’s one of the first ID-SOLs ever made, man. I heard he freaking busted out of his genetic cloning bin and broke a scientists legs with his gums. The security guys there had to pump him with FOUR OUNCES of tranq to get him quiet… I heard that scientist he bit died afterward, because Flint’s spit is poisonous.”
“Yeah, he was a part of the first Hive Wars, that’s where he got promoted. And he led a whole fleet against the Mishhu during the Battle of Nepleslia. They say that when a bunch of Rippers boarded his ship, he tore them in half with his hands and [i]ate[/i] them. Cooked them, and ate them later that night with gravy made out of their blood. Hard-core.”
“Why is he so huge? Because they mixed his blood with DNA extracted from Dizzy Dinkaid’s jugs. Yeah, that’s right: Flint Vanderhuge is half ID-SOL, half Double D’s boobs. And you can quote me on that.”
“I've heard that Flint has never lost a fight, like EVER. One guy I knew in basic said that he's fought everyone worth their shit and beat 'em. Yui, Robert Davis, that one squiddy General, Rufus Sydney; fought 'em and beat 'em in 'friendly' fights. Lookin' at how big the guys is… I kinda believe it.”
“I heard that he asked for time off when he hit 22, because he felt he needed to discover himself. That’s deep, man. He went all over Nepleslia and Yamatai, living off the streets and learning and stuff. Flint once told me himself that he spent two years working on a metalworking factory on Delsauria, and that the boss there thought he worked hard enough that he was going to give him a vice-presidency deal or something. But then, when he invited Flint over for dinner with his folks, Flint went upstairs to take use the bathroom. Now, I dunno how much of it is true, but I heard he shot a block out of his ass so hard to broke through the porcelain, two support beams for the upper floor and killed the family dog on the downstairs living room. I think he quit after that.”
“That’s nothing. Flint told me that once, he got lost on a spice freighter that had to make an emergency landing on some planet out in the northern expanse. All of the other crewmen died, but he lived because a bunch of giant jungle woman tried to kill him, yeah, but he beat them back and they thought he was a god or something. Taught him how to hunt, how to fight, and I bet he snoo snoo’d all of ‘em pretty dang good. How did he get off that planet? He built a rocket out of wood.”

Borne of Steel and Stone

In the years before Nepleslias independence, leading scientists and military contractors were given the daunting task of an experimental super soldier project, which the Star Army of Yamatai and her allies could use against the multitude of foes they faced. DNA strains and genetic makeups were taken from a select few specially chosen soldiers, to be modified and augmented using gene therapy to create the intended 'ideal soldier'. The project was called the The IDeal SOLdier Program, or ID-SOL for short. Retired war veteran Gregory Vanderhuge was one of roughly fifty soldiers the ID-SOL Project team took DNA samples of, and of Gregory's genes, Flint Vanderhuge was created. Gregory Vanderhuge, an aging gentleman, died of natural causes before Flint's increased growth-suspension was finalized. The Ideal Soldier project was later declared an incredible success, in no small part thanks to Flint Vanderhuge's incredible service along with his fellow ID-SOL comrades, with more ID-SOLs being produced and eventually paving the way for more synthetic combat-based life forms being developed.

Flint was one of the first ID-SOLs created, and probably the last of his batch to still be alive after the years upon years of conflict. He was given the same enhanced training and combat experience as the rest of his ID-SOL brethren, but after serving many years under Nepleslia's flag, Flint was found to have been above and beyond what was expected of him as a soldier. Flint thought nothing of these claims; Gregory Vanderhuge's sense of humility coupled with a grim fascination with endlessly seeking prestige and greatness through combat helped Flint rise rank after rank over the years. He served aboard countless ships, both Nepleslian and Yamataian, served under many captains and Taisa's, and fought against endless foes to the Nepleslian Empire. It was long before Flint was considered for a position commanding his won small group of ships as an acting admiral. When Nepleslia declared its independence from Yamatai, Flint Vanderhuge was promoted once more to Grand Admiral, taking the lead of Nepleslia's 1st Assault Fleet.

Over time, after gaining notoriety and recognition as an incredible soldier, Flint has allowed his DNA to be used in the creation of new ID-SOLs only a few times. To date, Flint Vanderhuge has five younger “brothers”; Edward, Dick, Clint, Biff and Abe Vanderhuge. Each of them recognize the others as family, however many of them do not share Flint's aspirations for military dominance.

