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Styrling Nova Pistol

A distinctive and exceptionally designed pistol manufactured by the men and women of Styrling Vervaardiging to create a powerful and robust platform dedicated for exclusive use by nepleslia's finest and its elite.

About the Nova Pistol

The Nova Pistol is a specialty pistol designed exclusively for use in the National Police Force of Nepleslia for a modernization of the NPF in YE 40, Filling the role of dedicated sidearm meant to rival the HHG โ€˜High Hybrid Gunโ€™ in terms of stopping power and reliability but in the form of a dedicated laser pistol that no sane nepleslian would gawk at compared to its rivals in the market.

A unique version was manufactured by request of the Intelligence and Pacification Group with a degree of IPG exclusive customization.


The Nova pistol was commissioned in YE 38 to Styrling Vervaardiging from the NPF for a dedicated, NPF exclusively sold sidearm for its officers and its Designated Tactical Response Teams teams as an alternative to many of the civilian-based arms and surplus the NPF was issued with. Seeing the need for an exclusive weapon that could meet the need of day-to-day warfare the NPF experienced on the streets of the imperium hive cities, Styrling was approached with the commissioned request for a sidearm with enough capacity for a firefight, ruggedness and durability to take a beating and keep on firing, And the stopping power to take down some of the bigger threats to an officers safety such as rouge ID-SOL's and armored targets.

Stryling came back with the Nova. A shelved design considered too plain and unappealing for a market where kinetic weaponry was still all the rage and laser based weaponry was looked down upon. The consensus remained the same until it reached testing.

Trials shifted overwhelmingly in the Nova's favor. With officers overlooking any distaste towards its aesthetic or functionality in favor of its power and frankly; The officers admitted the sheer intimidation it offered with its loud report and muzzle flash, Arguing that it was quite possibly one of the most nepleslian lasers they ever saw. This was taken as a compliment.

however, before initial production could commence, A representative from the Intelligence and Pacification Group approached the designers with a commission for an IPG based variant that suited the needs of its operators in the field. The styrling designers complied with customizeable additions that could be easily installed to the pistol, Transforming it into an SMG or shotgun, With the ability to be suppressed or even have its beam turned into an invisible IR beam impossible to see with the naked eye. Production on all this began in early YE 40.

Nomenclature Information

  • Manufacturer: Styrling Vervaardiging.
  • Name: Nova Pistol.
  • Nomenclature: (Sv-Np-01).
  • Type: Anti personnel/ Anti Armor Laser
  • Role: Sidearm/PDW.
  • Length: 14.5 inches (pistol), 22 inches (PDW).
  • Mass: 3.9 pounds.


The Nova pistol is blocky, robust and all around unappealing to look at aesthetic-wise compared to some of the other weapons found on the Nepleslian market. It is built with a rather spartan/minimalist design to promote a sense of reliability without the problem of having several small breakable parts or anything excessive in which to snag on clothing or debris.

The pistol configuration is simple and robust. Nothing extra added compared to other pistols with the exception of a rear lug for a stock, simple mounting for a small optic, and studs on the mag well as a grip.

The SMG version has the addition of a side folded and adjustable PDW stock and an extended barrel with a degree of configuration to its functions.

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: The muzzle flash for the Nova pistol lives up to its name. It is bright and overwhelming to the point of threatening blindness through prolonged exposure.
  • Retort: Unlike some laser based weaponry found in Nepleslia, the Nova is loud and intimidating.
  • Projectile/Beam Appearance: The visible beam for the brief instant it is seen with the naked eye is an extremely bright phosphorescent green.
  • Effective Range The beam can reach up to 500m in its SMG configuration. The pistol however is Effective up to 200m, recommended to engage at half that distance or less.
  • Rate of Fire: 120 RPM
  • Recoil: The Nova has a sharp and violent recoil that is wild yet controllable. Expect the wrist to jerk violently if not held with both hands.


  • Ammunition Magazine well insertable battery, only comes in one size.
  • Purpose: T2, Medium Anti-personnel (pistol/SMG configurations.). T1 Anti-Personnel (Shotgun lens configuration).
  • Round Capacity: Each insertable battery can hold up to 20 charges.
  • Charge Time: Each battery can be recharged if left out in the sun for a minimum time of 3 hours through three small charging channels on each side of the magazine. In an emergency, the magazines can be thrown into a fire and charged within a half hour but the charge will be unstable, Threaten to explode, and will no longer hold a charge afterward.

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Loading:Loaded with a single battery magazine with a fixed amount of charges.
  • Firing Modes: Semi auto for the any configuration, As fast as you can pull the trigger unless using the supressor vent.
  • Safety Mechanism: A button on the magwell disables any charge. Pressing it again will allow the weapon to be fired.
  • Weapon Sight: Iron Sights or a small degree of attachable 1x to 2x optics.
  • Attachment Hard Points: The pistol has a lock that a PDW stock can be affixed. As well as bearings to attach specific barrels for an SMG or Shotgun.


Suppressor Vent

The Nova has the ability to absorb the recoil and energy discharged by the weapon into vents just before the barrel. This requires a special chip sold only the IPG. This vent will catch and hold discharge from the weapon, Effectively suppressing any sound from its normally oppressive report. This is at the cost of fire-rate, Meaning the wielder must wait a minimum of five seconds before the weapon has been vented and can fire again. The chip can be disabled with the push of a button in the case of an emergency.

IR Chip.

A special chip installed in the weapons focusing lens that converts the normally phosphorescent green beam into an IR beam impossible to see with the naked eye, Effective making the weapon fire invisible beams that cant be tracked without IR viewing optics. Paired with the Suppression ability of the Nova, This allowed the weapon to be fired in a completely sensitive and stealth environment. The chip can be removed or re-installed by removing the SMG barrel and replacing or removing the chip. Doing this takes less than a minute with deft hands.

Shotgun Lens

A special lens that splits and fractures the beam into 7 smaller lasers that fire in a random cone out of the barrel. The Nova's Suppressor vents are required to use this properly, But don't hinder the weapon more than limiting the fire rate to about 60 RPM and hardly reduce the report. This lens interferes with the IR chip and does not allow the suppressor vents to be used the same way as the SMG configuration so the weapon is not silent.


  • Nova Pistol: 500 DA for the pistol.1), Comes with a polymer holster and two 20 charge mags
  • 100 DA for the SMG conversion
  • 50 DA For the Chip to enable the Supression Vents
  • 50 DA for the IR chip
  • 50 DA for the Shotgun lense.
  • 50 DA for 1x optic.
  • 75 DA for 2x optic.
  • 20 per spare magazine

Contact your Styrling representative for replacement parts.


Made by Charmaylarg on 8/6/18 Approval date: 8/15/2018 here.

Not intended for commercial sale outside of the NPF/IPG.

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