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Geshrinari Owner's Suite

Geshrinari Shipyards started offering the Owner's Suite on the Ge-Y2-1a - Hanto-Class Starship in YE 33.

There are two entrances to the suite, a standard ship's door opens into the living area and the bedroom. The suite consists of three rooms, living room, sleeping area, closet and washroom. There is ceiling mounted lighting, as well as Ge-Y1-E3104 - Automatic Fire Suppression System dispersal nozzles through out the suite.

Owner's suite

Living Room

This room provides the ship's owner a place for private more personal gatherings. The exact furnishings are up to the owner, but typically include a sofa, coffee table, some extra chairs, a display and a set of shelves.

Sleeping area

There is the sleeping area, which comes with a king size bed with headboard (other sizes available at owner's request), a display screen on the wall. It also comes with a dresser and a couple of chairs. The owner can specify colors of the walls, and flooring. The room typically comes with shag carpeting. There is a Ge-Y1-E3103 - Intercom System panel located next to the bed.


To the left of the bed is the door that leads to the closet. The door opens into the closet which has its own light source and is environmentally controlled to protect the contents. It is typically floored with cedar to help repel insects.


On the right side of the bed is the door to the washroom. The washroom is divided into two sections. The door enters into the part of the room with a basin and a mirror. There is a door that separates the commode and tub from the basin area. The tub features a shower head and has a fabric moisture barrier to keep the water in the tub. Hot water for the shower and basic comes from an on-demand water heater. The fittings in the washroom are typically chrome, and the floor is covered in ceramic tiles.

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