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EM-G17-1a Basic Tool Kit

Emrys Industries A TC Company

The EM-G17-1a Basic Tool Kit is Emrys Industries standard tool kit, and became available in YE 34.

About the EM-G17-1a

The Basic tool kit is the technician and engineers trusted companion. It carries and array of standard tools, and has space for them to carry a few special items. It has a carrying handle on the top, and a removable top tray to access the lower part of the kit. It has a latch on the front that holds the cover closed securely.


Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Nomenclature: Em-G17-1a Type: Basic Class: Tool kit Designer: Tamahagane Corporation R&D Price: 350 KS


Length: 71.12cm (28 inches) Height: 25.4cm (10 inches) Width: 30.48 (12 inches)

Basic Tool kit


  • Multifunction voltmeter
  • Logic probe
  • Cordless screwdriver
    • Bit set 11 pc
  • Screwdriver, jewelers 8 pc
  • Wrench, torque
  • Wrench, adjustable
  • Pliers, needle nose
  • Pliers, slip joint
  • Pliers, diagonal
  • Pliers, wire stripping
  • Soldering iron, rechargeable
  • Hex key, set of 8
  • Universal Socket Wrench
    • 19-piece Inch and Metric Universal Set

Replaceable items

  • Fusable links
  • Solder, and wick
  • Electrical tape
  • Pack of 20 assorted fasteners
  • Tie straps, nylon, 20
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Product Categorieskits, tools
Product NameEM-G17-1a Basic Tool Kit
ManufacturerEmrys Industries
Price (KS)350.00 KS

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