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Geshrinari Life Support Room

The Life Support room on Geshrinari Shipyards vessels is a restricted area and is where the Ge-Y1-V3100 - Life Support System is housed. Personnel only go into the room to inspect and service the equipment.

A standard ship's door with a Ge-Y1-E3103 - Intercom System opens into the end of the room. The room is filled with the atmospheric and water handling systems. A standard console is near the entrance used by the crew to check the status of the system. A pair of manual Fire Extinguisher ๐Ÿงฏs are mounted on the walls, and a cabinet is present with replacement filters, and cleaning supplies.

Life support room

There is ceiling mounted lighting, as well as Ge-Y1-E3104 - Automatic Fire Suppression System dispersal nozzles through out the room. The floor is covered in the standard floor covering for the ship.

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