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The star system of Veritas is a star system once held by both the Elysian Celestial Empire and Yamatai Star Empire it is currently held by the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and is considered the single most important part of its infrastructure; Connecting the core of Nepleslia to its northern territories.

Because of this the system is both a major military and logistics hub and is largely considered to be the single busiest location in the entire faction as hundreds of thousands, if not millions of spaceships pass through this system annually from not only the two halves of the DIoN but also from those in the Elysian and Yamatain territories.

Veritas is considered a part of Himiko's Gift.


Belonging originally to the Elysian Celestial Empire and under the oversight of the Archangel and engineer Lailah Valeria, Veritas was once a major military hub based around the production of starships for the Celestial empire but also as a major stronghold against their neighbor and rival the Yamatai Star Empire.

The system was oringally known but left uninhabited until YE 18 but was colonized and activated due to the events of the Third Elysian War. The system was fully mobile and under operations to provide logistical ship working and productions to the Celestial navy in time for the Fourth Elysian War, where it became the largest producer of ships for the empire where it produced many such vessels as the Avenger-Class Carrier.

The system would take considerable damage years later, however, in YE 31 at the hands of the NMX and their //Operation Falling Halo// which ended with the mass destruction of many of the floating cities of the system. The Elysians misfortunes at the hands of the NMX would not end there when later in the year many of the systems shipyards would self-destruct during the Battle of Elysia to prevent capture by the NMX; The aftermath leaving the system largely an uninhabited graveyard with few still calling it home and a shall of its former glory.

The system would garner new attention and life years later in YE 34 after it was graciously gifted to the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia by Empress Empress Himiko I as a show of good will between the Star empire and Democratic imperium as part of Himiko's Gift. This passage allowed free transportation between the core of Nepleslia and its once cut off northern territories in the Nepleslian Colonial Expanse.

It was in Veritas a year later that the system held a gathering of all the Nepleslian admirals to hold a conference surrounding topics such as raising issues of defence and retribution after an assassination attempt against at the time Grand Admiral Dominic Valken.

The system would see a boon of activity since then as the largest logistics and infrastructure hub in the entire DIoN as well as the foundation of a Star Academy overseen by another former grand admiral; Grand Admiral Vladimirus Corcyra.


Veritas is a well-populated system containing a majority gas giants and their many moons. Most of the population of the system live on these gas giants in floating and shielded cities, not unlike those once used by the Elysians, these Nepleslian take on the concept are closer to low-orbit starships in their own right and function to keep the thousands of habitats constantly tethered to each planet to avoid solar-sway and high-orbit storms from damaging or shifting habitats off-course. Each planet also has a number of moons with their own populations and installations, with most being military or administration in nature.

The system has a total of nine planets; Each a gas giant in its own right lacking a solid terrestrial surface.

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