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Dawn Station

Dawn Station is a large starbase built, owned, and operated by Origin Industries. Located to the galactic north, about 52 light-years from Yamatai, it is Secluded from main space by a a nebula, in part to protect it from threats in the south. When complete, Dawn station is projected to have a population of nearly 5 million. Dawn is Origin's replacement for their Tami System operation, which was overrun by the NMX in YE 31. Dawn station is the first example of Origin's Behemoth OOSY-type Space station.

Early in its life, Dawn station was (and still is) home to a small number of Refugees from Tami. These Refugees, mostly Yamataians, have taken to calling the System which Dawn station is in the โ€œAkeโ€ System, as Ake means Dawn in Yamataian.

As time went on, Dawn Station began to become more and more complete, and more and more populated, as many Origin Employees brought their families to the station in the hopes of a safer life on the station, Isolated from the troubles of the Kikyo sector. As the Number of Nepleslians employed by Origin grew, so did the Nepleslian population of the station. And as the number of people of all nations Origin employed increase, so did its overall population. While still predominantly Nepleslian and Yamataian in makeup, its population is quite diverse. Total population of the station currently sits at around half a million, though the station could easily support more.

It has a sister station, Sunrise Station.

Important Places

There are many points of interest on the large space station, but some are especially notable, for various reasons.

Gamma's Diner

Gamma's Diner is the most popular restaurant on Dawn station, as it was one of the first to open. Notable for its great food and fast service, Gamma's diner serves around 10,000 meals a day, from two locations, both in Sector Nine. Gamma's Diner is slightly less known for its casual bar, which serves a large variety of spirits to customers.

The Grotto

The Grotto is an Artificial hot springs resort modeled after a traditional Yamataian Onsen. It offers real rocks, imported from yamatai, climate-controlled waters, and 300 luxury rooms in sizes for single occupants all the way up to group rooms for up to 8 people. Its three pools serve a large number of people, and there is also a massage parlor and traditional Yamataian services such as tea ceremonies and even dress-up.

Ted's Pub

Ted's Pub is a bar in sector nine that allows smoking inside. It was featured in Bounty Hunter Series Interlude 3.2, Interviews 3: Interview With a Vengeance.

Transit System

Dawn station is, effectively, a city in space. It is very large and has a lot of places to go, so it would be impossible to get around only on foot. Therefore a transit system consisting of taxis and rental vehicles comprises the main transport system for visitors, whereas residents have the option to use their own vehicles. This transit system supports both hovercraft and wheeled vehicles, though only the former are available for hire or rent.


Dawn Station's taxi system is fairly straight forward- It consists of AI-controlled taxicabs which can be ordered via datapads, at Taxi centers, or simply via Hailing. Depending on the size of the cab you want, the charge can be different for a ride, but is generally fairly cheap.

Taxis are constantly roaming the city looking for passengers, but can also be special ordered, or found at Taxi centers in the Spaceport sections of the Station.

Taxi Type Vehicle Types Cost per 10Km
Small Cub Coupe 1 KS
Medium Cub Sedan, Ocelot Hovercar 2 KS
Large Big Cat 3 KS
Sport Advent 3 KS

Rental Cars

The Rental System is similar to the Taxi system, but instead of self-driven AI cars, you rent cars which you can drive yourself, and the cost is charged per-day instead of per 10 KM. Typically visitors who are more familiar with the station, or those wanting to explore on their own seek out rentals instead of Taxis.

Unlike Taxis, Rental cars can only be rented at Rental centers, located in the spaceports.

Rental Type Vehicle Types Cost per day
Small Cub Coupe 100 KS
Medium Cub Sedan, Ocelot Hovercar 200 KS
Large Big Cat 300 KS
Sport Advent 300 KS

Civilian Sectors

Sector Nine

Sector Nine is the city portion of the station. It contains both urban and suburban areas, as well as some light rural areas. Built to mimic the surface of a planet, there is a large amount of soil between buildings, as well as large parks with live grass and trees and other plants. Certain animals have been imported, giving the station a sense of life- Dogs, cats, Birds, deer, sheep, goats, cows, and pigs can all be found, as well as numerous insect species, all of which help to create a living ecosystem within the sector. Unlike the other sectors, There is no artificial life support system in Sector nine- it is completely self-supporting. There is even simulated weather in Sector Nine, including a day/night cycle, clouds, rain, wind, and even the occasional heat wave or drought.

Because Sector Nine is built in several levels, there are certain transition points between the levels, spaced roughly thirty-six degrees apart from one another around the circumference of the rings, making there be ten total points where vehicles may ascend or descend between levels.

Sectors Two and Four

Sectors Two and Four are civilian industrial areas. They contain large numbers of warehouses, factories, and the like. Many of these produce items such as food and clothing, most of which goes to support the city within Sector Nine, although a not insignificant amount finds its way into stores owned by Origin on other worlds.

Heavily industrial, everywhere you look is metal, built entirely for function, with almost no mind to form. While there is some habitation within these sectors, most people prefer the planet-like environment of Sector Nine, and avoid these sectors when not working or doing some kind of business within. Not surprisingly, the crime level of these sectors is much higher than in most of the other sectors, leading to a large number of patrols by Dawn Station Security.

Sectors Six and Eight

The Primary civilian spaceport facilities on Dawn, These two sectors are immensely busy. Ships and vehicles move in and out, goods and materials are transported back and forth, people arrive and disembark, and things are built and repaired. Organized chaos, these two Sectors are like a cacophonous symphony of metal and industrialization, although there was some mind payed to form, considering these sectors are usually the first things visitors see and are meant to impress. As primary security screening happens here, there is a very low amount of crime since everything is being monitored.

Many services can be found here, such as taxis, rentals, real estate, and lodging, as well as shipping and receiving offices of companies which operate on the station are all located here. It is even possible to find temporary low-cost lodging if one is merely stopping off on the station on the way to somewhere else. Restaurants are also prevalent, as workers and visitors alike have a heavy appetite.



Despite being in space, there is weather on Dawn. However, the weather is controlled, so meteorology is amazingly accurate. The weather serves to help regulate the internal climate of the station, as well as to simulate the seasons which tend to happen on inhabitable planets.

Dawn Station Security

Dawn Station Security is essentially a police force, which works to preserve order on the station and protect its inhabitants- mostly from themselves, as people are wont to Squabble. The DSS Provides services such as checkpoint security, patrols, traffic enforcement, and all the other typical public services expected of a police force.

Fire Department

While having a realistic internal environment, next to extreme industrialization, allows for a more comfortable standard of living with all the perks of industry, it also causes problems. For different reasons, both the Industrial sectors and residential sectors are occasionally prone to small fires. As such, Dawn has numerous fire stations which serve to react to fires and put them out before they can do damage, as well as to provide emergency medical services, and to help people who have been trapped due to accidents.

Health Services

There are numerous hospitals on Dawn Station, each of which has their own emergency services available. Like any hospital, they can take everything from minor illnesses, vision services, and minor injuries, all the way up to serious illnesses, major injuries, and even Cybernetics services for those who prefer it.

Retail Services

Dawn Station supports small business and large ones alike, containing everything from shopping malls and mega-sized origin-marts, to small mom and pop shops, and everything in between. The sheer amount of retail available on Dawn makes it easy for residents to find a variety of products and retail services, A surprising amount of which have no relation to Origin at all.

In YE 36, a Bravemart opened on Dawn Station.

Trinary Star Shipping opened a parcel center on Dawn Station in YE 38.

Takeda House opened a restaurant here in YE 42

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