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International Relations Conference of YE 30

This summit, held on Pisces Station, was started by Yamatai in an attempt to improve relations with other nations and to promote universal peace. It grew of a proposal in the Senate of Yamatai (Proposal #81: Establish Diplomacy with the SMX) and tensions between Nepleslia and Yamatai over the SMX.

It is notable for establishing the Rights of Early Contact.

Nations Invited


  • Guest nations could only bring up to 5 starships in their diplomatic party, for security reasons.
  • No weapons were allowed in the conference areas.
  • No automatons were allowed entry


Day 1

The conference started with discussion of the plague and the SAINT-run SMX attack on Nepleslia Prime. After heated debates, it was determined that Yamatai had jurisdiction on the matter of the plague, since Nepleslia itself was not effected. As for the attack on Nepleslia Prime, Nepleslians wished to get a hold of former Emperor Uesu, but this was unrealistic as he had already left known space, with a massive fleet of warships the Nepleslians had no chance to beat. The SMX representative failed to even state why the SMX attacked Yamatai in the first place. Near the end of the day, the military and the senate nearly had a physical confrontation after senators flung insults at captain Hanako and Taisho Yui. While several members tried to bring the subject of making peace into the discussion, the conference never really moved onto that area and not even a ceasefire was signed.

The 'Spacer envoy appeared later in the day but was denied entry on the grounds it was composed of Automaton diplomats rather than biological ones. This incident would later play an important role in the propagating of equal rights for artificial constructs, and thereby the formation of The Guild of Cyberempathy.

Day 2

Day 2 was initially much more quiet, as most nations restricted their senates from attending and instead only brought one or two representatives to the conference. After various hard stances from each side, things finally moved when the conference received word that the YSS Eucharis, under command of Yamataian senator Hanako, had destroyed an advanced Nepleslian stealth gunship. Motoyoshi Tio, on behalf of Yamatai, then presented Nepleslia with an armistice agreement, which Nepleslia signed. The day ended when Mishhuvurthyar Melisson again demanded Yamatai's surrender, threatening the Empire's destruction during YE 31. Tio flatly refused and military police attempted to arrest her; she escaped arrest by discoporating her own body. Confusion and chaos broke out as nations overreacted and evacuated their senators.

Day 3

Day three was the last day of the conference. It was short and ended with the Mishhuvurthyar spontaneously evacuating themselves from known space.

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