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Designed exclusively by Nepleslian Arms and Munitions in YE 41 for the NSMC's Tech Specialist. The Tech-Pack is a medium-sized armored pack that can fit on an armored or unarmored soldier and contains a modest surplus of tools, automated drones, and devices to optimize the ability of the marine in the field to interface with technology in real-time. The pack comes in all sizes and can fit anyone from an ID-SOL to a Delsaurians.

About the Tech-pack

Designed by the minds at NAM for the new technology-oriented marine role, the Tech-Pack was designed around a durable micro-computer with its uplink into the Nepleslian battle-net. It also features built-in housing for small and specialist drones the operator can call upon from their AwesomeCorp DataJockey or aftermarket portable computer interface. This interface can transmit a signal to drones and equipment in a variety of conditions, up to tens of kilometers away for the largest drones and those drones with strong signal detection abilities.

Function and design

Inside the lightweight, Durandium Alloy pack are a small contingent of drones that the operator can deploy from the pack itself. It includes1):

The following DION drones can be controlled by the Tech-Pack, but are not included within it2):

The Pack can also interface with non-DION oriented drones owned by the operator such as, but not limited to:

… And many others.

The drones can be controlled by audio through an operator's helmet microphone, via datajockey, another hand/wrist-mounted computers, or even remotely through the use of cybernetics.


Each Tech-Pack has an easy-to-access panel for the operator to draw tools and supplies from. These can be used to perform maintenance on drones in the field or interface with technology. Such tools include3) multitools, soldering irons, replacement cable wire and optics, batteries for drones, etc. The Pack is limited only to those tools that an operator can cram into the pack that they feel are required for their job.

Savtec 'JANE'

Each Tech-Pack comes with a single Savtech JANE slot that can house and operate a single AI companion. This slot interfaces with the pack itself and allows the JANE the ability to micro-manage drones and technology on the operators' behalf or to aid in remotely-interfacing with technology.


Each Tech-Pack operates as a long-range radio transmitter. This radio allows the Tech Specialist to act as not only a long-range receiver for orders and the transmitting of information.

The radio also allows the specialist to make contact with allied or friendly forces, including low-altitude starships, while keeping a weak enough signal to not be easily tracked.


Inside the pack, and only accessible to NSMC engineers by removing the pack from the armor with specialty tools, is a single NAM Antimatter Battery which sits inside the pack to power it and recharge its drones.

The battery automatically recharges recovered drones and connects to several ports that can connect to aftermarket rechargeable drones, as well. The battery can also charge other devices, but is very time-consuming and is not possible in combat environments. The built-in battery can keep a pack operational indefinitely due to the low power requirements of the pack beyond the use of the radio and transmitter.


Slightly larger and heavier than the Na-TK17 Engineer Toolkit, the Tech-Pack is built from rugged Durandium Alloy and kevlar weave. On the back of the pack are several deployment tubes. On the sides of the pack are panels that unhinge to reveal internally housed tools, displays, and equipment, such as:

  • a JANE slot
  • small data screens
  • a built-in radio with a removable microphone and speaker with adjustable encrypted channels.
    • These channels can be changed via a datajockey, personal computer, or, in emergencies, on the top of the pack where a basic readout lists the current channel
  • available drone numbers and battery charge for the drones.


While offered to the nepleslian star navy, intelligence and pacification group; the Tech-Pack is only standard issue to NSMC Tech Specialists and is not for sale outside of the DION military except in special exceptions such as the Support, Aid, and Warden (SAW) Corps of the New Yellow Relief and Developmental Society or Jiyyuu wardens.

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