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Blister Drones

Origin's Blister drones are small, cheap, disposable, mass-produced drones made for use with the Impulse Powered Armor.

Camera Drones

Camera drones are small, floating spheres which may come in various colors and camouflage patterns. They contain several cameras which provide a wireless information feed to the Impulse's pilot. These units can transmit from up to 1,000 feet, or may form a 'chain' with one another extending up to a total of 5,000 feet. They may be used as conventional cameras, or be linked up to the Impulse's HUD where the numerous cameras allow a user to see 'through' objects and see what the drone's cameras have found. This feature is only limited to enhancing the pilot's own line of sight, and cannot display things to the the user's relative left or right. Standard camera mode is required for this. The drones are capable of flying for an hour before requiring recharge. In the event that the drone runs out of power, it settles down into a relatively concealed area and sends it's location to the user for later retrieval. Recharge time is fifteen minutes.

Camera Drone Blister Five Pack: 150 KS Single Camera Drone Blister Pack: 40 KS

Decoy Drones

Decoy Drones are small floating spheres that are capable of emitting and mimicking signals and emissions of various pre-programmed power armor systems at the user's command. Individual drones may also project low power consumption holograms to distract or lure subjects; if viewed from the wrong angle, the image will be seen as 'flat' as the holographic projection is a 2 dimensional image mimicking 3 dimensions. They are capable of flight up to one hour before requiring recharge. In the event of the drone running out of power, it settles down into a relatively concealed area and sends it's location to the user for later retrieval. Recharge time is twenty minutes.

Decoy Drone Blister Five Pack: 250 KS Single Decoy Drone Blister Pack: 65 KS

Suicide Drones

These spherical drones are essentially flying fragmentation and flash grenades. The explosion is comparable to a standard fragmentation grenade, however, it also emits a brilliant and blinding white light capable of severely damaging optical tissue and temporarily overloading monitoring devices used by other power armors. The following concussion is capable of knocking unarmored people over, and rattling power armors. Manual guidance and detonation control is available for the user in addition to several hunt and kill parameters. These are ranging from flanking maneuvers and self detonation, quietly approaching and detonating, to a direct approach with dodging and eventual detonation. The drones have a fifteen minute flight time and may be ordered to return or be retrieved if unused.

Suicide Drone Blister Five Pack: 200 KS Single Suicide Drone Blister Pack: 50 KS

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