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Grand Admiral Vladimirus Corcyra

Vlad Corcyra
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 48
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 6'3β€œ
Weight: 215 lbs.
Organization Star Army of Nepleslia
Rank Grand Admiral
Occupation Commanding Officer, 2nd Assault Fleet
Current Placement NSS Episcopus, Nepleslia

Corcyra is the powerful, quiet leader of Nepleslia's 2nd Assault Fleet. He was created by SUBLIMEinal.

General Information

Species: Nepleslian Gender: Male Age: 48

Family / Creators

Clone Father: William Corcyra, Jr, Aged 70, Living on Rok'Veru Grandmother: Austrela Corcyra, Aged 95, Living on Nepleslia Grandfather: William Corcyra, Sr, Aged 98, Living on Nepleslia


Employer: Star Army of Nepleslia, Central Corps Occupation: Commanding Officer of the 2nd Assault Fleet Rank: Grand Admiral Current Assignment: NSS Episcopus, 2nd AF

Physical Characteristics

Height 6'3”
Weight 215 Pounds

Build and Skin Colour

A tall, broad-shouldered man, Vladimirus is quite often perceived as an imposing presence. While not muscle-bound by any means, he still has a fair amount of muscle mass, mostly focused in his biceps and thighs, thanks to his love of aquatic sports. His skin is lightly tanned.

Facial Features and Eye Colour

Corcyra has large, hazel eyes with coarse black eyebrows. His features are rather soft, and he seems to look at least a bit tired quite often. He has some wrinkles, but has avoided the major signs of aging quite well. As of late, he has begun to grow a goatee.

Hair Colour and Style

Black, thick hair, cut about midway down his forehead. It is often either carefully spiked or slicked back with some gel.

Distinguishing Features

Always seems to have red cheeks

Psychological Characteristics


Although Corcyra usually shows a good-humored, if passive, demeanor amongst those he is not fully acquainted with, he is an extreme cynic. Even with his paranoia, he is usually capable of quickly coming to decisions. While they may not always be very bold moves because of this, they're usually effective. Often, when introduced to a conflict, he will attempt to find the simplest, least risky way to quell it, even if it isn't a pinnacle of efficiency. For one in such an advanced position, he is reasonably humble, and if he brags about his rank, or other such things, it is assuredly in jest amongst friends. He is also quite formal, even when he's had a couple drinks in him.


Reggae, Fine cigars, White Russian cocktails, Order, Giving orders, Swimming


Unnecessary conflict, The socially inept, Loud people


Command his fleet competently



Born on Rok'Veru ten years before the dawn of the Yamataian Empire as the clone of a young middle-class man. Unfortunately, William Corcyra wanted Vladimirus more as a prop to help him attract the opposite sex as opposed to an actual son, believing that having a β€œson” would make him appear more mature. He was incorrect, and after seven years, and no functional relationship to show for it, William Jr. decided it would be best to send the boy to live with his grandparents on Nepleslia, as he was at the time unemployed and verging on bankruptcy due to a long stretch of slacking.

Several years of growing up on Nepleslia, even in its wealthiest suburbs, was quite a change for the young Corcyra. It didn't help that the government was overthrown a mere three years after his move, and replaced with the new Imperial Yamatai. However, Vladimirus tried to concentrate more on himself and his schoolwork than the massive political upheaval at the time. This wasn't entirely successful, and it can not be said that he was an effective student for most of his life. However, about mid-way through High School, something clicked, and the future admirals new-found academic success allowed him entrance into one of the many, many military academies present on Nepleslia, where he graduated with honors.

Joining Up

Corcyra joined the Yamatain Third Standard fleet in YE 8 with the rank of Shoi, serving on several ships. Although little happened to garner the young officer any massive recognition, all-around excellent service was noted in him early on, and served him well. After a ten year length of service in the SAoY, Vladimirus resigned from active duty, the badge of a Chusa on his chest.

Battle of Nepleslia

After eight years of civilian life, Vladimirus found himself once again called into active service by the Battle of Nepleslia in YE 26. During the opening phases of the battle, he used his recently-earned medical degree to help coordinate medical efforts for wounded soldiers. However, about half-way through the battle, it was made apparent that officers were necessary for directing combat. Thus, Corcyra donned his command status once more, and directed the defense efforts for a sizable portion of space, and then a large area of Funky City. His actions earned him a promotion to Taisa. However, he saw little action for the next several years, until YE 28, the Nepleslian Year of Independence.

The Greens

Neplesia's break away from Yamatai, and the new requirement for a unified military brought with it the requirement for more officers. Seeing Corcyra's excellent service record, the Nepleslian top officials quickly allowed him into the SAoN, with a brand new promotion to Rear Admiral to boot, and placed in charge of defending space lanes from pirating attacks, a task he performed admirably with a small detachment of warships, which was upgraded to a full battle group about midway through YE 29. He received a commission to full Admiral after the Red assault on Nepleslia, in which his battle group performed quite well. With the formation of the 2nd Assault Fleet's shortly after, Corcyra was promptly chosen as the commanding officer and given a promotion to Grand Admiral.



Although Vladimirus is not in peak fighting form due to his command position, he is still well-versed in weapons, especially pistols, with which he is quite accurate with. He is also an excellent Power Armor pilot, thanks to large amounts of time spent in simulators and in actual combat while in the SAoY.


Being an officer requires a great deal of interaction with others. And let's not forget the veritable mountains of paperwork. Luckily, Corcyra is an excellent typist, and is extremely articulate in Trade. He can quickly and efficiently fill out forms and paperwork, and even has something of an affinity for it. He also knows some rudimentary Yamataian, a hold-over from his younger days in service to Yamatai.


Corcyra is an excellent strategist, and very capable when it comes to Naval warfare. His dozens of years of experience do nothing if not reinforce this knowledge.


An avid swimmer, Vlad keeps himself in decent shape, usually making it to a pool at least three times a week for his workout. As such, he's in rather good physical condition, and usually able to keep up with some of the newer recruits, even with his relatively advanced age.


In the time between his move to the SAoY's reserves and the battle of Nepleslia, Corcyra worked to attain a medical degree at one of Funky City's nicer universities, and succeeded quite nicely. As such, he is qualified to treat many injuries, and given the proper facilities, even perform a number of surgical procedures.


Vladimirus is a skilled leader, adept at instilling confidence in his men, and directing them in manners best suited for them. He's not always the most sociable person, but many soldiers find him to be a calming influence, provided he isn't angry.

Starship Operations (Command)

After over a dozen years as an officer onboard ships belonging to one military or another, and much of that time spent in a command role, Corcyra knows his way around a starship. He is adept at maintaining order on a starship bridge, and directing a ship and its crew during combat.

Character Data
Character NameVladimirus Corcyra
Character OwnerSUBLIMEinal
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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