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Ge-X3300 - Type 33 Escape Pod

The Ge-X3300 Escape Pod is the latest Geshrinari Shipyards Escape Pod, developed for the Hanto-Class Starship, it became available in YE 33.

Geshrinari Shipyards Logo A TC Company


The X3300 was Geshrinari Shipyards first completely redesigned escape pod. Geshrinari Shipyards chose to install a Fold system rather than a CDD. Their rationale was to use the fold because it was a simpler system, therefore easier to automate and less prone to human error. The compact design of the Fold meant more space for the occupants.

Ge-X3300 Escape Pod


Class: Escape Pod Nomenclature: Ge-X3300 Type: Six Person Pod Designers: Geshrinari Shipyards Manufacturer: Geshrinari Shipyards Price: 10,000 KS

Performance Statistics

  • Speed (STL): .2c (~59,958 kilometers per second) (~37,256 miles per second) using sublight engines.
  • Speed (Fold): 131,490c (0.25 ly/m)
    • Range: Maximum fold distance crossed in a single jump is 20 light years.
    • Duration: 30 minutes recharge
  • Speed (Aerial): 50mph (70kph)
  • Speed (Water): The Escape Pod can float on water with the aid of it's anti-gravity system.
  • Capable of atmospheric entry, but not a transatmospheric craft. The craft also has landing gear and VTOL capabilities.

Lifespan: The escape pod is expected to survive only one use. If ever retrieved, most likely be recycled.

Crew: Up to 6 human-sized people can be accommodated (and seated). Maximum Capacity: Up to 9 can be accommodated (with very cramped accommodations - pod resources will be diminished proportionally to the extra occupants) Power: Has enough fuel to operate the Fusion reactor for 30 days continuous.


The Ge-X3300 is cylindrical with a rounded top. They are painted white to help make them easier to see. There is a hatch on the front. Emblazoned on the top in red is typically the owning vessels registration, and the pod number. The company logo is painted on the left side of the pod. When deployed an extending antenna is visible. There are four ion thruster clusters attacked along the middle which are used for attitude control. On the bottom are for plasma drives for STL propulsion. There are four white strobe lights on the pod which are used to help increase its visibility. The occupants can manually turn the lights on or off as the situation warrants.


Length: 4m Width: 3m

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: Tier 7 (Light Mecha)
  • Shields: Tier 7 (Light Mecha, Barrier)

Inside the Type 33 Escape Pod

The interior of the Ge-X3300 is a little more than two meters tall, and 2.6 meters across.

Interior of X3300

There are six folding chairs for the occupants; the chairs are located in niches along the outer wall. When folded up the chairs offer a little more free space in the pod. Under each chair is a removable storage module. Above the chair is a larger storage area for more items for each occupant.

There is a chemical toilet towards the front. A plastic privacy curtain is available for its use. In the center of the pod is a console from which the pod is controlled and the status of the X3300 can be monitored.


Ge-X3300 Rear view

Armored Hull

The X3300 is built with a frame of Durandium Alloy, covered in panels of Osmiridium.

Life Support

The X3300 is equipped with a Ge-T8-V3100 - Environmental System to provide for the needs of the passengers.


The X3300 is equipped with a Ge-T8-E3103 - Computer Array for its control system. with a Geshrinari Psionic Signal Controller installed.


The X3300 is equipped with the following:

  • Radio - Full spectrum, Dual-Modulation, no technical range, limited to light-speed, delays occur at long range.
  • Short range Subspace - faster-than-light communication 20 LY range, serves as a beacon.
  • Retracting antenna that deploys after launch.

Airlock Hatch

The Hatch on the X3300 is equipped with an atmospheric force field which allows the occupants to leave the pod without venting the interior. When an object passed through the field, it is accompanied by a hissing sound as air escapes around the object.

Landing Gear

The X3300 is equipped with four retractable landing gears. The landing gears are pneumatically controlled and can be used to level the pod when landed.

Ge-X3300 with landing gear deployed

Propulsion and Power

Hyperspace Fold

The X3300 is equipped with a compact Geshrinari Hyperspace Fold Drive. It is limited to a maximum fold of 20 light years in a single jump. When the pod is deployed the capacitor system for the engine is charged allowing it to fold once clear. After folding the system starts recharging off a trickle current from the generator. It takes 30 minutes to fully recharge the system.

Plasma Drives

The X3300 is equipped with four Geshrinari Turbo Plasma Drives for STL and atmospheric propulsion. They are powered by the generator but the plasma produced is not destructive.

Ion Thrusters

The X3300 is equipped with four clusters of Geshrinari Maneuvering Thrusters for attitude control.


The X3300 is equipped with a compact Geshrinari Shipyards fusion generator. It the event of a failure of the generator, the X3300 has emergency batteries, and portable solar cells that can be mounted on the exterior. This allows the unit to operate the STL and life support. Folding is not possible on battery power.

The generator has enough fuel to operate continuously for 30 days.


The X3300 is equipped with the Ge-T8-E3100 - Basic Small Craft Sensor Package.


The X3300 is equipped with a Geshrinari Combined Field System for protection only. Intended to protect the pod during deployment, in-system travel hazards and re-entry.


When the hatch to the X3300 is opened the pod starts the pre-launch procedures automatically. This consists of powering up the internal power, and synchronizing the Ge-T8-E3103 - Computer Array with the ship's computer. This process transfers the current crew and passenger manifest. It transfers the ship's current position, and the navigational coordinates of local star systems out to 75 light years.

When the hatch is closed and secured from the inside the launch sequence is armed. The actual launch of the escape pod can be either manual by the occupants in the pod, or automatic by the computer upon command by the bridge. To manually launch the pod, the occupants must lift a transparent panel over the launch button and mash the button all the way down. A five second countdown is initiated, external power is disconnected, and the pod access on the ship seals. The pod then jettisons the protective cover from the pod bay. Three seconds later the pod fires the Ion thrusters to clear the vessel.


The Ge-X3300 is well stocked for its occupants.

Under each seat the following are stowed.

Above each seat the following are secured.

Above the control console

OOC Notes

Created by Nashoba. Artwork created byNashoba Approval Thread.

Yuuki updated this article for Damage Rating (Version 3) on 2020/02/10 17:08.

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Product Categoriessmall craft
Product NameType 33 Escape Pod
ManufacturerGeshrinari Shipyards
Year ReleasedYE 33
Price (KS)10โ€ฏ,000.00 KS

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