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NAM Antimatter Battery

The Nepleslian Arms and Munitions Antimatter Battery, designed in YE 42 is a relatively new, long-lasting battery housing a vessel of excited antimatter that recharges itself over time and is a crucial component to DIoNs Aether powered weapons, armors, and technologies.

Designer: NAM X-Tech division
Manufacturer: NAM
Fielded by: NSMC, NSN, IPG


Designed by NAMs' secretive X-Tech division. The Antimatter Battery was designed in concert with the Checkmate Aether Reactor in mind as a high yield, low-density battery power source for future Nepleslian armors and weapons platforms by using excess excited antimatter in the checkmate reactors to house an antimatter containment battery with a hypothetically infinite lifespan and yield in regards to using.

The finished product was an almost indestructible battery housing, containing excited antimatter that generates power on its own that can be drawn from when inserted into weapons or armor that are compatible with the battery. The battery is hypothetically infinite in its yield of power distribution as it self-recharges making it a powerful tool for armor and weapons systems made for extended use and aids in limiting logistics by self-recharging.


The Battery comes in many shapes and sizes depending on its intended use but a few things are always the same with every battery. The housing, A reinforced Duremium Alloy casing ensures the battery is virtually indestructible to avoid tampering or damage. And the battery always has a bar-style charge meter that loses progressively more bars in a ladder as the charge depletes and rises as the antimatter excites again to recharge.

OOC Notes

At some point ill do something along the lines of minimissiles and grenades.

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