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NAM Twin Plasma Turret

The staple of anti-ship warfare and heavy point defense, the Twin Plasma Turrets consist of two rotary, tri-barreled vulcans that spew out plasma bolts at an exciting rate of fire. Twin Plasma Turrets operate by exciting ionized gas and accelerating it out towards the target at high velocities in a coherent projectile created by a magnetic field generated by the weapon platform. Simple, brutal and effective, the Twin Plasma Turret is a classic Nepleslian design, serving the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia since YE 30. Like many newer designs, the Twin Plasma Turrets have their own integrated power source so that they may independently fire on their own should the ship sustain severe damage.

Though self replenishing, the Twin Plasma Turret only has a limited amount of plasma on hand at any one time. A single cannon has enough plasma stored for 10-20 minutes of continuous fire, and can overheat with excessive and continuous use, at which it must briefly cycle its barrels to cool off. The weapon itself can fully refill itself from empty within 1 and a half hours of inactivity.

  • Primary Role: Anti-Ship
  • Secondary Role: Point Defense
  • Damage Rating Value: Tier 11, Medium Anti-Starship
  • Range: Approx 600,000 Kilometers, 370,000 Miles
  • Rate of Fire: 30 per second
  • Payload Self Replenishing

Starships using this weapon

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