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Juno Rickett

Juno Rickett is a player character played by Legix.

Juno Rickett
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Male
Year of Birth: YE 12
Organization: Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, Nepleslian Space Marine Corps
Occupation: Platoon Leader and Tank Commander
Rank: Lieutenant (NSMC)
Current Placement: NSMC 309th

Physical Description

Statistical Form

Height: 6'5“ (195.58 cm) Weight: Roughly 200 lbs (90.7 kg) Measurements: N/A Build and Skin Color: Wide-Shouldered/Muscular frame, similar body-reference can be found here. Skin color reference can be found here.

Eyes and Facial Features: Narrow blue eyes with a square jaw and early signs of aging wearing on his face.

Ears: See narrow ears.

Hair Color and Style: Dark brown flat-top with a gradiant-like grey tips, with the front being the most prominent and the back being the original brown.

Distinguishing Features: Large, Nerimium-tipped cybernetic hand, slightly larger to work with Power Armor. Red metal tips with a dark steel base.

Paragraph Form

At a height of six feet and five inches tall, Juno's wide shoulders and stocky frame hint at a possible shared heritage with the ID-SOL of old. While he lacks the sheer bulk of most marines, his athletic and grizzled body looks to easily weigh around two-hundred pounds at face value. His skin is a dark, rough brown from spending much of his youth in the sunlight and riding turned-out in tanks during his service years. While he is remarkably free of scars for a grizzled soldier, Juno has one vastly identifying trait in the form of a missing left hand. In its place, however, is a slightly larger Power-Armor like cybernetic hand, fitted with a special lock at the wrist to fit any suits he might be stuck into and allow it to be freely exposed.

With a square-set jaw and slit-like narrow blue eyes, Juno seems to almost always be investigating whatever he looks at. His brown hair is styled in a flat top with a fade-back greying from years of rising from the tank having made the front of his hair exposed more so than the back in the long run. A thin, upturned-tip nose gives a slightly snobby look to him that seems to match with the man's scent of light cologne. Overall, this man looks like the Kuznyetski who got busy trying to be one of Nepleslia's many politicians. Having an almost angry-sounding and deep voice at least helps him sound like a commanding soldier!


As an individual, Juno is a rugged man who tries his utmost best to be a stereotypical macho-man Nepleslian. This, of course, means he's fond of commenting on the looks of women he isn't directly serving under or commanding. Those women (and men) instead find that he's rather closed-up and unwilling to talk beyond battlefield situations. Partly, this is due to the man having spent much of his life in a community that did nothing but intermingle, but also because his chatty side comes out only among those he's fought with long enough that he believes them likely to survive their tour.

In that same regard, Juno is motivated to keep those around him safe and see that they stay alive. Anyone pointlessly fighting will very quickly find him rising to anger over altercations, willing to take on wild dares or challenges to end disputes. It's part of this unrational reaction that had initially lost him his original hand from punching a tank just to shut people up. However, in this regard, it reflects his intentions to offer body and limb up for those he fights alongside as an ultimate show of his Nepleslian pride and willingness to give his all to the nation.

However, as a result of his anger over the years, Juno is quite sour and has a trail of women and even somewhat effeminate guys who've left him. As such, bringing up or seeing relationships with this guy will lead to grumbles and attempts to change the subject. Seeing these people, however, will often lead to Juno becoming quiet and trying to find anyway out of the altercation. A big, burly man who's fought for so long that he can't count his confirmed kills properly… but he's scared and almost purposefully avoiding anything beyond basic friendships or casual hook-ups.



Juno Rickett was born simply as Rik in YE 12 among the stars during interstellar travel to one of Nepleslia's many moons. This is due to him being part of one of the many Kuznyetski groups at the time, both of his parents seeking a place to raise their son among the moon-based colonies. At the time, Nepleslian pride was existent but far too dim to do more than give him the ability to grow up with respect for the military. Growing up in a community of those like himself, however, he was exposed to a culture that would prepare him for traveling out and into the galaxy later in his life.

Whether it was playing handball in the evenings and digging through junk piles with his father by night, Juno spent his early years living as one would expect. He was able to build his own junk-gun by YE 18, a machine pistol that kicked hard enough that the recoil caused him to smack himself and lose a tooth. Aptly naming it the Grinning Devil, he stowed the weapon and went about the next few years deviating from the normal of his culture. To most of Nepleslia, those of the Kuznyetski were often viewed as strange and didn't carry even family names. This, of course, was concerning to the eager and patriotic boy as he began to try and find any way off the moon. Extravagant as he was back in this time, most identified him easily enough by name and his demeanor and sun-bashed appearance.

However, things presented a unique opportunity for Juno as much as it did for Nepleslia. In YE 28, when Nepleslia declared independence, there was an understandable demand for soldiers willing to fight for the now-independent nation. After so many years of studying with what resources his community had acquired, Juno found a way to change who he was at a face value. Only his looks could make those assume him to be from the bizarre Kuznyetski, as Rik was able to change his identity to that of Juno Rickett. The last name had been a combination of “bullet” and his name, while the first name had been one randomly plucked out of a book he had read. And by the time he was already off-world and heading for training, the sixteen year-old was more than pleased to throw behind his old ways of life.

