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Trinary Star Shipping

Trinary Star Shipping is the interplanetary trading and shipping division of the Murasaki Keiretsu.

Trinary Star Shipping Logo

A Murasaki Keiretsu Subsidiary


Trinary Star Shipping (TS) is a commercial cargo transportation and trading fleet that operates throughout the Kikyo Sector. The company is based upon White Harbor Station in the Anisa System System and is owned by the Murasaki Clan.

The Senmu (Executive Director) of the company is Murasaki Natsume, wife of Murasaki Ryosei – the Shachō / CEO of the Murasaki Kereitsu and Daimyō of the Murasaki Clan.


Founded BYE 127, Trinary Star Shipping is the oldest branch of the Murasaki Keiretsu and actually predates the formation of the corporation. In many ways it is the Keiretsu's most successful company, dwarfing with its size and revenue the more recently established branches like Murasaki Technologies and Murasaki Orbital Shipyards. For over a century Trinary Star Shipping has been a market leader and has had a strong presence in the shipping routes throughout the Kikyo Sector, especially in regions around Yamatai's core systems. The company owns a great many freighters of varying sizes – ranging from small in-system cargo haulers and shuttle services up to vast interstellar tankers.

Trinary Star Shipping typically conveys at least 12.8 billion metric tonnes of freight each month. Before its destruction, a good portion of its business was supplying refined ore to Hoshi no Iori for the massive quantity of Star Army of Yamatai construction projects located there, as well as transporting foodstuffs and completed equipment from the megastructure to various inhabited worlds.

In YE 38, Trinary Star Shipping expanded to almost every world in the Yamatai Star Empire as well as securing a regional center in Concourse F on Pisces Station.

Trinary Star Shipping Company Fleet

The Trinary Star Shipping company operates a fleet of merchanter ships and freighters to conduct trade and ferry cargo as part of its normal operations. Most ships spend weeks or months going along various trade routes between planets and stations before returning to White Harbor for maintenance. Presently, the vast majority of these ships have been manufactured by other organizations unrelated to the Murasaki Keiretsu.

The following is a list of all starships owned and operated by Trinary Star Shipping. Smaller support vessels such as shuttles are not included within this list.

Light Freighters

TS Light Freighter

Murasaki Keiretsu ID Code Designation Class
TS-F1-0007 MKSS Eureka Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter
TS-F1-0008 MKSS Lucidity Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter
TS-F1-0009 MKSS Juritsu Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter
TS-F1-0014 MKSS Maebure OI-L3-1A - Mule Ultralight Freighter
TS-F1-0015 MKSS Shizuka OI-L3-1A - Mule Ultralight Freighter
TS-F1-0026 MKSS Chīsana OI-L3-1A - Mule Ultralight Freighter
TS-F1-0027 MKSS Kotori OI-L3-1A - Mule Ultralight Freighter
TS-F1-0028 MKSS Kyodai Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter
TS-F1-0031 MKSS Kiken Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter
TS-F1-0032 MKSS Wanderer Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter
TS-F1-0033 MKSS Jaunt OI-L3-1A - Mule Ultralight Freighter
TS-F1-0034 MKSS Splendor OI-L3-1A - Mule Ultralight Freighter
TS-F1-0036 MKSS Lucky Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter
TS-F1-0037 MKSS Last One NS-LFS-1CIV - Red Hill Light Freighter
TS-F1-0038 MKSS Mirage NS-LFS-1CIV - Red Hill Light Freighter
TS-F1-0039 MKSS Play Time NS-LFS-1CIV - Red Hill Light Freighter
TS-F1-0040 MKSS Summer Rain NS-LFS-1CIV - Red Hill Light Freighter
TS-F1-0044 MKSS Akutō Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter
TS-F1-0045 MKSS Watanuki Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter
TS-F1-0046 MKSS Eternal Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter
TS-F1-0047 MKSS Wayfarer Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter
TS-F1-0048 MKSS Always Broke Ge-F7-1B - Jinsoku Cargo Runner
TS-F1-0049 MKSS Alley Cat Ge-F7-1B - Jinsoku Cargo Runner
TS-F1-0050 MKSS Chōwa Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter
TS-F1-0055 MKSS Shuryō no Megami Ge-F6-1A - Light Freighter
TS-F1-0065 MKSS Aethersperm Ge-F7-1B - Jinsoku Cargo Runner
TS-F1-0066 MKSS Ginsen Ge-F7-1B - Jinsoku Cargo Runner
TS-F1-0067 MKSS Hideyoshi Ge-F7-1B - Jinsoku Cargo Runner
TS-F1-0068 MKSS Katashi Ge-F7-1B - Jinsoku Cargo Runner
TS-F1-0071 MKSS Kiyoshi Ge-Y1-2a - Henkei Cargo Runner
TS-F1-0072 MKSS Ryouta Ge-Y1-2a - Henkei Cargo Runner
TS-F1-0073 MKSS Tsubasa Ge-Y1-2a - Henkei Cargo Runner
TS-F1-0074 MKSS Takuma Ge-Y1-2a - Henkei Cargo Runner
TS-F1-0075 MKSS Rejoice Ge-Y1-2a - Henkei Cargo Runner
TS-F1-0076 MKSS Remedy Ge-Y1-2a - Henkei Cargo Runner

