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78th Tactical Battalion

The 78th Tactical Fighter Battalion is a carrier based battle group operating under the Nepleslian Star Navy's 1st Assault Fleet. Comprised of the best of the best Nepleslian fighter pilots the Imperium has to offer, the 78th is currently assigned to the NSS Thanatos. The NSS Thanatos, and its carrier group, are tasked with patrolling Nepleslian space and protecting her interests. Under the direct command of Rear Admiral Titus Orion, these unparalleled aces carry out sorties including but not limited to - Protecting VIPs, Escorting high priority goods, Eliminating pirate scum, And most recently testing out new experimental fighter technologies and equipment. The 78th's battle cry is “Watch the skies, because the Birds of Prey are here to play!


The 78th is made up of multiple “Flights” or fighter wings. Most of the flights are made up of 8-12 pilots. The most notable are:

Aquila Flight

Corvus Flight

Hydra Flight

Leo Flight

Tarus Flight

Newly formed, Aquila Flight stands to be the best among the 78th's squadrons. As such, through the vast resources granted by Rear Admiral Titus Orion as well as being test pilots, Aquila Flight's handpicked Aces are also astonishingly well outfitted.

Aquila Flight

Aquila flight is the best that the 78th has to offer. In a world dominated by drone and mecha combat most do not see a reason for the traditional ace any longer. The Aquilas aim to prove that the Nepleslia Star Navy is a force to be reckoned with, proving the naysayers wrong about starfighter pilots. With the advent of cutting edge fighter tech and newly designed starfighters, Aquila Flight will lead the way in ushering in the next golden age of starfighter use. The Aquilas are also the first to use issued Advanced Combat Executives or ACEs specifically tuned to each pilot for unparalleled pilot/copilot cooperation and greatly improved mission success rates.

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