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Ge-L4-1a - Sessou-Class Medium Freighter

The Ge-L4 is a medium size freighter, designed to carry as much cargo as possible with few passengers. It became available in YE 33. The version of this ship re-designed for disaster recovery operations is the RDRS Ge-L4-1c - Sessou-Class Medium Freighter.

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Ge-L4-1a - Sessou-Class Ge-L4-1b - Sessou-Class w/liquid container

About the Sessou

The Sessou Integrity is a freighter intended for commercial shipping. It is the largest freighter that Geshrinari Shipyards currently offers. The design for the Sessou focuses on maximizing its cargo carrying capacity. It comes in two versions the 1a and 1b. The only difference is the 1b is equipped with a large container for hauling liquids in bulk.


When Geshrinari Shipyards became part of Tamahagane Corporation the corporation realized that to compete with some of the other companies, they needed larger ships to move their goods, and to carry stuff for other people.


The Sessou-class is a rounded rectangle which helps it with aerodynamics. The four turbo plasma drives are readily apparent attached to their pylons. There cargo doors on the front, rear and sides. There are two airlocks visible on the bow, on either side of the cargo doors. There is one airlock on the stern located on the top of the ship.

Statistical Data


Crew and Accommodations

Crew: 32 (Can be operated by a single person) Passengers: 20 Maximum Capacity: 72 There are accommodations for 72 personnel with double occupancy. Emergency Capacity: 144 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the ship would be extremely cramped.


  • Length: 220 meters ( 721.6 feet)
  • Width (Fuselage): 110 meters ( 360.8 feet)
  • Width (Overall): 150 ( 492 feet)
  • Height: 1a 30 meters (98.4 feet)
  • Height: 1b 38 meters ( 124.64 feet)
  • Decks: 7 (4 meters each)


The Sessou is a not built for agility.

  • Atmospheric: 2,4250 km/h, or 1,522.4 mph Mach 2

Durability and Maintenance

Service Lifespan: Estimated 20 years of constant use, possibly longer with refits.

Refit Cycle: Frequent minor updates through refits once every four to five years.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 16
  • Shields: 20 (Threshold 2)

Inside the Sessou-Class

Starboard view

The Sessou has space for seven decks, but there are only two decks that run the length of the ship. They are located on the top of the ship.

Deck 1

Deck 2

Cargo Hold

There are eight cargo holds in the Sessou. They have all the standard features of a Geshrinari Cargo Bay. They occupy four decks worth of space. There are four lifts capable of transferring x-large SSCC's.

Hold Location Dimensions1) SSCC capacity
1 Forward (Lower) 40m x 80m x 9m 1,024 (medium) 512 (large) 256 (x-large)
2 Port (Lower) 120m x 50m x 9m 1,920 960 480
3 Starboard (Lower) 120m x 50m x 9m 1,920 960 480
4 Stern (Lower) 40m x 80m x 9m 1,024 512 256
5 Forward (Upper) 40m x 80m x 9m 1,024 512 256
6 Port (Upper) 120m x 50m x 9m 1,920 960 480
7 Starboard (Upper) 120m x 50m x 9m 1,920 960 480
8 Stern (Upper) 40m x 80m x 9m 1,024 512 256
Total Overall 11,776 5,888 2,940

Below Deck

This is the remaining deck space. It houses the mechanisms for the landing gear , the cargo doors, and the pumps, valves and connectors for the liquid storage tank. It is also where the two forward Geshrinari Airlocks are located.


Ge-L4-H3300 - Armored Hull

The armored hull of the Sessou is a GE-T1-H3300 - Spacecraft (DO) Hull Construction.

Ge-L4-E3300 - Computer system

The Sessou is fitted with a Ge-Y2-E3300 - Hogosha Quantum Computer System for all command and control functions. It is also equipped with a Geshrinari Psionic Signal Controller.

Ge-L4-E3301 - Sensors

The Sessou is equipped with a Ge-Y2-E3301 - Standard Starship Sensors.

Ge-L4-E3303 - Communications

The Sessou is equipped with a Ge-Y2-E3302 - Communications Suite for external communications. It is equipped with a Ge-Y1-E3103 - Intercom System for internal communications.

Ge-L4-E3304 - Fire Control

The Sessou is outfitted with a Ge-Y2-E3306 - Fire Control System to control whatever weaponry it is equipped with.

Ge-L4-V3600 Life Support

The Sessou is equipped with a Ge-Y1-V3100 - Life Support System to provide life support for the passengers and crew.


The Sessou has all the standard Emergency systems available:

Ge-L4-P33xx - Propulsion

The Sessou is equipped with a variety of engines for specific tasks.


For FTL travel the is equipped with a:


The Sessou is equipped with four Geshrinari Turbo Plasma Drives mounted pylons which allow them to be rotated up to 180 degrees.


For safe operation during landings and takeoff the Sessou is equipped with a pair of Geshrinari Graviton Engine. In an emergency the Geshrinari Turbo Plasma Drives can be used for VTOL operation.

Docking and Station keeping

The Sessou is equipped with twelve pairs of Geshrinari Maneuvering Thrusters, which are used for attitude control, docking maneuvers, and station keeping.

Ge-L4-S3300 - Shielding

The Sessou is equipped with a Geshrinari Combined Field System for protection.

Ge-L4-G33xx - Generators

The Sessou uses a Geshrinari Aether Generator for supplying primary power.

It has a pair of Geshrinari Fusion Generator which serve as emergency power. It carries enough fuel to operate the backup generator for 30 days.

Ge-L4-M3300 - Landing Gear

The Sessou is equipped with twelve landing pads. They are pneumatically driven and are used to raise or lower the ship, and level it.

Bottom view

Ge-L4-M3301 - Liquid Storage Tank

The Sessou-1b model is equipped with a large storage tank (LST) on the top of the ship. The LST is insulated and temperature controlled. The LST has a total capacity of 15,707,960 liters. The tank is subdivided into six segments, which allows it to hold different liquids if required.

Segment Capacity

  • Segments 2-5, each hold 3,141,592 liters
  • Segments 1 & 6, each hold 1,570,796 liters


Aft view with Shuttle bays

The Sessou has four shuttle bays, and comes with the following shuttles

Ge-T1 Front view

Hikiuma Shuttle


The Sessou does not come with weapons, but it has sixteen mounting points where they can be installed. The following weapons can be installed at an additional cost.


Disaster Recovery Version

The redesigned Disaster Recovery version of this ship is the RDRS Ge-L4-1c - Sessou-Class Medium Freighter, pictured below:

The Rapid Disaster Response Service version of the Sessou-Class was designed for quick and expedient deployment of construction materials, survival equipment, droids for disaster relief and other materials required during a crisis.

OOC Notes

Authored by Nashoba Sep 28, 2011 Artwork by Nashoba

Submission Approved by Kyle on Oct 03, 2011. Forum Thread.

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Product Categoriesstarships
Product NameSessou-Class Medium Freighter
ManufacturerGeshrinari Shipyards
Year ReleasedYE 33
Price (KS)150โ€ฏ,000.00 KS
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