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Nepleslian Starship Brig

Standard on most of The Military Corps of the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslias' warships; The brig is a standard section of any starship used for housing prisoners of war, rowdy drunks, insubordinate crewmen or violent persons considered too dangerous or violent to simply be confined to crew quarters.

The brigs' size differs depending on the size and type of starship but all have a number of cells with the same features so as to keep general consistency. Such features include:

  • Durrandium lined walls to prevent species such as Nekovalkyrja or ID-SOL from simply using force to break out of confinement.
  • Solid and electrified durrandium bulkhead doors with small energy shielded windows that can allow guards to incapacitate prisoners without needing to enter a cell. (Or to pass meals through)
  • Built-in valves flush with the walls that are capable of flooding a cell with a fast-acting foam or gas to incapacitate prisoners.
  • A simple cot or bunk-bed cot arrangement with thin removable mattresses for single or multiple prisoners.
  • A metal sink and toilet bolted to the floor.
  • A viewing screen built into the wall with pre-downloaded entertainment.
  • A small cubby with a small selection of books with paper covers and thin, nonflamable plastic-sleeve pages. (including picture books for the illiterate)
  • A built-in speaker to contact or be contacted by brig guards.
  • A security camera style surveillance system that can view the entire inside of the cell using multiple "Monoeye" Directional Sensor Suite hidden within the cell.
  • A 3d holographic projector for guards, the ships ACE, or others permitted to project directly into the cell to communicate safely.

Each brig also contains a small armory that is not accessible via the cell-block but through an airlock only accessible from a guard station inside the brig and contains almost exclusively non-lethal weaponry and a few shotguns as an exception and includes limited medical supplies and armor. In the result of a threat to the prisoners or the guards the brig can be locked down with durrandium shutters overall its doors and control over its lockdown and security features transferred to the ships Advanced Command/Combat Executive AI

Finally, each brig contains a number cryo-sleep pods in a separately locked corridor separate from the main cells that can only be accessed with authorization from the ships command staff and ACE. These pods are armored and locked remotely by the ships ACE and are used to house prisoners too dangerous to be kept in normal cells or who need to be kept under extreme and secure conditions and sequestered for security reasons from the rest of the prisoners such as those being transported by the Intelligence and Pacification Group, or valuable prisoners of war.

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