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System P1-7 "Malaise"

System description

Sun Type Yellow Dwarf
Celestial Bodies 3 Terrestial, 1 Gas Giant, 1 Asteroid Belts
Current Occupants Nepleslians

The star system's primary planet, β€œHalf Empty” is to provide low-income families on Nepleslia Prime a cheap place to stay, as well as to provide work for the jobless of Nepleslia. The primary jobs on the planet are manufacturing of SMoDIN weapons and equipment, and there is a sizeable manufacturing plant for starships being build. The planet itself is slightly too far from the sun, causing it to have a very cold temperature around the whole planet. (Even the middle of the planet, where most of the sun's rays are caught, averages at about 50 degrees in the summer.)

The 3rd Assault Fleet of the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia maintains patrols around Half Empty.

Cultural Information

While most aspects are taken from Nepleslia itself, Malaise is known to be rather independant, almost to the point of isolationism. They are generally distrustful of people from other systems, and to foreign species they are even more so, often refusing them passage to any of the planets and sometimes forcing them to take an alternate route to their destination. The black market thrives in this area, and there are even rumors that the local governments have heavy ties to it.

Political Information

Malaise is politically affiliated with the Greens, being their colonies and all, but they still tend to do things on their own. They will not however deal with Reds, and very rarely Yamatai. In addition to the Manufacturing plants, a couple have their own labs where Malaise carries out its own research on the combination of different species. Malaise even associates itself with pirates, but only for the purposes of the black market and the money gained from it. Any hostilities or raids conducted within Malaise space will be retaliated to harshly.

In-system Assets

  • 015 NAM Manufacturing Plants
  • 001 NAM Starship Manufacturing Plant
Under Construction
  • 1 Metropolis
  • 003 Cities
  • 009 Towns

Terrestrial World: Purgatory


Type Two Continents, Numerous Frozen Seas. Frozen glaciers at either poles.
Radius 8684.48 km
Surface Area 1.02 x 98 km2
Land Area 1.98 x 139 km2
Mass 1.87 x 955 kg
Density 5.40 g/cm3
Composition 33.3% iron, 24.7% oxygen, 6.25% nickel, 13.6% silicon, 11.56% other metals, trace other elements


Climate Types Snow, Rain, Hail. Extremely frigid.
Flora Density Very low.
Fauna Density Very little.
Length of Day Twenty Nine hours.
Average Temperature Temperature on the planet ranges from -10-40 degrees. Snow is common in colder temperatures, and the north and south poles of the planet are covered in glaciers.


Half Empty is primarily made up of Nepleslian citizens.

Capitol Half Empty Mega Cup
Demographics Nepleslians, NAM personnel


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