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LSDF Reclaimer

The Reclaimer was a Harvester Class Salvage Vessel class ship, and for a very short time was the First LSDF plotship, it was tasked with savaging alien technology in the Lor system after the initial conflict with Yamatai and the NMX, built by the Occhestan Shipyards in late YE 29, and operated by the Lorath Self Defense Force. The Reclaimer's Registry number is LL-P1-D2-02. The reclaimer is part of the Second Division of the LSDF First Planetary Defense Fleet (Lor).

Crew Roster


Sub-Commander Skka'ri 'Spirit' Cetamar'ro (Occhesta)


(Acting) Sub-Commander dev_vyho_feather_fynneun

  • Executive Officer; Fynneun Warrior Transfer
  • Player: Chris YIM: Cora_Meliamne

Sub-Lieutenant caras_aurora_occhesta

  • Chief Security Officer / Quartermaster
  • Player: Jeff YIM: Vesper010

Warrant Officers

(Acting) Junior Warrant Officer Jariyaa

Enlisted or Unranked

Pilot ani_flem_starblaze_llamnel (Unranked until initial review and training)

  • Helm Officer
  • Player Tiffany YIM: harrikke

Doctor rea_lorat_tranquil_llamnel (Unranked until initial review and training)

  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Player eraknight YIM: acien1

Soldier sharp_occhesta

  • Technician
  • NPC Player: Tomoe YIM: doktor_tomoe

Crew Positions Available

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