Medium Freighters

TS Courier Medium Freighter

Murasaki Keiretsu ID Code Designation Class
TS-F2-0013 MKSS Shōkaku Ge-F8-1A - Sojourner Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0014 MKSS Amagi Ge-F8-1A - Sojourner Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0017 MKSS Katsuragi Ge-F8-1A - Sojourner Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0019 MKSS Suzuya Ge-F8-1A - Sojourner Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0021 MKSS Traveller Ge-F8-1A - Sojourner Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0022 MKSS Ryūjō Ge-F8-1A - Sojourner Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0025 MKSS Zuikaku OI-L1-1B - Courier Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0026 MKSS Hiyo OI-L1-1B - Courier Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0028 MKSS Junyo OI-L1-1B - Courier Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0029 MKSS Taiho OI-L1-1B - Courier Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0031 MKSS Shinano OI-L1-1B - Courier Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0032 MKSS Chuyo OI-L1-1B - Courier Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0033 MKSS Kinugasa OI-L1-1B - Courier Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0035 MKSS Myoko OI-L1-2A - Courier Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0036 MKSS Chokai OI-L1-2A - Courier Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0038 MKSS Messenger OI-L1-2A - Courier Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0040 MKSS Hopeful OI-L1-2A - Courier Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0041 MKSS Suzuya OI-L1-2A - Courier Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0042 MKSS Grace OI-L1-2A - Courier Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0045 MKSS Ryōka OI-L1-2A - Courier Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0046 MKSS Daybreak OI-L1-2A - Courier Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0046 MKSS Minekaze Ge-L4-1A - Sessou Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0048 MKSS Yukaze Ge-L4-1A - Sessou Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0049 MKSS Kikuzuki Ge-L4-1A - Sessou Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0051 MKSS Nagatsuki Ge-L4-1A - Sessou Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0052 MKSS Shirayuki Ge-L4-1A - Sessou Medium Freighter
TS-F2-0053 MKSS Pilgrim Ge-L4-1A - Sessou Medium Freighter

Heavy Freighters

TS Caravan Heavy Freighter

Murasaki Keiretsu ID Code Designation Class
TS-F3-0003 MKSS Sazanami OI-L2-1B - Caravan Heavy Freighter
TS-F3-0004 MKSS Nenohi OI-L2-1B - Caravan Heavy Freighter
TS-F3-0005 MKSS Ariake OI-L2-1B - Caravan Heavy Freighter
TS-F3-0006 MKSS Shiratsuyu OI-L2-1B - Caravan Heavy Freighter
TS-F3-0009 MKSS Shiranui OI-L2-1B - Caravan Heavy Freighter
TS-F3-0010 MKSS Nowaki OI-L2-1B - Caravan Heavy Freighter

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