Grand Admiral Flint Vanderhuge

Serving as Grand Admiral, Flint Vanderhuge has been a part of nearly every major conflict in the new independent Nepleslian nation's history. After Melisson appeared before the national conference between the universes' known nations, Flint was present for the Infection Queens revelation of former-Emporer Ketsurui Uesu's and PNUgen Corporation's involvement in the YE08 Plague. Flint, an extreme nationalist to Nepleslian, found talks with Yamatai and Yamatai's aggressive behavior after the revelation distasteful and insulting, choosing to abscond from the committee afterwards.

Before declaring that the old Mishhuvurthyar were leaving known space, Infection Queen Melisson offered a fragment of herself to the Nepleslian leaders in an impromptu meeting, to be used to contact her if necessary on any further developments in the summit between factions. Flint offered to take the conscious part of Melisson for the group, which took the form of a large insectoid. In the years following the incident, Flint has given it the strangely appropriate name “Killer” and has been taking care of the creature as a personal pet, its true nature unbeknownst to all but a select few that were present during Nepleslia's private conference during the Peace Summit.

Currently Flint Vanderhuge is still the acting Grand Admiral of the 1st Assault Fleet, bringing the fight to the NMX in defense of Nepleslia.


Fighting and Physical

Flint was, literally, born to fight. Being one of the first ID-SOLs, Flint was subject to incredible amounts of combat and tactics training, not only to make him a perfect soldier, but to test the learning and physical capacity of the ID-SOL model as well. As per his training and natural ability, Flint is exceptionally proficient in all manner of handguns, rifles, explosives, blunt and bladed weapons, and is legendary in his hand-to-hand combat skills. His ability in armored combat have suffered a small amount due to the fact that he has, for the longest time, been unable to use most common armor models; whenever Flint hits the field, he usually wears simple combat armor. This has proven to be enough for most engagements, however.

The Grand Admiral specializes in physical combat of all kinds; Flint has learned and regularly practices every known form of martial art in the universe, ranging from the finesse of Yamataian Jin Ko Ten to the brutal efficiency of Nepleslian Cavra Krag. Flint delights in the discovery of new forms as well, researching and adapting their styles into his daily regiment. Due to his great knowledge and avid devotion to the combat form, Flint is exceedingly efficient in hand to hand combat.

Flint takes great care of his body, which is not surprising when you first catch a glimpse of him; it’s impossible not to believe he has one hell of a morning routine. As a result of his ID-SOL genetics, augmentations and rigorous exercising, Flint’s innate strength is quite impressive and he is, despite his size, quite dexterous and agile.


Throughout his life and his military career, Flint has become well-versed in many communication methods, from technologically advance communication systems to simple hand gestures and signals that used to be the standard in military operation, until the advent of personal commlink devices. Flint isn’t a master of multiple languages, however, and is fairly obvious with this fact by his horrible dialect with anything but Trade language.

His malpractice of other languages is not a shortcoming of knowledge, but rather a lack of enthusiasm; Flint holds little to no interest in learning the languages of other species that do not leave an impression on him. To date, he has only learned Yamataian to a certain extent; the only sign of respect he keeps for the nation.

Survival and Military

Through ID-SOL training and personal experience, Flint is capable of surviving harsh conditions and is incredibly adept and experienced at finding water, land navigation, shelter construction, hunting, signaling, camouflage, etc. Having spent time alone in the harsh Rok'Veru wilderness, Flint has had the chance to practice and hone all of his survival skills as well as observe and learn the tendencies of some of the planets most fierce natural denizens. Flint regularly instructs his men in the ways he has learned, in hopes of improving their chances for survival.


Ever since he began leading troops into combat, Flint has inspired respect and devotion through his men through many mean. Outside of combat Flint makes it a point to remain on good terms with those under his command, and during missions Flint’s brazen tactics have often inspired immeasurable amounts of courage whereas others would have their men falter in faith. It could be said that Flint also drive his men through fear as well…Flint is an imposing individual, not just to his enemies but to everyone, including his own men. Whatever the reason is behind it, it is obvious that it works; Flint has led a remarkably successful career and his men’s unshakable will is undeniable.

Knowledge (Military)

Over his years of living in Nepleslia Flint has participated in many of the wars that shaped the nation, as well as the major events surrounding Nepleslia in her past. Flint has drawn an immeasurable amount of military experience from his many years of service to Nepleslia.

Character Data
Character NameFlint Vanderhuge
Character OwnerMoon Man
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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