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Courier 1B Medium Freighter

The Courier-class Is a medium sized freighter capable of carrying a fair amount of goods for its relatively small size. It was designed by Origin Industries for both the company's own use, as well as to sell to the ever present shipping market.

About the Ship

This ship was designed to be an affordable, reliable medium freighter, aimed at startup companies and established ones alike. The Courier 1B specializes in carrying medium amounts of cargo just about any distance. Inter- and Intra-stellar travel.

Key Features

  • Decent cargo capacity
  • Good speed

History and Background

After some mild success with the original Courier 1A, Origin industries saw a need to update the designs with some newer systems, as well as some lower cost systems. The power generators were changed from an aether unit to a Fusion unit, and the old clunky computers were exchanged for the more modern 'Destiny' AI system. The defensive armaments were changed to Ion-based units, to disable enemies rather than attempt to destroy them.

Statistical Data


Class: OI-L1-1b Type: Medium freighter Designers: OrIn fleet yards Manufacturer: OrIn Fleet yards Production: 500 Fielded by: Origin industries, independent corporations. Price: 140,000 KS


Crew: 2 operators are recommended, but only one is required. Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 10 people. About 300 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the ship would be insanely stuffed and there would be no room for other cargo.

Ship Systems

The 1B version is identical to the 1A version, with the exception of the following changes:

Computers and Electronics

The courier 1b has a Destiny AI "Knight" Computer Suite, boosting its sensor and computation properties considerably.

Power Supply

The Courier 1B uses a fusion reactor. Running on normal power, the Courier carries enough fuel for 6 months of regular activity.

Weapons Systems

2 Ionic Pulse Cannons Tier 10, Light Anti-Starship.

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