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Kaiyō Year-End Traditions

The Year-End Traditions are celebrated on Kaiyō one week before the end of the year. 1)

Year End Traditions

The Year-End Traditions or Holidays include celebrating with family with joyful cheer, presents and gift-giving, Yule-Tide Spirit, and a deep understanding of good will.

Kaiyo Traditions YE 38

In YE 38 the Kaiyo was finished being inspected after construction just before the end of the year and the first briefing was held on the last day of the last month of the year, 31日 9月 YE 38.

There were no festivities associated with the Holidays, sadly, due to the excitement of the ship's launch.

Gifts for YE 39

The gifts to be given in YE 39 are below:

Pretty Sweater

The pretty sweater has a decorated Fuji-class with the name of the ship below it, though it lacks the II.

Datapad Case

This Star Army Datapad, Type 33 case is the trademark Kaiyō blue and has the YSS Kaiyō II patch on the front.

Adante Keyboard

The Te-G5 Adante Keyboard is a wonderful tool for celebration and enjoying one another's company and passions for music and Taiyou Hoshi made sure to get one for every member of the Kaiyō II crew.

Zip-Up Hoodie

This zip-up hoodie was fabricated as a one-off design by Teien Eden and is of the Fuji-class Expeditionary Gunship she helped design as it flies above the water.

Holiday Kit

Of course the Star Army Holiday Kit, Type 36 is given out on these holidays!!

Gifts for YE 40

Eden and Hoshi curated special gifts for each individual this year as well as the pre-established grouping of gifts above or replacements of such. The personalized gifts ranged from a "Finagle's Revenge" Recoilless Rifle, romance novels alongside one of Eden's own novels (Titled: ““海千山千”) written under her pen name, Teien Tōtoi, to kimono and gardening supplies.


Below is the code for the items to be put in characters' inventories.

  * One red and green striped [[wip:stararmy:equipment:kaiyo:year_end_gifts#pretty_sweater|sweater]] with an artist's depiction of the [[stararmy:starship_classes:fuji-class_expeditionary_gunship]] adorned with sparkling lights and //YSS Kaiyō// is underneath, above some snowmen! 
  * A [[stararmy:equipment:datapad|]] specially made [[wip:stararmy:equipment:kaiyo:year_end_gifts#datapad_case|case]] is the trademark Kaiyō blue and has the [[stararmy:starships:yss_kaiyo_ii|]] patch on the front
  * An [[corp:taichimora_entertainment:adante_keyboard]] from [[wip:stararmy:equipment:kaiyo:year_end_gifts]]
  * A [[wip:stararmy:equipment:kaiyo:year_end_gifts#zip-up_hoodie|zip-up hoodie]] with a picturesque image of the [[stararmy:starships:yss_kaiyo_ii|]] printed across the entirety of the hoodie
  * [[stararmy:equipment:holiday_kit_type_36]]

OOC Notes

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Green and red sweater art by trainscanflytoo

OOC: This falls on December 24th every year, the same day the Kaiyō plot was started in 2016

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