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William is a player character played by Gunhand4171.

Species & Gender: ID-SOL Male
Year of Birth: YE 22
Age 23
Height 8'0“/ 182.88 cm
Weight 300lbs/ 97.5 kg
Organization: NSMC
Occupation: Marine
Rank: NSMC Captain
Current Placement: YSS Kaiyo II

Physical Description

William is a very tall ID-SOL. Built much like a tank, his body is very muscular and toned. He has hooded eyes that are deep blue. His skin is a white, with several scars in various stages of healing. His soft face is heart shaped. His medium length blond hair is normally slicked back. His long blonde beard adorned like the Vikings of old. After a previous battle he received black cybernetic limbs as well as a cybernetic eyes. He also has a port on his left temple.


William is a stoic boy. Rarely ever opening up to others. He didn't begin speaking until late in his development. Because of his quiet and shy nature he was routinely picked on and bullied.

Likes: Kendo, Flowers, Tranquility

Hates:Being looked down on Goal: To become a master Swordsman and a samurai


William was abandoned as a young baby, no more than three weeks old. He was left outside of a local orphanage in Tsubomi. He was quickly taken by the caregivers, finding the baby swaddled up and in a basket. The only thing to identify him was a small necklace that the baby was playing with. The only inscription on the medal was the name “William.”

As he grew, William, was a very quiet baby. He rarely ever cried or fussed, and didn't even begin talking until he was three years old. As he grew, he kept these traits and was soon isolated by this. The children at the orphanage didn't understand this quiet nature and always bullied the young child.

One day while sitting alone in the garden he was jumped by three of his bullies. By the time the caregiver had hurried out to the garden, the bullies were writhing in pain and William was walking away, holding a Kendo sword. Unbeknownst by his bullies, William had found several books on Kendo and began reading them. He took up the art of Kendo after the multiple beating he received and practiced incessantly. He would expand his knowledge of the art by sneaking into local kendo matches and watching the students practicing. He would then run back to the orphanage and practice what he learned with sticks at first. After working around the orphanage, he was able to save up for an actual kendo sword. And his private practices had paid off…

He was quickly punished and was further isolated by his peers.After this incident William could be found practicing Kendo alone. As time went on however he began to practice the Twin Dragons style martial art. He would watch videos, read books, and what ever he could to learn the Twin Dragon form. During all this time, though, he was never adopted, feeling discouraged by the fact that he was already 16 and nobody wanted him. He decided to take a walk and wandered around the city till he ended up on the wrong side of town. The authority were called after a fight broke out after William refused to give a man his kendo swords. Just like the last time, when the police arrived William was walking away after winning the fight. After watching the footage of the fight, some of the instructors from Zenjinkaze Fighting High School offered to take the boy. They sent Sensei Rei to pick up the boy. After just spending a few minutes with the boy, she adopted him and became his new mother…

William went to ZHS and made a few friends, however soon after Rei was informed of a new duty assignment and that she needed to report to the royal palace. She offered for William to accompany her and he did so without hesitation. At the palace they met their new charge, Ketsurui Aiko, a princess of Yamatai. William was quick to accept the role he was presented with as a apprentice of Rei and, by extension, retainer to the princess.

Rei, Aiko, and William were transferred aboard the YSS Kaiyo, and it is where he has been since.

In a recent battle against the L'Kor, William was badly injured by repeated shots to his midsection which damaged his spinal cord and caused him to become wheel chair bound. After the battle he left for Nepleslia Prime where he has received several cybernetic enhancements to not only allow him to walk again, but to become stronger and be a better swordsman as well.


Fighting: William is very well versed in Kendo and the Twin Dragon style of sword play even though he is self taught. He spent many hours of hard work and intense training to get to where he is now.

Stealth: As an orphan, William would sneak into local Kendo matches to watch and learn from the students. This has caused him to learn how to slip in out of places without being seen, as well as fading into the crowd.

Communication: William was taught how to speak in Trade as well as Yamataigo and is able to write in both, though he is more fond of using Trade when he actually does speak.

Knowledge: William is very knowledgeable about about things going on in the galaxy. He frequently reads new articles and watched the news to keep up with the day to day happenings of the galaxy. william.jpg


Inventory & Finance

OOC Information

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameWilliam
Character OwnerGunhand4171
Character StatusActive Player Character

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