Of course, this wouldn't be a good tale if it didn't involve Juno immediately earning his nickname “Red Fist” during training. Many who found out he was Kuznyetski had decided to tease and mock him for his personal weapon and using everything to its max capabilities such as an old pillow-case for a sack, and this had led to them challenging him to punch a tank. In the heat of the moment, this led to a brutal display that left his left hand in ruin. A quick slap-job cybernetics worker had fixed him right up, leaving him with an off-color hand thanks to a shortage in proper steel materials. Once he was healed and had finished training, Juno was assigned his first duty among the Marines as a standard driver for vehicles in the field.

By YE 31 when the Mishhu rolled around for their second war, Juno was one of many within the 309th that were focused on the battles. This, however, was a devastating war that led to mostly victims and death for Nepleslians as they tried to hold back the NMX. As both a reward for his ability to survive this period within the NSMC and as acknowledgment for his service, the man was put back into training with a commendation for command. A multi-year painstakingly long battle that had seen him field-promoted up to Sergeant had ultimately resulted in the man exiting as a Second Lieutenant.

Many years later, beyond the Rok'Veru Offensive and into YE 37, Juno has matured and slowed down a bit with age. Admittedly, the angry lad that Red Fist had been had mellowed out over all this time. Now, he looked like one would expect a Kuznyetski to from all the years he'd spent turned out and commanding tanks with the 309th. With the decision to break up its high veteran count to fill gaps formed from the Offensive a few years prior, this meant that he was one of a select few left behind in the command structure. Held back all this time by his anger and inexperience, Juno is now poised as one of the few remaining officers within the 309th to potentially rise in rank.

As of YE 38, he was given command of a platoon in-line with a promotion to Lieutenant. Now, with age starting to show in the human, Juno Rickett is finally getting the chance to show Nepleslia what both his new batch of recruits and him are capable of.

Skills Learned

Juno Rickett, as a man of many battles, has developed more than his fair share of experiences to boot. As a Nepleslian soldier, this includes NSMC Skills with Cavalry Training as a specialty. This has resulted in both training and experience in hand-to-hand and all standard firearms utilized by the NSMC, bolstered by a childhood among the Kuznyetski. Equipment knowledge, basic Nepleslian tactics, and basic communication skills are only the start, however, as he has picked up other skills over his life…


While his time in a proper commissioned command is short, Juno has had countless years of leading and operating in battlefields as a tank commander and, when dismounted, infantry sergeant. Years of yelling above the sound of gunfire over the comms or the roar of a RUSE engine has resulted in him bearing both a commanding presence as well as having a keen ability to inspire the most common of folk. All of this experience, however, has been earned in combat operations… which means that he comes off as a gruff or intimidating presence rather than a comforting one in a non-military situation.


From the basics he had to understand to design his personal weapon “Grinning Devil” to the knowledge that helped him modify and adjust his infamous hand over the years, Juno's always had a background hobby in dabbling in the creation both in theory and actual construction of things military or not. Of course, don't expect him to design a very efficient dam… just one that can support guns and work at a baseline level. This man was born to engineer cannons, firearms, and military modifications.

Social Connections


Inventory & Finance

Juno Rickett has the standard Nepleslian Marine equipment (to what his ranking offers) and the following…

Body Modifiers & Clothing

  • Steel Hydraulic-Powered Cybernetic Left Hand with Nerimium fingertips.
  • x5 white shirts
  • x5 green cargo pants
  • x5 blue boxers
  • x5 pairs of ankle Socks, white
  • x2 pairs of ankle boots, brown leather
  • x1 “I Slay Pussy Cats” white ball-cap with a cartoonishly dead Neko laying on her back on the front.

Personal Weapon "Grinning Devil"

WIP. Basically an Uzi-like designed high-caliber carbine.


Over his military career, Juno has earned the following awards in service to Nepleslia:

Special Awards

Award Description Image
NMX Defense Medal An award for participation in conflicts against the NMX/SMX. Gold trimmed medals will be awarded to those that participated in the conflict from start to end.
Rok'Veru Campaign Medal A medal stamped in YE 35 to commemorate the soldiers and sailors who fought in the The Rok'Veru Offensive.
New Bernese Gold Conflict Ribbon A ribbon awarded to those who served in the first wave of the New Bernese Conflict.

Standard Awards

Award Amount Earned Description Image
General Combat Ribbon 2 Awarded for Valor in Combat Operations against the enemies of Nepleslia. Usually awarded for doing more than what is expected. The GCR is a step lower than the Combat Valor Award and easier to receive without posthumous honors. The people who receive this ribbon are usually alive to be honored. N/A
Orbital Assault Badge 1 This Badge is shaped like a flaming Meteor on a star background. Multiple awarding of this badge will be shown by Adding a durandium point to the stars edge. Awarded to individuals who have entered the combat area via atmospheric re-entry.

OOC Information

In the case Legix becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
Character Data
Character NameJuno Rickett
Character OwnerLegix
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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