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Ge-Y2-E3306 - Fire Control System

Geshrinari Shipyards Logo A TC Company

The Fire Control System is installed on Geshrinari Shipyards vessels built after YE 33.


As part of their modularization of the control systems, the fire control system was made a separate, dedicated, optional system designed to work in tandem with the starship's computer and sensors. The system is installed in the computer room along with the main computer.

This artificial intelligence system is specialized in tracking objects (type, velocity, vectors) and assessing potential threat eg, hostile action, collision, etc. It also is used to determine and provide optimal firing solutions. The system uses probability to anticipate evasive actions that the target may take. The system is programmed to learn with each encounter with the same type of object. When the system encounters an unknown threat it creates a new profile, and stores all tactical data for future use. The system starts with all currently publicly available data on weapons, ships etc.

They crew can set a periphery beyond which the system will not track objects. This is usually the maximum effective firing range of the weapons. The system is easily capable of accurately tracking over 1,000 objects within its sphere of influence.

The system is interfaced with whatever weapon systems are installed and has complete performance data for each.

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